“Self-righteous lefties remind me of myself at my most self-righteous.” – Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson admits he is self righteous.

CJ Fesses Up

At least Charles is being honest for once.


Update:  Note that he included a subweasel sarc tag, but let’s ignore that. There’s an earlier mea culpa from Charles that shouldn’t go unnoticed. – Briareus

CJ Fesses Up 2

From someone who constantly screeched, harped on, criticized and blamed other websites and bloggers (i.e., HotAir, Big Journalism, Ace of Spades, YouTube, Fox News, Drudge) for not policing tens of thousands of comments according to the BlogLaws of Charles Johnson Race Detective, that’s an amazing admission.

Living in the past and carrying grudges” is exactly what Charles has been doing ever since he danced on his coffee table, mooned his couch, and proceeded to smear every radio personality and blogger who supported him and helped put Little Green Footballs on the map. What a pantload.

P.S. His comment No. 5 was posted on “Rachel Corrie, Ten Years After Her Death Under IDF Bulldozer in Rafah.” No traffic for you, brah, but don’t bother deleting it, Charlie. It’s been captured in all its Fuldkommen Gak.

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