Those evil Papists!

Charles complains about the anti-Islamic message of the movie “Innocence of Muslims”. Meanwhile he supports the anti-Catholic comments posted at his blog. Naso Tang who once was a sensible poster reveals his hatred of Catholics. The derogatory term “Papist” is used in referring to the Catholic Church. Even worse, Naso claims Hizb’Allah and the Catholic Church are morally equivalent.

The bigotry and hatred at Little Green Footballs lays at the feet of Charles Johnson.

LGF Changed me!

It’s pathetic to see grown adults change their political views because of a bloated washed up guitarist. Lawhawk, Hoosier Hoops and others changed their political leanings to please Charles Johnson. The latest brainless fool who admits LGF changed his views is Targetpratice.

Targetpractice may not be young anymore, but he is still stupid!