Charles Johnson sides with Embassy Attackers

This is a new low even for Charles Johnson. He blames the movie mocking Mohamed for the attacks on the US embassy in Cairo and Consulate in Benghazi.

Charles doesn’t have a thread condemning the embassy attacks nor the murder of the ambassador to Libya. Charles has thrown in his lot with Jihadists and condemns fellow Americans instead. He is cretin of the lowest order!

Update: The cretin Charles now blames Pam Geller and Robert Spencer for the violence in Egypt and Libya. They are connected with an Egyptian Coptic Christian who produced the film.

It gets worse. Charles does a half hearted condemnation of the attacks, but then bashes Morris Sadek.

Sadek is an Egyptian Coptic Christian. He saw first hand how intolerant Islam is. In America he has every right to produce any anti-Islamic film he wants. The blame lies with the Islamists who are thin skinned. It’s easy for a cretin like Charles to condemn a man without living his experience.

Stick to being obsessed with Nazis, Charles!