Further evidence that the self proclaimed “lawhawk” if full of it

What law school  did he go to?

He may be a “lawhawk”, but he knows nothing about taxes!

Daedalus Addendum:

Calling someone a Chihuahua is now considered racist at LGF. How they reached that conclusion eludes me. Dark Falcon in a moment of sanity, called that conclusion ridiculous. Charles apparently down dinged him and he went all apologetic.

Dark_Falcon, Charles doesn’t care about you now and never will. You have a real father, go to him for emotional support, and stop looking to LGF as a substitute “family”,  remember what Charles Johnson did to his previous “family” (kicked them to the curb like a dog with fleas) – people who had shown him nothing but kindness and respect for years. You are not a stupid guy – find a job, make real friends, start a life for yourself (you are still young) and stay away from the embittered moonbat losers at LGF. No need for you to humble yourself before an unemployed, unstable, middle aged, and unexceptional man.