Bigotry towards Hispanics and Catholics at LGF

Charles Johnson loves to point out racism at other blogs. Many of those comments are planted by his minions. Well, one of his commentators, JamesWI, says Hispanics are just “the help.”

White Progressives like James are the biggest racists. They view Hispanics as their subservient slaves who mow their lawns or clean their bathrooms. They view blacks as their entertainment, Indians are viewed as their tech support. They view Asians as their cooks. White Progressives believe in a  racial caste system, with themselves at the top. They are the ideological heirs of the KKK and Nazis.

LGF is a racist blog and JamesWI’s demeaning remark about Hispanics shows their mindset.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Charles Johnson attacks Paul Ryan’s Catholic Faith.

Charles gets angry when Islam is trashed, but loves to attack Catholics and other Christians. How about this bigoted freak lead by example and stop the racism and anti-Christian hate on his blog.

Protip for teh Lizardoid

It’s been almost 2 years since Johnson introduced the $10/mo. subscription to LGF, a “feature” that frees members from the burden of viewing all those annoying advertisements on the site (and presumably allowing the pages to load faster). We’re not quite sure how successful this has been for him, ’cause the subject doesn’t seem to come up very much. These days, it’s easy to have an ad blocker on your browser (for free), so I’m going to assume that there aren’t many takers on this. Consider that a Netflix or HuluPlus membership runs just $7.99; I think it’s safe to say that CJ has a bit of an over-inflated sense of worth attached to what he’s producing.

Regardless, he’s still pushing it, as seen in the sidebar:

What Johnson might want to try instead is an idea that I stumbled upon on a popular dating site. First, rein in the rate a little bit (or a lot, ’cause let’s face it, the value ain’t there), and embed a clever message for visitors who are using the ad blockers:

That might make it a little easier to profit off the labor of legitimate journalists and unemployed Loozards, I think.

WASPy looking folks

Anti-American radical, Gus802, chimes in on the GOP convention.

Susana Martinez, Condelezza Rice, Louis Fortuno and Paul Ryan are Wasps?

The Race Detective’s observation of the RNC

The Race Detective chimed in on the RNC. He has pronounced them guilty of being too white!

Charles could it be because you watch MSNBC, that you have impression? I don’t get why this freak is obsessed with race.

Chuck’s take on the RNC

Charles Johnson is a brilliant and astute observer. He graces us with deep thoughts of the first night of the Republican National Convention.

How deep!

75% good boys and girls.

Charles Johnson really looks down at his followers. He wants them to be submissive and act like they are children.


I can’t blame Charles calling his minions boys and girls. Many of them are unemployed 20 year olds with worthless transgender studies degrees.

The Race Detective loved Chris Matthew’s meltdown

Chris Matthews had a meltdown over Romney’s birth certificate joke. He screamed at RNC head Reince Priebus over that joke and called the Republican racist. Charles Johnson applauded Matthew’s meltdown and feels vindicated.

Chris Matthews has become Charles Johnson’s hero. I am shocked he hasn’t taken credit for Chris Matthew’s racial accusations against the GOP. The Race Detective has been ranting and raving about racism against Obama. This rant made Chuck’s day.

Update: Here is Newt Gingrich taking Charles Johnson’s icon, Chris Matthews apart.

Don’t expect to see Charles do a post on this.