Chávez is Dead & Charles Johnson Decides He Better Say Something

After the previous mockery of Charles’ silence about Hugo Chávez, he rolled out of the futon at the crack of noon to post. Charles leaves no doubt as to his opinion of the destructive reign of Hugo Chávez – by refusing to comment.
LGF Praise For Chavez.3
Nice cut and paste with no content, but that’s par for the course. Took him only a day and a half to decide if Chávez’ legacy was worth ignoring. It was. Meanwhile, the little ones who don’t read here are leaping up and down because Charles put up that thread to thwart us.
LGF Praise For Chavez.2

Hey Sol – you’re brilliant. Charles hasn’t said dick about the dictator because he’s not sure if he should praise Chávez or condemn him. If he condemns he’ll offend the socialists; if he praises he’ll be disobeying Stink Progress. What’s a waffle to do?

C’mon Charlie. Rack your cerebro, bro, because it’s time to show your stuff with a classic YES/BUT argument. Praise or condemn?

Chávez is Dead & The Little Green Footballs Choir Sings A Eulogy


For such a big story, it’s unusual that the death of an infamous dictator goes ignored by Charles Johnson. Not one single post or comment authored by The Great Rumpswab has been spotted at Little Green Footballs since the demise of modern day marxist/socialist thug Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.

Although Charles has yet to bloviate opine, the silence implies complicit agreement with his little green sycophants (at least according to Johnson’s own Rules For Blogging). Hold your noses and sample a ladle of Swamp Water:

LGF Praise For Chavez

Look at those accolades. That’s a jawdropper even for a veteran Swamp Stalker, and the only downdings went to a mild sarcastic jab at Destro’s dumbass comment that all military juntas are right wing. Pheeew.

As for Decatur Deb: Rest In Peace? I say kiss my Charles.