Signs of the LGF Decline: Comment Participation Stats

Good Lord is it dyin’ over there at the swamp. On Monday, it took nearly a half hour for the first comment on that Bela Fleck thread to appear.

And the thread before that? It snagged two comments total. Yes, that’s TWO. As in… 2. As in, tee to the double-u to the ohhTWO! (and one of the TWO was Johnson himself)

No wonder Johnson chose to hide the stats drop-down in the sidebar. It’s fuckin’ boring over there.

He’s gonna put us out of business…

Anyway, the last time we reported the actual statistics on this was back in January, and it was sorta good news for CJ and the gang of Loozards, because we’d determined that it looked like the decline was flattening a bit . But alas, with apparent Newtonian certitude, this freefall cannot be stopped, as Engineer #5 puts together a mid-year graph:

Now, we expect the numbers for this week to be slightly better for the LGF gang, because there’s bound to be a SCOTUS/Obamacare bump, but I think it’s safe to say that they’ve entered into a new era over there.  But what to call it?

The Yawnozoic?

The Cricketaceous?


Race Detective discovers a racist term

Charles is outraged over racist comments he has “discovered” at Breitbart’s website. The aging Creep focuses on one comment in particular.

I would not be shocked if Charles himself planted that comment. He focused on that one and knew what the term meant. It smells like his work.

Charles thinks the term “sleeping giant” is Butthurt

Charles Johnson is in celebratory mode over the Obamacare ruling. The ruling has angered the Right. Brietbart has an article saying the ruling had awakening a political sleeping Giant. Charles mocks the term sleeping giants.

I don’t get why Charles thinks the term “waking giant” is a big deal. He just wants to sling poo, to see if it sticks. the low-class Creep then mocks Andrew Breitbart.

What a classless Creep.