Corpulent blogger completely misreads Mark Steyn

“People like Mark Steyn are just dishonest, bigoted opportunists” – look in the mirror  (if you dare) Chunky and see a real dishonest, bigoted, opportunist.

Once upon a time Mark Steyn used to be a treasured columnist on LGF and his columns were regularly posted there.

The Charles Johnson of 2006 would not recognize the 2012 version.

[Updated with image by request – Ed.]

81 Comments on “Corpulent blogger completely misreads Mark Steyn”

  1. garycooper says:

    His fat-clogged arteries have choked off the blood-supply to his brain. It’s pretty dire.

  2. ISpeakJive says:

    But Chunky panders to the ignorant, perpetually angry left-wing and rakes in zero cash! I’m quite sure his main problem with Mark Steyn is jealousy at this point.

  3. Bunk X says:

    LMAO. He really wants to go there? “Hey Chuckie Chuckie Chucke! What’s round on the ends and hi in the middle?”

  4. Moon Nazi says:

    That Obamanation flag does look like smeared blood. Nice call, Dummycrat Artiste. 😆

  5. poteen2 says:

    Steyn used it as a lead in to his essay on Obama’s failure. It wasn’t about Obamaflag. Charlie lied again, imagine that.
    However, apparently this nontroversy struck a nerve at Hopey Changey homebase,,,,,,

    Charlie missed a memo .

    • Moon Nazi says:

      They’ve disappeared the bloody flag. I followed McCain’s story to , where the shitty logo was designed, and it’s been scrubbed off their website entirely. How fascinating, kids. They look like a nice bunch of artsy little Dhimmis, the artists employed there. But…oopsie!

    • Arachne says:

      I will never forget that absolutely ridiculous seal “Office of the President Elect” that that silly skinny socialist carried around with him between November and January. I think he finally had to ditch it because even his followers in the MSM couldn’t look at it with a straight face after awhile.

  6. garycooper says:

    Somebody with more artistic talent than me (that would be anyone) should turn that rotten blood-flag into an even more anti-Obama logo. It should be used against him.

  7. RTR's Rude Awakening says:

    Golly. A video about Gus.

  8. PeteP says:

    Typical Fatso rant filled with lies and fake outrage. And no Fatso, the mob around Stevens’s body were not trying to save his life. They were simply parading his dead body as other photos from the same incident show. Once again, Fatso can’t bring himself to condemn Muslim murderers. But he sure can bring himself to condemn conservatives.

  9. Liz_Ardoid says:

    • garycooper says:

      Them were the days, Liz. 😆

      What if Fatass had been the guy up in the crow’s nest of an old-timey sailing vessel, with a little telescope, given the responsibility of spotting the identifying flags of approaching ships?

      “Ship ahoy! I know it sounds crazy, Cap’n, but it’s flyin’ th’accursed flag of that whoreson Scot William Wallace! Yes, I’m sure. No, I dint know he had any ships, either, but that’s his damnable sign or my name ain’t Chuckles McQueeg.”

  10. OLT's Vexillologist says:

    Stalker Charles has a perfect record with flag controversies. Zero out of all.


  11. Dop all up in yo bidness bitch! says:

    Steyn’s intellect and sense of humor represents the LGF commenting army of 2006.

    Brilliant wit then.

    now replaced with a dysfunctional dozen freaks representing the entire autistic spectrum and of course the just plain lazy garage dwelling pseudointellectuals parroting talking points from mother jones

    and I LOVE how everybody more clever than charles is a bigot or a nazi


  12. garycooper says:

    Any odds given on the possibility of the mobs that attacked the Libyan jihadis being simply a rival faction with the same general animus towards the West? I haven’t looked into this at all, but that’s been the history with all of these Middle East Muslim conflicts.

  13. garycooper says:


  14. garycooper says:

    The self-defined Liberal MSM forgot to note that they and the Dhimmicrats were thoroughly punked by Romney’s release of his tax-records:

    Dingy Harry’s bleating, “He’s hiding something! He’s hiding something!” was completely absurd and inappropriate, but that kind of idiocy resonates well with the Idiot Left, like Chunky and his gang.

  15. Liz_Ardoid says:

    OT, but … uhhmmm… on Lizardoid’s outrage about the ‘fake outrage’ about Obama’s ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ remarks…

  16. garycooper says:

    Liz, don’t you know? He was misled.

  17. Westward Ho says:

    Mark is no longer the greatest wit in the journalistic world since he is seriously depressed about the west winning the clash of civilisations. i got introduced to him thru lgf circa 2004, he was cheery and omg absolutely hilarious – my googling skills are not good enough but he wrote a long time for and those archives are modern humour classics, i quote below from his latest book, the title of which suggests that he has given up the good fight which he fought valiantly for so long-

    “how quickly the supposed defenders of liberal, pluralist, Western values came to sound as if they were competing to be Islam’s lead prison bitch.”

    et tu mark buckle up and pick up the sword soldier.

  18. Westward Ho says:

    the happy warrior ain’t happy nowdays – sigh

  19. windbag says:

    hookt ahn foni werkt fer mee.

    hay, chuckuls, y dont u tri it and sea if it helps yer reedin compreehenshun to?

  20. OLT's Punch At Your Weight says:

    Stalker Charles is in Mark Steyn’s intellectual class the same way he is in Stevie Ray Vaughan’s musical class or Mitt Romney’s career success class.

    It is like a starfish giving an opinion on a dolphin. You lack the requisite number of interconnected and functioning neurons, sir. The odd assortment of ganglia that you have cobbled a “mind” out of do not suffice. Back to the shallow tidal poosl of “thought” with you, and take your mud-finned beach-dragging oh-look-you’re-only-about-400-million-years-behind suckerfish with you.

    /I do understand that he can now wear the bras he stole from Pam Geller, although he’s ruined their once-delightful Pammy aroma and now has nothing to lull him to sleep at night

  21. Speranza says:

    Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips, Victor Davis Hanson, Caroline Glick, Charles Krauthammer – out.

    Rachel Maddow – in.

  22. pat says:

    It appears that the crowd was trying to save the ambassador. However it is now clear that Obama and Hillary were warned of the danger and took absolutely no steps to protect any embassies.

  23. haysoos says:

    girthzilla was very outspoken when that drunken killer T Kennedy died (don’t speak ill of the dead)…but all those droolers are utterly devoid of emotion or interest when the feds set up people to be killed….Obdicut called Fast and Furious an “oversight” and was appalled of the “witch hunt” investigation for political gain….same with Libya with the twist that the vid was responsible….moral derelicts

  24. Medchemmer says:

    Hah, this year’s Ig Nobel winner was research studying the physics of swaying ponytails.

    I think individuals with Chunk’s girth were excluded from the mathematical model because the high moment of inertia in their gut canceled the swaying motion.

  25. RTR's Rude Awakening says:

    Here’s some more Ludwig science. Guess what? Guys like sluts.

  26. rightymouse says:

    I see that Chuckie the Putz is trying to portray Romney as stupid. Sorry, asshole, he’s anything BUT stupid. One of the owners of a company near mine worked with him at Bain and told me that not only is Romney a genuinely nice guy, he’s very smart. So eff off, Chuckles!

    • Pakimon says:

      Nothing is sticking to Romney so the moonbats are getting desperate and when moonbats get desperate, they always break out the “(Insert name of GOP candidate here) meme.

      It’s a good sign.

    • trebob says:

      It’s always hilarious to me to see someone of limited means, like some unemployed ex-jazz guitarist living in a 1500 sq ft condo, call someone who is successful/wealthy/powerful stupid. Charles hasn’t had 1/10,000th of the success that Romney has had and isn’t qualified to make a ruling on Romney’s intelligence level.

  27. Pakimon says:

    I’d bet that Chunky pronounces “corpulent” as corpse-yew-lent.

  28. Speranza says:

    Arachne :
    Hell, I’d like to see him go one-on-one with Speranza or Bob in Breckenridge.

    Without the banning stick he is a nothing – heck even with it he is a big fat cheeto.
    I would ask Obama to repeat his answer in “Austrian”.

    • RTR's Rude Awakening says:

      Thus the Twitter hilarity.

      • haysoos says:

        twitter, where you can express your stupidity at the speed of light

      • OLT's Nurse! says:

        Hey, some of us need it. We’re old and get tired quickly. Plus, dinner here at the home is at 4:30 and if I’m late the red Jello is all gone. I know the damned staff steals it, but I can’t prove anything because they can read my mind. Everytime I get close to busting their little criminal ring, they pick up on it and hide my Ex-Lax. Who the Hell can sleuth when they’re all stove up in the bowels? My eyes get so watery I can’t read. And my feet hurt, but at least i can feel them today. Yesterday I had an itch and ended up on the floor for an hour. The orderly waxed me, right along with the tile. It burned like a bitch, but I do have a rosy glow today. What were we talking about? Who are you?

  29. OLT's Sad Truth says:

    Arachne :
    Hell, I’d like to see him go one-on-one with Speranza or Bob in Breckenridge.

    He’s had many gauntlets tossed at his feet.

    Never had the balls yet to pick up one, no matter who it was from.

    The fact of the matter is, he’s now not even worth that level of effort. Mocking is about as much as he deserves, and he can’t even take that.

    Mr. Block and Report on Twitter, the eternal coward hiding behind his walls, safe because no one any longer desires to storm them.

    • Arachne says:

      He doesn’t debate. He runs and hides and tells his little cultists that the evils are out to get him. Yeah, saying “prove it” or “you’re wrong” or “you said this three years ago” – call the FBI!

      Hence get rid of all non-Chuckie believers at the site. And the conversion of the formerly smart so that they can stay there. Proof that prolonged exposure to Charles Johnson’s insanity for a period over 5 years may cause dain bramage.

  30. Pakimon says:

    He’s had many gauntlets tossed at his feet.

    Never had the balls yet to pick up one, no matter who it was from.

    To be fair, due to his girth, he couldn’t pick up a gauntlet even if he wanted to. 😆

  31. haysoos says:

    Fatman In The Bathtub….
    I hear ya moan