The End of LGF’s Rotating Titles?

Most of our DoD regulars and Loozard lurkers are familiar with the silly phrases that randomly appear on LGF. Over the years, it was usually the odd things that readers contributed that led to new ones being added to the list every so often. And although the location has changed a few times through Johnson’s various design tweaks, they’ve always been there, and they’ve been one of those signature things that made LGF, well, LGF.

As for the question of just how long they’ve been there along a detailed history of where they appeared, it’s a little difficult to determine, since Charles blocked the internet archive. But the wingularity database pegs the first time he referred to “rotating titles” in the comments section way back during Bush’s first term 5/6/04:

Charles 2004-05-06 14:19:10

I have a feeling if “roger” keeps going, eventually he’ll emit a sequence of words so bizarre and convoluted, it will end up in the rotating titles.

That was back before account registration, and perhaps by the language there we can guess that the titles had been around significantly longer that that. In any case, they’ve been there quite a while.

But like the unexplained disappearances of other long-running LGF staples, those titles can no longer be found at the top of the right sidebar:



Did Johnson forget to put them back in after another design change? Are they still visible for logged-in users? Or, are the purposely scrubbed forever, like the LGF Dictionary, due to Johnson’s political 180° turn (as most of the titles are a throwback to the “old” LGF)?

If someone has the answer, go ahead in fill us in, but based on what we’ve seen, we should probably assume the latter.

So, assuming that these titles have quietly drifted off in the sunset and will never be seen again, we should probably make an effort to preserve them. See, one of the added bonus nuggets the BRC got from stealing so many strawberries from under Johnson’s nose was the fact that we grabbed all those titles along the way. Now, he might have added a few since we compiled this list, but here’s the alphabetical list of what we got, below the fold:

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Who knew Charles was a giant of the truckstop industry?

In addition to being a failed jazz artist, a preacher, a gospel singer, a baseball legend and many other things, it seems that Charles also has his fingers in the truckstop industry. Who knows what else this man is capable of?

I believe that Cheetos are on sale in the convenience store side of the building.

The actual website is here. In all honesty, this is one of the last of the old school truckstops. Excellent food and service. Highly recommended if you are on Interstate 25 south of Loveland CO.

BTW, this is post number 2000 on Diary of Daedalus.

Charles Johnson is an honorable and decent man

Dark Falcon tweeted a response to Brooks Bayne that had me dying of laughter.

Does Dark Falcon really believe that crap? Charles is an honorable man? All the people he back-stabbed and lied about will say otherwise.