How old are you Charles?

I have always suspected Charles is a creepy old man who thinks he is still a teenager. He has proven my theory with thgis tweet.

Really Charles? Maybe he is changing web genre since he has failed at a political blog.

(Hat Tip: Rufus T. Rumpswa)

Update: Charles has another young girl centric thread.

This is really getting creepy.

The 34 Year Old Virgin

I don’t understand why Dark Falcon stays at LGF. He is an object of abuse and ridicule. He makes the mistake of telling LGFers his personal life as if they care. The school janitor mocks Dark Falcon for still being a  virgin at 34.


Dark Falcon needs to realize, the people at LGF are not his friends. They are a collection of unemployed losers who think they are changing the world. Dark Falcon should walk away from LGF and focus on fixing his life.

Dark Falcon, Charles Johnson doesn’t care about you. Stop seeking his love.