Some advice for the Mountain Lion

Dark_Falcon, aka the Mountain Lion, was on LGF talking about losing his job. I am not going to mock him over this as losing a job is something I wish on no one. Instead I offer some unsolicited  advice for Dark Falcon.

Dark, stop posting at LGF. They just like you because you are a whipping boy for the rabid Leftists. Charles Johnson doesn’t care about you or any one else for that matter. Email him and ask if he can get you a job or pay your rent. He will not help you even if he could. Go out there and look for a job and don’t be too proud to take a job that is not that well paying. In this Obama Economy any job has to be considered a good job.   I know it’s tough and the economy sucks but being on LGF will not help your life. Sadly, being unemployed is something that all of us has experienced (many of us a few times) or will experience during the course of our work lives.  The average person coming into the work force (private sector work force that is) can expect 10 full time jobs, three different careers, and being fired or laid off twice in their 40 + years of work. Be a man for once and stop wishing for Charles Johnson’s love – he couldn’t care less about you.