Ride The Decline – The Breitbart Project Intro

By late September 2011, The Boiler Room Crew realized that almost all their work was done, and there was little more to do aside from day-to-day mockery of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs. We never thought this one-trick-pony would provide so many hours of entertainment, both on The Blogmocracy and Diary of Daedalus, as well as behind the scenes. A lot of fun resulted, and everyone involved agreed that we had acquired new skills in the process.

In September 2011, there was some behind the scenes discussion about dumping all the LGF Archives. So much valuable work was about to be given away and thrown into the communal dumpster. I hated the thought, and wondered “Who despises Charles Johnson so much that he might be willing to pay for the Archive?” Twitterwars were in full swing, and the obvious answer was Andrew Breitbart.

So I contacted him. Via emails and telephone conversations, he said he wasn’t interested in the archives. He wanted a story to post on BigJournalism.com about Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs.

That was a splash of cold water. How the hell could we compose a concise and accurate history of Johnson’s LGF that spanned ten years? It was a tall order indeed, but on the other hand we realized that the BRC, with the help of others, were in a unique position to pull it off.

We faced multiple problems. We needed to have sources, facts and everything covered. We needed outside sources. Then there was the problem of editing the works of multiple contributors for grammar, syntax, style and formatting such that it didn’t read as a collection of independent essays, and to keep it objective. It also had to be written for the millions of people who had never heard of Charles Johnson or LGF.

This Project, although it was forwarded to Breitbart.com after his passing, was never finalized. It needed at least one more edit in my opinion, perhaps an entire rewrite, but so what. There’s some great stuff in there, and it’s never seen the light of day.

So much work went into it that it’s a shame to throw it all away. Someone mentioned that it would be the swan song of the BRC. Don’t bet on it.

The documentary was intended to be posted as a series, and I think that’s the best way to view it. The first installment is coming up soon.


Part 1 – Overview
Part 2 – The Ascendance of Charles Johnson and LGF
Part 3 – The Bannings
Part 4 – The Flounces
Part 5 – The Turnaround
Part 6 – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate

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50 Comments on “Ride The Decline – The Breitbart Project Intro”

  1. Rufus T. Rumpswab says:


  2. Briareus says:

    We’ve got 16 pages of Word doc with footnotes and links. What’s the best way to post it? As a searchable .pdf page, or by sections with links?

  3. poteen2 says:

    2 Charles Johnson Mon, Sep 3, 2012 5:58:03pm


    Learn how to think, not what to think.

    There you have it. Also known as “critical thinking.” Which the Texas GOP platform wants to outlaw.

    Is that a hoot or what?

    He just doesn’t get it.

  4. windbag says:

    Any idea how many installments there will be? I need to know how much popcorn to get.

  5. Thomas The Rhymer says:

    From the Chuck Norris thread:

    28 Shiplord Kirel Mon, Sep 3, 2012 1:13:17pm


    The GOP won’t be happy until this country is the Iran of the west.

    I’m convinced that Ayatollah Barton and his mob would be out stoning loose women, beheading dissidents, and hanging gays if they didn’t know the long arm of the secular law would smash them flat for it.

    They are also working hard to turn this into a third world country on the economic front too; destroying unions, refusing to raise the minimum wage (or even calling for its abolition), conflating regulation with tyranny, and generally supporting the ever growing mal-distribution of wealth.

    Stupid Fuckhead of the Day Award.

  6. Thomas The Rhymer says:

    60 CuriousLurker Mon, Sep 3, 2012 1:52:11pm


    Oh, the melodrama. I still don’t understand the reverence for Reagan since by current standards he was clearly a RINO. Or for Jesus (a.s.) the long-haired, sandal wearing, Middle Eastern radical Jewish community organizer. Go figure. *shrugs*

    Ya beat Shiplord Kirel out for the top Fuckheaded Asshole of the Year Award. Isn’t Bi-Curious-ChickenFucker-Lurker the Muzzie wannabe?

    {The Chuck Norris Thread is a great source of Assholery.}

  7. Thomas The Rhymer says:

    271 Dark_Falcon Mon, Sep 3, 2012 4:48:42pm


    re: #269 Lidane

    Hates cowgirls? What the fuck does that even mean?

    I’m from the South but I’m not fluent in ignorant redneck. Anyone know what the hell Hank Jr. is babbling about here?

    He’s saying he can’t stand it that a black man is president and unless Obama is removed Real America is DOOMED.

    / Not kidding. [headdesk]

    Dork, fark you, asshat.

    • Bunk X says:

      When you’re talking to Dork, the word “Fuck” in combination with “You” is completely acceptable. He’s a human walking talking assgasket.

      • Thomas The Rhymer says:

        Thanks for the heads-up; I miss all the fun things in life. Darnitall.

      • Bunk X says:

        Surprisingly, if you translate ”Dork Falcon” phonetically into Swedish or Norse, it comes out meaning the same thing. If you take it into other early Germanic languages, you’ll find the translation to be identical to Chuck’s Twitter nom de plume of #Rumpswab.

      • Bunk X says:

        Fun facts to know and tell.

  8. Thomas The Rhymer says:

    And the crazy man must post no matter what:

    292 Charles Johnson Mon, Sep 3, 2012 5:22:14pm


    re: #286 b_sharp

    SC is anything but ‘politically correct’. I gave up years ago trying to change him. He’s probably as far right politically as you are btw.

    For someone so strongly opposed to creationism, it’s puzzling to me why he accepts the lies about climate science coming from the same groups and individuals.

    Dude, just… Dude… Ah fergitit…

  9. garycooper says:

    I can’t stand that a black man is President, either. Talking about this particular black man, this “Obamessiah” fiasco of a flibbertigibbet. There are a bunch of black men I could name that would likely make fine presidents, but this one needs to go.

    • Thomas The Rhymer says:

      Gary, saw your comment about Viagra earlier. One of Papa Rhymer’s Kinfolks, sired 26 sons with the same wife. This was in the days when kids died early but somewhere along the line her uterus must have fell out.

      Another had 19 kids with three different wives…

  10. garycooper says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Project being published. Also, I’d like to thank you guys again for all the swamp-wading you’ve done in the past several years, which has led to many hours of enjoyment for yours truly. Cheers!

  11. garycooper says:

    The Fatass Mind at work: For someone so strongly opposed to creationism, it’s puzzling to me why he accepts the lies about climate science coming from the same groups and individuals.

    What the hork is he talking about? Is Watts pushing creationist theory? Are all the founding fathers of AGW-theory who’ve run from the failed-hypothesis going all-in for ID? I missed that memo, I guess.

    • dwells38 says:

      The dude just can’t think anymore. He’s equating climate science, a very new discipline based on flawed and ill-informed computer programs, sketchy tree ring data, ill-placed (and comparatively few) temperature guages, some data the dog ate (we had it but now we don’t) and a truly suspect,ulterior anti-capitalist underpinning that asserts first, an ultimate result of anthropological caused warming that perpetually only happens in the future, to the time-honored theory of evolution which is based on very real ancient fossils, genetic data and even clear, documented examples of microevolution which suggests constant adaptation from ancient times. There’s no comparison but I guess this escapes a dim-witted guitarist and bitter, cut-n-paste blogger who was fooled by his commenters for a decade.

      • garycooper says:

        Very well said. No mention of Cheetos, Dew or his horrible weight problem, either. Which is where I come in. 😆

  12. mrpaulrevere says:

    Sounds like a winner Briareus. I’m sure this has already occured to you but it needs to be pimped out to Ace (Maetenloch would eat it up for the OOT) and maybe even to folks like Oliver Willis. Make it a cyber cluster bomb.

  13. iSpeakJive says:

    I want ISTE to come back.

  14. Bunk X says:

    garycooper :

    mrpaulrevere :

    It’s long overdue IMO, and I’d forgotten all about it until ISTE brought it up last night. It really does need to be dusted off and posted, even if some of the story is a bit out of date.

    • garycooper says:

      The story of LGF is a very interesting artifact of the early days of the blogosphere. I hope the story as written points out the fact that this blog was basically struck by lightning, and lucked into becoming the huge phenomenon that it was before Fatass self-immolated.

  15. Bunk X says:

  16. garycooper says:

    I would guess the Vagina Avatar is linked to the D ‘n C’s Abortapalooza 2012, which is rockin’ Charlotte this week. I’m still trying to figure out how the Dims are going to keep straight faces while they talk about this Administration’s “accomplishments,” and “plans for the future.” Will they get the Dead Cat Bounce in the polls? I suspect they will, with the assistance of their house organs in the MSM.

    • dwells38 says:

      Yeah, kinda seems like their new slogan is “A Vacuum In Every Vagina!” Not a terribly uplifting message.

      • Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

        They misread the public. People think booze should be legal, but don’t want everybody walking around drunk. Just because they think abortion should be generally legal doesn’t mean they consider it a sacrament. Having an abortion-themed convention makes about as much sense as having the GOP convention celebrate liberty by celebrating the legality of booze by holding a bender during the convention.

      • garycooper says:

        Nancy Pelosi proudly declared today that she shaves her vagina, has two piercings, and that she had five abortions during her college days, two in the third trimester. Don’t expect to see this in the MSM, though. Her assistant hollered, “But that’s off the record, kids!” I don’t know why.

  17. dwells38 says:

    I would like to read it even though some of it may be old news, Too it would be good to remind the current leftist swampers just who their blog daddy really was compared to the current caricature. And that his reasons for consistently siding with right-leaning pundits and politicians for some 9 years and then suddenly joining the luny left, proclaiming the right to be now insane and having fooled him, cannot be reconciled with him being a serious grownup.

  18. garycooper says:

    It sure was a long time to be “misled.” Sure was a sudden conversion, too. One could be forgiven for supposing there was some kind of breakdown involved, or perhaps a buyout from deep-pockets Leftist financiers named Soros, Huffington or even Moulitsas. Do you see the Greek connection, there? I’m going to interrogate my Greek wife, and see if she knows anything. Something is up, and it’s not the drachma.