Creepy Race Detective smears Weasel Zippers as Racist

The Race Detective returns with another smear. In an act of audacity, Charles accuses Weasel Zippers of racism.

Charles Johnson really has some nerve going after Zip. Considering on his blog he allows anti-Christian rants.

Charles Johnson allows calls for genocide on his blog.

Charles allows anti-Police comments.

He is allied with Mohamed Ansar who is an anti-Semite, 9/11 truther and supports the Saudi death penalty for Hamza Kashgari for blasphemy.

Charles allows Gus802 to rant against America.

Charles allows anti-Mormon bigotry at LGF.

LGF also has people commenting who admit they are mentally unstable.

I can post screenshots of comments like these from LGF all day.  There is a treasure trove of hateful bigoted comments at LGF that I could keep posting for days. This is a game Charles Johnson should not engage in.

The corpulent aging creep should not point out comments at another blog unless he cleans up his own. Weasel Zippers is a serious blog not a joke/cult blog like LGF.

Gus802 disses Americans again

The Argentine Marxist, Gus802, takes another shot at his adoptive country. He rants about how Americans are paranoid about drones.

You hate Americans so much Gus, get the hell out of here. Then again, the Argentine wouldn’t want a leech like you in their country. You are truly the ultimate global reject.

Bonus: Twitter was down today and panic set in at LGF. The American hating Argentine worm and Furious Burkha are devastated.

Furious Burkha then mocks the banning of people on Twitter. What she doesn’t realize is that there’s truth to what she is making fun of.

Charles Johnson was affiliated with Neil Rahauser and Brett Kimberlin. They are affiliated with Soros who is Obama’s puppet master. So Furious Burkha mockery is actually telling the truth. She knows its true since she’s Charles Johnson’s minion.

Update: Charles is upset Twitter is down.

Charles is upset he will not be able to Tweet out my 4 year old rant about events 20 years ago in repose to death threats from Hizb’Allah supporters. Charles will not discuss his support of Louis Farrakhan nor his alliance with anti-Semitic 9/11 Truther Mohamed Ansar.

Brian Terry could have saved his own life by using his own rifle instead of a beanbag gun?

LGF refuses to admit the Fast and Furious operation was botched. Instead the idiot wrenchwench blames Brain Terry on his own death.

Keep it classy LGF!

(Hat Tip: Poteen)

Meanwhile Lawhawk continues his march into Charles Johnson idiocy territory.

Lawhawk is a pathetic person who changes his opinions to please a washed up Jazz Musician. He is not as smart as I once believe he was. He is just another one of Chucky’s suck ups. Such talent being put to waste, what a shame.