Destro: “Now go back and worship your imaginary baby killing sky god.”

I am no fan of Destro but he gets kudos for his smack down of Muslim Brotherhood supporter Curious Lurker. She posted an anti-Russian thread full of bigotry. Destro came on to point out her and Pro-Bosnia Liberal’s anti-Orthodox Christian rants. After back and forth, he goes after her Islamic religion.

Destro Good

Destro maybe an anti-American jerk, but when it comes to Islamic Imperialism he is spot on. Bravo Destro, very well done!

(Hat Tips: Poteen and Eclectic Infidel)

Charles thrilled about a Nazi sighting at CPAC

Yesterday at CPAC in an secession discussing Republican outreach to minorities, some Nazi disrupted the discussion. The Left immediately tweeted about this and ran stories on their blogs on it. Charles joined in since he loves anything Nazi related. He then asks why no Conservative blogs mentioned this incident.

CPAC Racism

Charles, Twitchy did have a story on the hysteria of Progressive blogs about this incident. Blogmocracy did not discuss this story because we are not obsessed over Nazis and it was not really news worthy. Other Conservative blogs came to the same conclusion. Only Charles is obsessed with Nazis.

Charles will probably do posts over the next few days on this incident and the group behind it.