Ohio is a lock!

The great electoral prognosticator has made a huge projection. Charles Johnson claims Ohio is a lock for Obama!


The Romney campaign should call it quits! The great Charles Johnson has made his electoral projection for Ohio. No need to count the votes Tuesday, Charles has called Ohio for Obama!

On a side note, This is my last Diary of Daedalus thread until after the election. Charles Johnson and his gang are at this point delusional and spewing propaganda. It’s really overboard and I personally can’t take. I may do a few open threads over the next few days just to let people discuss the latest madness at LGF. I just can’t deal with it anymore.

Politifact is a lie

Charles Johnson continues to live in a fantasy world. He criticizes Politifact because they don’t always cover up for Obama.


Charles should be grateful Politifact doesn’t fact check LGF. If they did, he would get the worse ratings for the lies he writes on a daily basis.

Calling Obama not a grown up is racist!

With Chris Matthews getting all the attention in the Race Detective field, Charles Johnson needs to step up his game! Well, Chucky delivers one of the most hilarious accusations of racism.  He claims that Ann Romney saying Obama is not a grown up is racist!

Charles doesn’t stop here. Even before anyone calls him out on this nonsense, he doubles down.

If someone can explain to me how Ann Romney calling Obama not a grown up is racist, I would appreciate it. Then again I am not a Race Detective like Charles Johnson or Chris Matthews!

“Did I take a wrong turn and end up in Democratic Underground?”

Dark Falcon is a tragic figure at LGF.  He views Charles Johnson as a substitute father and wants to please him, so he puts up with the abuse thinking he’s making Charles proud of him. In reality, neither Charles nor anyone else at LGF respects him. Dark Falcon is so delusional about LGF that he just realized how far Left it is.

Poor Dark Falcon. He refuses to believe what LGF has turned into. He can’t realize that his substitute father is a Marxist! Grow up Dark Falcon and get a real life. Charles Johnson does not care about you.

Our old friend, the Elusive Quixote, returns to LGF. He has noticed that his nemesis the failed porn actress Iceweasel has not been around. He comes in and responds in a hostile manner to Dark Falcon.

LGF is worse than Democratic Underground.

(Hat Tip: MrPaulRevere)

[Update: Big Weenie, Dork & LVQ convergence timeline below.]

The Sage of Culver City makes his 2012 Election prediction!

That moment many have waited for has arrived! Charles Johnson makes his prediction for the 2012 election.


I checked Real Clear Politic’s average and it seems that Romney is ahead of Obama 47.9% vs. 46.9%.  This fact is irrelevant to Charles as he doesn’t trust RCP!

A non partisan website like Real Clear Politics is not to be trusted, but the Democrat leaning Huffington Post is? We all know Charles has a great record in electoral predictions. I am sure the Romney campaign is nervous now that the Sage of Culver City has spoken!


2% GDP growth is awesome according to fake legal expert

The alleged Lawhawk, who has never presented any credentials of even being in the legal industry, continues to make a fool of himself. Recently he has been presenting himself as an economic genius. Lawhawk claims that the 3rd Quarter GDP, which grew by an anemic 2% and mostly due to government spending, is good!

Has the online Johnny Cochran wannabe ever claimed to have taken a case to trial? He is no more of a “Lawhawk” than he is an economic expert. He may fool the losers at LGF but he is not fooling me. Lawhawk is just another online fraudster at LGF.

Corpulent Creep has orgasm over Pro Obama Ad

The 60 year old loser who is mentally 13 is excited over a new Pro Obama ad. The commercial is one of the dumbest I have seen. It features an obscure actress named Lena Dunham. Charles loves the ad because Conservatives hate it.


I highly doubt Charles Johnson is fun at parties. He’s a miserable bitter man who just likes to support anything Conservatives oppose. I don’t like this ad because I think it’s just plain stupid. Other Conservatives may not like it for other reasons, but at the end of the day the Lena Dunham Obama ad is just stupid. Charles loves the fact Conservatives hate it.

Another reason Charles Johnson likes this ad is because he is mentally 13. In his mind, this young woman is hot. This shows how creepy he is. Charles is attracted to a woman who is young enough top be his granddaughter. He’s a pervert and a creep!