Sign of Desperation!

LGF is in the toilet. Charles lives in an alternate universe where the economy is booming and the Obama has the election in the bag. He must realize his traffic is low. In a sign of desperation Charles considers allowing Keith Olbermann to do a guest post!

Talk about desperation. Imagine a washed up sports caster blogging with a washed up guitarist. It’s  a train wreck!

Charles officially throws Israel under the bus

Mittt Romney told backers that peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not possible. He correctly states that the Palestinian want Israel wiped out, so peace is not possible. This is a stance, Charles once agreed with. Well not now, he links to the video and officially throws Israel under the bus.


Charles Johnson attacks Romney for a stance he once had. This is a way for Charles to throw Israel under the bus for Leftist acceptance. The Corpulent Cretin is trying to get those fatwas removed!