Charles angry at Romney for calling out the media

It’s no secret the media worships Obama as a god-king. They are out to make Mitt Romney some Rightwing extremist. The truth is Mitt Romney is the most Liberal Republican nominee in 2 generations. Yet the Press is doing everything to make sure Romney is smeared. Mitt hot back, pointing out how they don’t want to discuss the economy.

Charles Johnson always trying to be the hero comes charging right in. he goes after Mitt Romney and claims he is whining.

Charles is no one to talk about a persecution fantasy. In the world of Charles Johnson, Christians, Nazis, Pam Geller, Ron Paul and Glenn Beck are all in cahoots to establish the 4th Reich. In the real world, the media is really on Obama’s side and against Mitt Romney.

This post is another failure for Charles Johnson.


Charles Johnson defends Palestinian Culture

Mitt Romney explained that culture is the reason why Israelis are economically better off then Palestinians. This is an opinion that back in 2008, Charles Johnson would agree with. But Charles has moved closer to the Islamic side of global conflicts. He is now an ardent Islamophile. The turncoat creep now comes out swinging in defense of the Palestinian.

The Charles of 2008, would applaud Mitt Romney and slam the Charles of 2012. Nowhere did Charles try to debunk Romney’s statement. His gotcha against Romney about getting per capita GDP wrong, actually makes Mitt’s case.

I fully expect Charles to come out in support of Hamas and start railing about Likudniks.

Update: Charles Johnson continues hammering Mitt Romney for saying cultural differences is why Israelis are prosperous and Palestinians aren’t in. reading the comments of the new thread, the turncoat creep admits Romney is making a valid point about culture determining success.

Charles is admitting Romney maybe right, but he’s bad for bringing the subject up.  Charles clearly doesn’t like the truth. He’s also trying to make up for his Palestinian car swarm threads. Sorry Charlie, you have to try better than this to be taken serious.

Dark Falcon looking for LGF approval by trashing the NRA

Gun rights are a fabric of the conservative ideology. The NRA has been at the forefront of defending gun ownership in America. They are a voice for gun owners to the politicians.

Recently, a UN Arms Trade Treaty was stopped for now. The NRA lobbied Congress to put pressure on Obama to not support it. These concerns and the pressure forced Obama to back off this bill. Dark Falcon claims the NRA had nothing to do with stopping the UN-ATT. He pulls a Charles Johnson and links to story that never says the NRA ha nothing to do with stopping the treaty.

Did it occur to Dark Falcon why those US Senators pressure the Obama Administration to back off the UN-ATT? It was NRA pressure to Congress which made hose Senators express their concerns. So Dark Falcon is following the footsteps of his substitute father, Charles Johnson, by lying about the content of an article. Just like his daddy does.

Obdicut goes on a Christian hating tirade!

Charles Johnson approves of the Cristophobic rants at LGF. Yet he decries what he calls Islamophobia. It’s not that Charles is against bigotry., it’s that Christian hatred  is justified in his world. One of the biggest bigots on LGF is Obdicut. He openly admits to hating Christians and goes on a hateful rant.

Obdicut pretends to be a tolerant open-minded person. The truth is he’s narrow-minded bigot and this comment is just more proof of it. Charles Johnson supports bigotry on his blog.

Destro’s bigoted anti-Christian rant

The deranged Creep Charles Johnson likes to attack other blogs for what he views as bigoted comments. But as we have documented here at the Diary of Daedalus, Charles is OK with bigotry against groups he hates. Destro who is a anti-American marxist goes on a tirade about Christians.


So Christians are expecting Jesus to come destroy the world, kill Jews and are all overweight? This is an ignorant statement that got 6 updings. LGF is bigoted hate blog.

Charles loves bad news

Charles Johnson tweeted out the fact the drought in the US is getting worse.

Charles love this news, since it “proves” the global warming theory. He loves bad news and misery.

Another failed attempt at comedy by Charles

Stephen Colbert made funny of the alleged Anglo-Saxon comment one of Romney advisers made.


Charles can’t even come up with an original line. He has to copy Colbert’s lines. Get some originality Nancy!