One Outsider’s Opinion

No, we didn’t build that. It was found here. Carry on.

14 Comments on “One Outsider’s Opinion”

  1. Abu bin Squid says:

    Racist!!!11!! Negro exploitation alert!

  2. Zimriel says:

    hasa LGF eebowai!

    /book of mormon

  3. Juan Epstein says:

    It is the mental projection of his digital self.

    • garycooper says:

      Exactly right, Juan. This is the scared little black boy inside of the jumbo-sized pale hippo of his meatworld self. He seeks to shed the last few remaining lizards, who frighten and confuse him with their wordy mumblings. Fuck them all! Note the comic-book-inspired shirt. It’s him all over.

  4. RTR's Rude Awakening says:

    Metaphor is metaphorical.

  5. JimboXL says:

    So would this be called a lizard swarm?

  6. Looks like I missed out on the Ruse and Fall thread so I’ll just post this here…

    I was thinking of when Charles had his 2007 meltdown over the Celtic Cross:

    The LGF version of “Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith”, Order 66: “The Celtic Cross has become the symbol of those who chose to foolishly attempt to overthrow Littlegreen Footballs. Every single Conservative poster must be wiped out! Execute Order 666, hunt down the Conservatives, the Creationists, the G-d Lovers and all manner of Christo-Freaks and wipe them out once and for all!”

    “Anyone who dares to disagree with me is a traitor, a vile racist, Nazi, anti-global-warming, climate-change denier; evil Republican, a member of the Templar Knights or Knights of Malta, Big Tobacco, Vlaams Belang, Fjordman, Ron Paul supporter, and a Pamela Geller fanatic who would dare have the temerity to think for themselves! Traitors one and all! Long live Little Green Footballs! I am Little Green Footballs!” {Insert Wilhem Scream from movies.}

    Not that great, but there’s not a lot to work with.

  7. Celtic Cr⊕ss says:

    Th⊕mas The Rhymer :
    L⊕⊕ks like I missed ⊕ut ⊕n the Ruse and Fall thread s⊕ I’ll just p⊕st this here…
    I was thinking ⊕f when Charles had his 2⊕⊕7 meltd⊕wn ⊕ver the Celtic Cr⊕ss:
    The LGF versi⊕n ⊕f “Star Wars: Revenge ⊕f The Sith”, ⊕rder 66: “The Celtic Cr⊕ss has bec⊕me the symb⊕l ⊕f th⊕se wh⊕ ch⊕se t⊕ f⊕⊕lishly attempt t⊕ ⊕verthr⊕w Littlegreen F⊕⊕tballs. Every single C⊕nservative p⊕ster must be wiped ⊕ut! Execute ⊕rder 666, hunt d⊕wn the C⊕nservatives, the Creati⊕nists, the G-d L⊕vers and all manner ⊕f Christ⊕-Freaks and wipe them ⊕ut ⊕nce and f⊕r all!”
    “Any⊕ne wh⊕ dares t⊕ disagree with me is a trait⊕r, a vile racist, Nazi, anti-gl⊕bal-warming, climate-change denier; evil Republican, a member ⊕f the Templar Knights ⊕r Knights ⊕f Malta, Big T⊕bacc⊕, Vlaams Belang, Fj⊕rdman, R⊕n Paul supp⊕rter, and a Pamela Geller fanatic wh⊕ w⊕uld dare have the temerity t⊕ think f⊕r themselves! Trait⊕rs ⊕ne and all! L⊕ng live Little Green F⊕⊕tballs! I am Little Green F⊕⊕tballs!” {Insert Wilhem Scream fr⊕m m⊕vies.}
    N⊕t that great, but there’s n⊕t a l⊕t t⊕ w⊕rk with.