Obdicut wants sympathy and LGF helps promotes this blog!

Neo-Marxist and anti-Christian bigot Obdicut had a drama queen episode yesterday. After seeing the disgusting link to a pedophilia site, he claimed to have been raped as a young boy!


Obdicut clearly is lying here and wants sympathy from the Loozards. If this really happened, he would not discuss it publicly. This bigot is clearly lying to get sympathy!

On a funny note, the Loozards today brought up their favorite blog, Diary of Daedalus. Resident doormat, Dark Falcon mentioned this blog. A poster named Mattand asked the 34 year old virgin what the “Stalker Blog” was.

For the record, Barret Brown was never banned from here. He just went his own way.  Dark then goes onto promote us.

That you Dark Falcon for giving us another reader. Mattand might actually start seeing how delusional Charles and the readers of lGF are. Then Decatur makes a bold claim!

Dream on loser!

The Elusive Quixote falsely accuses Speranza

LGF is a blog full of paranoid conspiracies. Today some weirdo name Channeling Confucius posted what at first seems like  contrarian comment at LGF.

I agree with this statement, but that is not what caused the ruckus at LGF. What caused the anger and rightfully so was Channeling Confucius linking to a website that had pedophile images. The poster was rightfully banned by Charles.

Being paranoid fools, they assume it’s someone from Daedalus or Blogmocracy. The Elusive Quixote, accuses on of the Blogmocracy writers Speranza of being Channeling Confucius. His evidence? That Speranza posted a story about Richard III of England, the same time that Pedophilic jerk posted his comments at LGF.

Ludwig needs to stick to what he knows best. That is avoiding his nemesis Iceweasel. Investigative skills are not the Elusive Quixote strong suit. Clearly his algebra skills don’t apply to this situation!