Charles Johnson Hunts, Finds & Exposes Bigotry: “Anchor Baby Malkin”

LGF Outhouse

One of the few perks that come from wading through the muck and mire of Little Green Footballs is finding an embedded conversation that contradicts Charles Johnson’s penchant for finding racism and bigotry everywhere.

Johnson is a pro at finding race-based comments across the blogosphere, and his public denouncement of The Midnight Raid Of Killgore Trout is a great example. After all, neither bigotry nor racism is tolerated on his blog, yet they’re both tolerated – and encouraged – via his ding system.

With the LGF thread President Obama Speaks at Unveiling of Rosa Parks Statue Charles completed his obligatory tribute to Black History Month. The thread went off-topic by Comment Number 4, and Charles spent much of the rest of his time responding to code-related queries about possible virus infestations from the ubiquitous load-crippling pop-ups on Little Green Footballs.

The funny/sad/pathetic/hypocrisy is found in the background buried under the scattered chaff. Here’s the convo:

Anchor Babies Malkin
Note the updings & downdings. Lizard “Dr. Matt” scored karma points by calling Michelle Malkin an “anchor baby” even though her Filipino parents were legally in the U.S. on an employer-sponsored visa. What got “Dr. Matt” all racist and humpy? A video by Malkin that dared to make fun of the FLOTUS’ appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Charles, by your own rules, you own the bigotry and racism of Little Green Footballs commenters. Oliver Willis was right.