Charles silent on Attack on US Embassy in Tunis

The US Embassy was attacked today in Tunis and the Flag of Jihad was flown in the place of the American flag. If you read LGF, you never would have known this has occurred. Instead, Charles Johnson launches his usual attacks on Conservatives.

Conservatives are the biggest danger in Charles Johnson’s world. Yet attacks on our embassy in Tunis and riots against other US embassies in the Middle East get no mention. LGF is living in an alternate universe.

Update: Charles still doesn’t mention the Embassy attack in Tunis nor the protests in the Middle East. Instead he attacks Mitt Romney.

Charles doesn’t want to offend his Islamic buddies like Mohammad Ansar nor Curious Lurker.

Darthstar’s Hypocrisy!

When Bush was President the Left would cry Bush lies and people died in referring to the Iraq war. Now that Romney has criticized the Cairo Embassy’s statement, they are angry at that. Darthstar has the audacity to claim Mitt Romney likes the death of Americans.


I bet Darthstar celebrated the deaths of American troops in Iraq as long as it hurt Bush.