The Vatican-Fox Conspiracy; Update: Hoosier Hoops rants

It is no secret the Creep Crusader hates the Catholic Church. He sees an evil sinister Catholic plot anytime the Vatican is mentioned. He hates all other Christians as well.

Recently the Vatican hired Fox reporter Greg Burke to improve its communications. Charles tweets it out as if it’s something sinister.

The Creep Crusader Tweeted this LGF Page.

Charles Johnson’s tweet states that Greg Burke was brought on as a Vatican mouthpiece. Yet the AP Article states he will be a communication adviser. Charles lies about why the Vatican brought Burke aboard. Being a Communication adviser to improve PR is not a  mouthpiece. This is the Creep Crusader’s latest attempt to imply some sinister conspiracy involving Fox and the Vatican.

Charles links without thinking again!

Update: Hoosier Hoops (Digital Display) is angry at us again!

Hoosier anything written about you has been your own words. The fact is that you changed political parties to please Charles Johnson. I laugh at the fact you changed your registration from Republican to Democrats on Nov. 2nd 2010. That was the same day the Tea Party led GOP demolished the Democrats. It sucks joining a losing team Hoosier and you have no one to blame but yourself. Be a man for once in your life.

Further evidence of the decline of the self proclaimed “lawhawk”

Too bad that one of the more intelligent LGFers feels the need to gain the approval of an aging creep such as Charles F. Johnson. My question is – would lawhawk post  any thread involving Islamic sexual practices,  rapes of Kuffars,  and female genital mutilation? I think we know the answer to that.