Touché Charlay, However…

In his latest screed Charlie points out the rampant racism on Breitbart’s site.

Disclaimer: As much as I hate to do this I am in no way shape or form condoning this behavior – at all. I am going to attempt to point out the rampant hypocrisy you’ll find on LGF.

Okay now I have to hand it to him on this one, as there were many disgusting comments on the site. But there are some that don’t appear racist to me at all. Here are a few.

“Every one of them has been accused, investigated or convicted of a crime.”

“I hope they keep walking — right out of the country. A swift kick to their white-hating asses would be in order too.”

“Which part of BLACK caucus don’t you understand? That’s racist to the max.”

Here’s one that doesn’t mention black, white or otherwise.

“It’s not what you think people! There was a pole smokers for pedophiles fund raiser just down the street……….. These spunk chuggers just wanted to get good seats.”

“They stand there, with their racism on full display, and not a single one of them realizes that they, themselves, are the racists/bigots. The old, ingrained plantation mentality blinds them all.”

And here is another that doesn’t pang of racism whatsoever.

“To bad there wasn’t a drive by or a runaway bus while they were gathered all together.”

And another.

“The leaves on the tree of liberty are starting to look a little dry.”

Here is one I actually tend to agree with:

“I think it’s time to bring back the old derogatory names which were used against these race baiters as they have not progressed beyond race and probably never will.”

And another I agree with.

“Black Congressional Caucus ’ values and mentality are skin deep only”

I mean, is this not true? Just look at the name: “Black Congressional Caucus”. Imagine the furor over a “White Congressional Caucus”. The next one outlines this nicely:

“Where is the White Caucus, to protect White people from these racists?”

I am not trying to mitigate the silliness over there at all. Yeah, there were plenty of ridiculous posts. But really, Charles is pretty much making some stuff up as he goes along. Just look at the previous post made by Daedalus. Slingshot? Really?

We need to keep in mind that this caucus only allows black people to join. Many are overtly racist themselves by mere virtue of this. If they lived up to the same standards that they foist upon others then they wouldn’t even exist. I don’t care what color you are, and no matter what organization you are in, if you don’t allow others to join because of their skin color then you are racist. Period.

Here are some prime examples. Here you see Black Caucus attendees using pejoratives about the Tea Party and calling Allen West and Herman Cain “oreos”.

Just do a search on Google Video for “congressional black caucus racist” and you’ll find a virtual treasure trove.

I concede that there were absolutely atrocious comments there on Breitbart’s site, but had Charles not purged some 15,000 people from his site you’d see similar comments. And just because the comments are not on his site does not mean that people don’t attempt to post drivel like that there. The only reason you don’t see it is because he and his minions-in-charge watch it like hawks.

Race Detective mad at Politico

Politico is now in trouble! The Corpulent Aging Creep is mad that Politico has fired Joe Wiliams who remarked that Mitt Romney is only comfortable around White people. This has Charles angry and he goes into a long screed.

Charles then continues denying reality.

Just like in the Anthony Wiener case, Charles defends a man in the wrong. What probably really irks Charles is the fact The Breibart writers have influence and he doesn’t.

Update: A commentator by the name of scogind  lays the smack-down on the Aging Creepy Hipster.

Devastating and it earned  10  downdings.

Party Time For Charlie!

Once again it’s party time over at the swamp. Charles is practically as giddy as a schoolgirl over this one.

Charles sees this as a victory for his “side” as he sees it as a thumb in the eye of the right. But it’s a pyrrhic victory, at best. Of course not to him, as he doesn’t see the hypocrisy in this. The rest of us here on planet earth mourn the loss of possibly hundreds of innocent lives and the lives of two American federal agents. Charles and his pals revel in the fact that what they see as a “right wing agenda” is being shot down by like minded individuals. Evidence of this can be seen here:

Will someone please smack these sickening bastards upside the head and remind them that because of this boondoggle there were innocent lives taken, with very little if anything to show for it? These individuals cannot tell the forest from the trees – and like I have said before, they wear very effective blinders. Myself? I could give two piles of manure what letter you have next to your name. If you have an (R), (D) or whatever it does not matter. This whole situation was a complete disaster, the most tragic consequences being the loss of life. But once again, what’s a few brown people? The Obama camp r winnar!

The cruelty and inhumanity of LGF is insurmountable at this point. They are too far gone now. They are beyond help as they believe that they and others like them are beyond reproach. The only thing left to do is harangue and blow them out of the water whenever is necessary.

I’d say it is necessary approximately 100% of the time. What say you?