LGF 2012: The Year in Review

As 2012 draws to a close and we pause to reflect on the year passed and contemplate the year ahead, it’s only natural that we may find ourselves pondering of some of life’s eternal questions. For instance,

Q1: How many consecutive years can a once prominent blog suffer double-digit declines in comment volume before it finally bottoms out?

A:  At least four.

Q2: Has the size of the commenting community at this once prominent blog continued to shrink as well?

A:   Yes it has. In 2007, it took 118 people to provide 50% of the comments for the year. By contrast, in 2012 it only took 21:


Of the top 21 contributors in 2007, only 2 remain. However, in the face of all this decline and shrinkage, Gus had his most productive year ever, posting more than 31000 times and setting a few records in the process:

  • Gus set the record for most posts in one year by a person not named Sharmuta or MandyManners.
  • Gus wrote more comments than the next two posters combined.   Unprecedented.
  • Gus accounted for a record 7.6% of all comments (previous record: Gus, 2011, 4.4%)
  • Two years running, Gus flopped 5 rungs up the all time poster list, kind of like a salmon:


Q3: Is this once prominent blog content with the whole echo chamber mil-yo it’s cultivated during the last few years?

A:   Apparently yes. 2012 added only about 200 nics to the rolls of LGF commenters, down about 95% from the 4360 added in 2007.

Q4:  But did this new blood rejuvenate the commentary bringing greater diversity of experience, viewpoint, and opinion?  2012newblood

A: Uh, no. Unlike the Class of 2007 which jumped right into the conversation, the Class of 2012 were mostly lurkers, contributing a mere 2% of this year’s comments.

Happy New Year from the BRC!


109 Comments on “LGF 2012: The Year in Review”

  1. haysoos says:

    I was class of 07, a sunny April with love in the air…then I was jilted, cast out, discarded…
    oh well…my dick is still bigger than his

  2. Doppelmilyooooooo milyo says:

    Should Shug and Realwest be forgot
    just dickheads left behind
    10 thousand band and banned for what?
    10 weirdos left behind

  3. Doppelmilyooooooo milyo says:

    may 2013 be even more disappointing to you than 2012 was

    thanks for the laughs.

  4. trebob says:

    LOVE STATS! Thanx BRC!

    I’ll contemplate LGF’s 2013 outlook sipping hot chocolate out of my official DoD ‘Ride the Decline’ mug.

  5. haysoos says:

    RIP bro…I still miss you, time flies but the emotion and memory are still there

  6. haysoos says:

    more Feat….these are my buddies
    in honor of our Congress…
    Tripe Face Boogie

  7. swamprat says:

    Their most prolific poster is one they seemingly wish to drive off. If they succeed, they will have successfully have cut off their own foot.

    • Doppelmilyooooooo milyo says:

      Their most prolific poster is one they seemingly wish to drive off. If they succeed, they will have successfully have cut off their own Cloven hoof


  8. haysoos says:

    Doppelmilyooooooo milyo :
    Their most prolific poster is one they seemingly wish to drive off. If they succeed, they will have successfully have cut off their own Cloven hoof

    who is this person?

    • swamprat says:

      I refer to gus. I was thinking of d-falcon though. Brain fart.

    • swamprat says:

      Gus is a true sycophant. He drinks, brews and serves the koolaid.

      Falcon is …

      ..better off in a saner environment. Left, right or in between

      • Bunk X says:

        Dork is a cork, awash in a puddle of Chuck. He’s a downding magnet when he’s right, but then he backs off and apologizes for speaking his opinion. He’s got stretchmarks on his lips and isn’t allowed to wear big boy pants.

        [C’mon, Dork! Stop by and say howdy! We won’t eat you!]

      • garycooper says:

        Sometimes, the koolaid is warm and yellow. Don’t drink the koolaid.

    • Doppelmilyooooooo milyo says:

      and that’s the ironic part.
      Nobody knows or gives a shit.

      it really doesn’t matter. there are only about 8 of them and they are all equally worthless and forgetable

      happy New Milyo !

  9. swamprat says:

    little feat? Ok. Let it roll.

  10. haysoos says:

    the classic Dixie Chicken, live at the Lisner, Georgetown, DC…1978

  11. haysoos says:

    I’ve seen Little Feat play Dixie Chicken no less than 175 times…no shit…probably more like 200 times….I have a large carton full of ticket stubs from my groupie dayz

    • garycooper says:

      Not sure why Little Feat never clicked with me. Never saw them live, but I had “Waiting For Columbus” for a long time, and rarely played it. Maybe I should give them another try, now that I’ve semi-matured.

  12. Doppelmilyooooooo milyo says:

    “2012 added only about 200 nics to the rolls of LGF commenters”

    on a good night back in 2006, he would get too “hatchlings” just by opening registration for a few hours.

    even the socks got bored with him. I know I’ve registered a few only to change my mind. The people there are just that boring that even when I have a chance to fuck with them, I’d rather do anything but

    2013, the end of the line fat man!

  13. Abu Mil-yo says:

    Happy New Year to All Here at DoD! ‘Specially teh BRC.

  14. garycooper says:

    Happy New Year, Everyone! Don’t forget to stretch… 😉

    Oh, and don’t forget to sign the petition to send Piers packing: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/deport-british-citizen-piers-morgan-attacking-2nd-amendment/prfh5zHD#thank-you=p

    I think it’s hilarious, but I signed it. Wishful thinking, I know.

    • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

      Piers is a queen stamping his little feet to get an entire nation to adhere to his whims. Britain has petitions asking us not to send his ass back. All this chatter and he still has dozens of viewers.

      Any chance of exercise videos in the morn? It feels like tomorrow is Saturday. Avoid the Speedo ghay video responses.

      • garycooper says:

        We might have to get up and break a sweat on New Year’s, ‘cuz I know some of you are over-indulging tonight. Not me, I’m just waiting for the kids’ party to die down, so I can get some well-deserved rest, after this brutal year. They’re doing “Killer Karaoke” down there, and there’s no sleeping through that…except for my wife, who’s sawing logs like Paula Bunyan up in here.

  15. Pakimon says:

    Happy New Year.

    Chunky is a Cheetos eating fat-assed hypocrite!

    HA! First Chunky insult of 2013! 😀

    • Abu and Chong says:

      It’s still yesterday here in the midwest. I’ve got my Ronco Bong-a-Matic set on stun for a choom and cheeots churner at the magic moment. Orange lighter to boot. 🙂

  16. poteen2 says:

    The resident history professor at the puddle is lecturing his students.

    2 Destro Mon, Dec 31, 2012 8:27:26pm


    But seeing this in a region that I thought had left this kind of behavior behind really forces us coddled Westerners to really think about the kind of person who deliberately tries to murder a family, children and all, for political reasons?

    What do you mean “this kind of behavior”? We “coddled Westerners” have to stop assuming we are superior to anyone else. We “coddled Westerners” carried out 2 world wars and several genocides recently

    Damn. I musta missed those./////

    • poteen2 says:

      I s’pose we’re still good for the genocides, but the world wars are getting harder and harder to start. ( Black Flag makes a pretty good genocide. No babies so far.) 🙂

    • Pakimon says:

      Destro must be referring to the genocides we “coddled Westerners” have carried out against many of Gaia’s critters. 😆

      • Bunk X says:

        Rodent bait in the garage counts as genocide to Destro. A visqueen warm air barrier in the apartment counts to Gus.

      • dwells38 says:

        No this moron is referring to the expansion of Europeans resulting in the plight and domination over aboriginal peoples in places like N. America, Australia, Tasmania, Africa, etc… And of course all of these aboriginal peoples had been at each other’s throats until the Europeans showed up to mess up the power balance. And the Europeans themselves, as well as all ethnic groups had been conquered and variously abused by their rivals for countless centuries. It’s absurd and juvenile to look at antique cultures and pass modern moral judgements on them. As if they should have had gay rights, equal pay and opportunity for women, and protections for the spotted owl, as well. As if the aboriginal peoples had these noble values in place prior to the evil Europeans.

  17. garycooper says:

    Sure, there were several genocides. Where were you? We got another one scheduled for next spring, but we can’t decide if it’s gonna be Brit-immigrants or D-List Celebrities, or both. We’re gonna hash out the details at the next meeting.

    In the meantime…Stroke-y New Year! 🙂

    • Pakimon says:

      A singing german goth chick and space dirigibles!

      What’s not to like! 😀

      • dwells38 says:

        I know! She is hot! I’ll give her an 8 on the Katy Perry scale. But I have to see her in something tight to give her more credit.

  18. Nazis Under The Bed says:

    Let’s give Gus his due for 2012..he worked twice as hard as any lizard to resurrect that blog, but to no avail. Have an ‘Our Lady of Lost Causes’ medal on us.

  19. PeteP says:

    Gus has waaay too much time on his hands.

    • Pakimon says:

      Gus figures it’s “time well spent”.

      He considers it a marked improvement over his “pre-Bog” activities such as…well…looking for a job and “strokin'” himself while gawking at Hentai tentacle p0rn.:lol:

  20. Pakimon says:

    Now that the fiscal cliff is behind us, the GOP can get back to important stuff like preventing shariah law from taking over. 13 hours ago

    Hey Chunky!

    Hate to break it to you but The House still has to approve the Choombama/Senate deal.

    Even if The House approves it (which is far from guaranteed), the deal is only for 2 months.

    Does the fat Cheetos eating pony-tailed blogger actually read any of the articles or does he merely cut and paste headlines from various “moonbat .com” websites?

    How’s that for a rhetorical question? 😆

    • Doppelmilyooooooo milyo says:

      nobody had an article stating that the measure still has to pass the House Tea party caucus and the far left wackos holding out to screw people making 201,000$/yr

      so he couldn’t very well paste a comment on facts and instead had to paste a snarky comment on sharia

      because we all know he read that somewhere else. it’s sort of funny at a 3rd grade level and he has no original thoughts save for bite me and I bid you adieu, and all that sort of ,,,,milyo

    • dwells38 says:

      Yeah the libs don’t get that we never had a tax revenue problem. We have a spending and debt problem and all his side wants to do is SPEND MORE while being DEEPLY in DOWNGRADED debt. Plus gouge the taxpayers and job creators in the middle of a recession. Unreal, but let the chips fall. We have a Kool Blak Preezy who listens to JayZ on his Ipod.

  21. Pakimon says:

    Yet another deluge of hatred and racism at #Breitbart.com: lgf.bz/WbwOAR 12 hours ago

    Good to see The Race Detective™ is still keeping watch!

    We can always count on “yet another deluge” of cut an’ paste ignorance and stupidity from our favorite corpulent pony tailed blogger.

    2013 is going to be a good year in the Ridicule of Chunky Dept. 😉

    • dwells38 says:

      And another puke load of anti-semitism and intolerance toward the Jewish-founded conservative WAY, WAY, WAY better news aggregator/commentators, from the fat liberal, sloppy, irrelevant Chunk.

  22. Macker says:

    They are all Sharmuta over at The Swamp now….

    • dwells38 says:

      Yeah he wants to be in that weird puppet movie Being John Malkevich. Except when Chunky goes down the surreal alternate universe tunnel, he wants to see a world full of people saying “I’m so sorrry Charles”. And “You didn’t deserve that Charles”. And all the people of course, are Charles wearing different outfits and scrunchy colors and whatnot. 🙂

    • doppelmilyo says:

      I’m so sorry charles

      • rightymouse says:

        Could never figure out why she would say stuff like that. Was gag-worthy. She must have been smitten. 😆

  23. rightymouse says:

    It was always amazing to me how some of the more prolific posters could actually hold down steady jobs and/or have decent family lives.

    • rightymouse says:

      Am talking about the posters from the 2007 column.

    • garycooper says:

      You mean like Gus did, last year? 😆

      I think of those obsessed, omnipresent posters as real sad-sacks, like Mandy Manners. It’s not good, when your whole life revolves around a small echo-chamber.

      • rightymouse says:

        Yep. There were a few from 2007 just like Gus. And they were just as sadly odd/dysfunctional & obsessed in their own way. And you’re right that it’s not good any way you look at it.

  24. rightymouse says:

    Kathy Griffith kisses Anderson Cooper’s crotch on CNN and is otherwise lewd & vulgar..


    • rightymouse says:


      Need more java.

    • dwells38 says:

      It’s her schtick now to be half nude and vulgar when it’s totally inappropriate. The man’s gay, that’s sexual harrassment. I watched the other one with Jenny McCarthy and Fergie. I liked JM who’s surprised me as cute and funny and appears to be transforming herself into a kind of Joan Rivers. Fergie OTOH is a moron. But it was cool cuz they had the Dick Clark retro too.

    • garycooper says:

      She claims to be a big favorite of the male gay audience, so she probably thought they would be thrilled by the sight of her feigning an act on Cooper. I don’t think he liked the routine. She’s really desperate and unfunny, isn’t she? If you’ve seen her without the heavy makeup on, and you aren’t turned to stone, you understand the desperate part.

      • rightymouse says:

        I think she has serious mental/emotional issues. What she did was absolutely dreadful & she didn’t seem to ‘get it’ when Anderson tried to stop her.

  25. dwells38 says:

    Nice stats. Thanks! And Happy New Year ALL!

  26. doppelmilyo says:

    I was sad to be reminded that dick clark is dead. (the ball drop and the “rockin’ eve ” just aren’t the same. perhaps they should just retire the whole thing.)

    and I was surprised to see that carson daly’s career is still alive

  27. garycooper says:

    Let’s all get in a workout, before the Big Game! Well, it’s just the Outback Bowl, but it’s a game. 🙂

    • dwells38 says:

      You know, after reviewing that video several times, book marking it and emailing the location to my laptop and phone, I’ve come to the conclusion that some of these girls are NOT just fitness and yoga enthusiasts. I’m getting the impression some of them actually WANT me to stare at their bodies and that they really just like to bend over and stick their butts out and yes, I dare say, intentionally promote unwholesome thoughts! I mean I’ll reserve judgement for now but I will continue to monitor this situation as it develops.

      • garycooper says:

        I don’t think they have any such ulterior motives, Dwells. Nor do I. America is in a morbidly-obese, stressed-out state, nearing the “Physical-Cliff,” and some of us are just trying to help before it’s too late.

      • rightymouse says:

        Wiggly, jiggly butts with flat chests making suggestive moves that make men only think about their bodies & not their brains. Oh, wait, they probably don’t have any. Never mind….

      • Pakimon says:

        Did someone say jiggly butt? 😆

      • garycooper says:

        One good jiggle deserves another…giggle…

      • Pakimon says:

        Got to respond with “the classic” jiggly butt video. 😆

      • garycooper says:

        Gotta love the subtlety in Mix-A-Lot’s rap! 😆

        Kind of like Clarence Carter’s epic tune, which I posted last night, and I’m still hearing today…

      • Pakimon says:

        Back in the 80’s, the beach bar I hung out at used to bring in Clarence Carter to do a live show every year.

        I’ve got a box of photos from those shows in my closet.

        In the next couple of months (I’m a terminal procrastinator) I’ll try to scan some of them and post them.

        Carter was a really good guy and had a pretty wicked sense of humor. 😀

  28. Well if we were here to make some New Years predictions, I’d say that our pal Gus is poised to surpass Mandy, and move up to a solid 10% of the LGF comment total for 2013. No prob.

    • rightymouse says:

      Well, Gus is chronically unemployed as it’s likely that Mandy was/is too, so that’s probably a safe bet. 🙂

  29. garycooper says:

    I predict Charles will make it into the top-five this year. I predict there will be at least one flounce, from the remaining corpse (sp?) of longtime-posters. I predict that DoD will pick up one of those cats, and we will be treated to some juicy inside dope from Der Bunker.

  30. garycooper says:

    dwells38 :And Ryan Seacrest did his usual superb job.

    He’s the heir-apparent to Dick Clark, imho. Destined for a charmed life of incredible wealth, persistent, youthful good looks, and all the many responsibilities of a show-biz mogul. Not bad for a deejay.

    • dwells38 says:

      Yeah, I used to just think he’s a pretty boy, but I liked the way he cheerfully and confidently stood up to Cowell’s attempts to bully and beittle him on Idol. He made some insinuation that maybe Seacrest wasn’t going to stay, I think just to see if he could shake him. Seacrest looked bemused and a bit like “Like I give a shit what you think?”. Cowell eventually backed down when he understood he was outclassed. The kid’s good and like Clark was, unflappable.

  31. poteen2 says:

    garycooper :
    She claims to be a big favorite of the male gay audience, so she probably thought they would be thrilled by the sight of her feigning an act on Cooper. I don’t think he liked the routine. She’s really desperate and unfunny, isn’t she? If you’ve seen her without the heavy makeup on, and you aren’t turned to stone, you understand the desperate part.

    It’s obvious she wants to be male and gay,,,, and teenaged,,,,, and stupid.
    She’s halfway there. She should get the surgery and get it over with.

  32. Speranza says:

    It’s coming on four years since LGF self destructed (early 2009) . Very sad.

  33. dwells38 says:

    Wow. I watched the Griffin/Cooper vid on Breitbart in entirety just now. Her behavior didn’t surprise me but it made clear to me that nobody has any fricking sense at CNN. Cooper himself or some producer who’s thinking about the company’s market share should have been going apoplectic on breaks and saying “Get that dumbass OFF. NOW!” I’m no prude but what night other than NYE do kids get to stay up and watch the celebration? That is so out of place and just stupid business-wise. The competitor is saluting the perennially classy Dick Clark and you’re featuring miss Dick Suck on national TV? CNN, tune in NYE and see a craven ambition-drunk vulgar cnut do her blue standup with a reluctant gay guy and watch the ball (queue Beavis heh heh, heh heh) drop.

    • doppelmilyo says:

      I have to admit I was flipping between CNN and FNC. Somehow the Griffin/Cooper and Hemmer/Kelley combination was like a nice sharp cheese and a silky smooth glass of Red.

      I like Anderson Cooper, but I think CNN could replace that dumb twat Griffin with somebody that doesn’t mistake humor for vulgarity, I likes me some vulgarity as long as it’s funny. She isnt

    • Bunk X says:

      Kathy Griffin’s a real looker sans makeup.

      Natural beauty.

      Hubba Hubba!

      Damn. The girl could gag a buzzard on a gut truck.

  34. Pakimon says:

    I see Chunky is whining on Twitter about how rich people are saying that they’re going to donate less to charity thanks to Choombama’s fiscal cliff plan.

    This coming from a guy who I sincerely doubt has donated anything to anyone in his entire miserable life.

    Hey Chunkster! Why not pick up the slack in the donation department, you being a “world renowned” blogger and Twitter pundit and whatnot!


    Not even a bag of your precious Cheetos donated to a food bank?


    • snowcrash says:

      This class warfare crap has spawned a lot of ill will among usually generous people. Is this really a surprise to anyone?

  35. garycooper says:

    It’s a shame Fatass doesn’t have more of a following, so that his attempts to promote Pollak’s fine op-ed today would have more reach. This is a good one, right on. Nice eye, Chunky McDumdumbth.


  36. Bunk X says:

    garycooper :
    I predict Charles will make it into the top-five this year. I predict there will be at least one flounce, from the remaining corpse (sp?) of longtime-posters. I predict that DoD will pick up one of those cats, and we will be treated to some juicy inside dope from Der Bunker.

    I don’t recall any significant flounces of 2012. Albusteve got banned, and a rabbi’s daughter flipped them off but came back. So much for the Buzzsaw Award.
    The Irish Rose award would likely be a tossup between Dork and Gus, although Linane might be a contender.

    The Johnson Award might be fun, but there are so many idiotic comments it’d be hard to choose from those posted at the Swamp and via Twitter.

    A Milyo Award might be in order for the best smackdown/mockery of CJ outside of DoD.

    Nominations anyone?

  37. garycooper says:

    Yeah, I think McCain’s a lock for the Milyo. Call the engraver, get the trophy ready.

  38. J. P. Moar Gunz says:

    Comcast/xfinity sucks donkey dicks. Tell everybody you know that they are the worst corporation in corporationland.