More Conclusive Proof @Lizardoid Tied to #Twittergulag

The Round Mound of BeClowned has become fascinated, as of late, with the Twittergulag. He admits to regularly sweeping the hashtag for material for his blog and mocks conservatives for “suspecting him of being an evil genius in a plot to silence conservatives.” If any of you can infer from people’s musings, one might assume CJ revels in this status.

His minions that participated in the #gulag remain fairly silent, and CJ’s done a little finking around his account, carefully deleting incriminating comments and associations.

One thing CJ didn’t count on, though, is something that will now add to his legacy and cement him in with underhanded internet trolls; further diminishing his reputation as a “news aggregator” to “internet troll with a script.”

This all started around April 3, 2012 when Chunk made a new buddy on the internet.
Chuck later went on to delete all of this association (one can only speculate why the blogosphere’s Captain Eunuchorn would do such a thing) and to deny, repeatedly his involvement in the #Twittergulag. However, there are more ways than one to document his behavior change post Apr 3, 2012.

Friendly blog, the trenches recently posted a piece on Johsnon and his involvement in setting “reply traps”, a technique where you’re goaded into, or enter into someone’s time line by hitting the “reply” button. I won’t go through the whole thing just peek at the article ( Chuck not only denied this, but mocked the idea that this could be possible.

Now, let’s revisit the tweet heard around the world here. The pecker trample of all pecker tramples, that @Lizardoid can never live down.

Aside from what it physically states, the time stamp is really important here. Around this time, Twitter announced that they had modified their spam filters to catch a “new type of spam” involving replies. CJ actually commented on this (will put it here when I find screen cap) and then modified a behavior of his.

Remember the days long #brasnapping episodes with @Liberty_Chick, @Dloesch and the general pants wetting replies to @patterico (with new pal btw). well, that all seemed to change after he #twittergulaged mighty Xcitizen10. Don’t take my word for it, let’s look at some numbers!

Here’s the numbers by the week:

14 2012-04-01 206 172 127
15 2012-04-08 119 159 273
16 2012-04-15 43 42 173
17 2012-04-22 47 66 186
18 2012-04-29 74 146 219
19 2012-05-06 10 30 104
20 2012-05-13 16 30 146
21 2012-05-20 34 33 139
22 2012-05-27 27 41 157
23 2012-06-03 42 31 163
24 2012-06-10 25 29 150

Notice any behavior change after Fatty got Xcitizen10 sent to the #Twittergulag? I do. Right around that day (April 11), Bozo, for all intents and purposes stops replying (lines 14-16 show an almost 50% drop, week over week). No reply trap, eh?

What really happened is the big fat clown is so busted he might as well be the poster boy for the #Twittergulag, and as we got closer and closer to busting him, he thought he would mock his way out of it. Kinda like that uncomfortable answer you get from a thief when you ask, “hey, did you notice my money was gone off the table?” “Heh, no. Why?” is pretty much how CJ’s been acting about the whole affair. Coupling this with his deletion of association with Rauhauser, we’ve got CJ squarely lined up to trample his pecker. AGAIN!

Now let’s look at the April numbers by day to see some more information:

day(time) beginday REPLIES RETWEETS TWEETS
3 2012-04-01 0 1 1
4 2012-04-01 23 10 13
5 2012-04-01 49 46 47
6 2012-04-01 35 28 20
7 2012-04-01 99 87 46
8 2012-04-08 32 46 38
9 2012-04-08 34 19 41
10 2012-04-08 4 12 47
11 2012-04-08 12 24 52
12 2012-04-08 20 32 45
13 2012-04-08 15 18 33
14 2012-04-08 2 8 17
15 2012-04-15 7 3 14
16 2012-04-15 19 13 33
17 2012-04-15 1 9 26
18 2012-04-15 4 5 29
19 2012-04-15 2 2 25
20 2012-04-15 3 5 19
21 2012-04-15 7 5 27
22 2012-04-22 9 7 19
23 2012-04-22 6 5 28
24 2012-04-22 11 7 20
25 2012-04-22 13 13 29
26 2012-04-22 5 12 33
27 2012-04-22 0 7 32
28 2012-04-22 3 15 25
29 2012-04-29 4 13 30
30 2012-04-29 21 33 49

Interestingly enough, we can see CJ’s reply count plummet to almost nil (with the exception of a couple days-remember replies to friendlies are possible in those two instances). I first noticed it for myself after reading through Johnson’s TL. I saw that when you expand his comments, they rarely (nay, never) expand to show the conversation. They just look like little one offs, cryptic messages between people and him. Well, that”s because he’s being careful to not reply to people, but to cut the respondees out of the tweet and make a new tweet, thus telling twitter that this is an original comment.

Now let’s compare to March, before CJ met Rauhauser who taught him how to cyberbully:

As you can see in green, there are some #brasnappin’ spikes in replies, before CJ met Rauhauser. At the height of his trolling here in April (right around 1st week):

CJ was #brasnappin so much that his fingers were raw. Then poof. The rest of the month shows a dramatic decline in CJ’s replies to Breitbarts and other political superiors. Heck, he wouldn’t even reply lesser tweeps who probably couldn’t give him the stick to the ass.
Then, along comes May, where we can adjust to show CJ’s corrective behavior.

Here we see CJ is moderating his tweeting habits, trying to be careful not to tweet too much, and he’s only replying now to “friendlies.” Check it out:

As we can see by contrast from the March graphs, CJ’s done a 180 on #brasnappin replies and now just carefully responds to people he believes will not block and report him. All this time, of course, CJ denies the #Twittergulag and maintains that #Gulaging is done by a human moderator after you are reported (tsk, tsk, LOL).

As you can see by the dates attached, CJ was not only fully engaged in the Gulag, he was given a complete tutorial by Rauhauser on how to do it.

CJ, you’re too stupid to be sneaky. Just stop.

99 Comments on “More Conclusive Proof @Lizardoid Tied to #Twittergulag”

  1. Chuck's Orange Jumpsuit says:

    “carefully deleting incriminating comments and associations” is kinda ironic, given how fatass uses guilt by association so much against others.

    The other line I liked was the internet troll one: all he does nowadays is sit his pasty girth in front of screens to search for references to him and “convenient” comments at sites that he can “conveniently” make hay out of (funny how he always finds them so quickly)

  2. Chuck's Orange Jumpsuit says:

  3. Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

    What are the odds that Rauhauser has admin rights @ the swamp? I’m putting down 5000 quatloos.

    • panoftheforest says:

      Oh yeah, I’d take that bet. Look at all the Tweeting out from LGF connect. That’s a lot of activity for 14 people.

  4. Here’s the problem when you follow @lizardoid:

    He links to a story on LGF, which links to an article on a blog from 2009…which references an article on the Waco Tribune site from 2006

    But most of followers aren’t reading it either, and they’re retweeting it as if it happened this morning:

    LOL. Pathetic.

  5. sigmund fraud says:

    Bill Nye the non science guy

    why the fuck does anybody listen to Bill Nye. He’s not a scientist, he’s basically a pee wee herman character with dry ice

    the perfect expert ofor LGF I suppose

    • Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

      He’s a mechanical engineer who worked for Boeing for a couple years, and then got involved with a comedy group in Seattle. Some of the people he worked with were hilarious.

      PBS saw the potential, and the rest is hosery.

  6. garycooper says:

    Bill Nye has beclowned himself on several lurid occasions, trying to shill for AGW. Here’s just one of his laffers:

    He’s a numbskull, who got his “Science Guy” job by accident. An Asshat Extraordinaire, and thus perfect to serve as one of Chunky’s Science Heroes.

  7. doppelganger says:

  8. garycooper says:

    Where was Bill Nye when the Giant Sky Wolf was eating the Sun, a few months back?

    Probably out on a date with Al Gore, the crazed sex-poodle, that’s where. 😡

  9. We should really get this to the tops of the “tweeted pages” list:

    It’s goin’ viral!


    See, Charles, this is the problem with blocking everybody. We’re trying to help you out, but instead you continue to look like a fool. It was from 2006.

  11. iSpeakJive says:

    When Rauhauser asked Chunky to compare notes on stalkers, I bet Curious Lurker’s little “dossier” of twitter enemies sure came in handy.

    Just a coincidence that she compiled it, I’m quite sure……

  12. panoftheforest says:

    4 tweets in, Chuckles already trotted out Rodan’s drunk rant. He must have that thing pasted in a window he never closes. LOL

  13. Pakimon says:

    Chunky always goes to the Rodan drunken rant when he beclowns himself.

    It’s like comfort food to him. A kind of “cyber-Cheetos”. 😆

  14. Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

    Charles Johnson, Legal Genius and Bottle Cleaner strikes again:

  15. Chuck's Orange Jumpsuit says:

    doppelganger :
    a “user submitted page” that he
    1. didn’t bother to read apparently
    2. put in a tweet, thereby OWNING the information

    will he “own it” like he tells others they have to when a comment made by another person causes trouble?

    • rightymouse says:

      Did he own his horrendous ‘menuboard is a laptop’ stupidity?
      Nope. I would be shocked if he ever admitted to owning this error of judgement.

  16. Pakimon says:

    Noticed that “semishark” has a “chick” twitter avatar.

    From the way Chunky is waving his “tweeter” at her, it looks like he’s trying to get some “action”.

    Chunky better be careful, though…

    ‘Hell hath no fury like a MrsLizardoid scorned” 😆

  17. doppelganger says:

    Don’t forget his programmin skills making his site the slowest to load on the internet!

  18. Excellent research, PanOfTheForest!

    As a physicist, I can appreciate the work that went into your research. And, it does appear, based upon your data sets, that the bloated lizard has indeed modified his tweeting habits beyond mere coincidence, chance, and randomness.

    That being said, here comes the Peer Review phase of academic research which everyone (including myself) hates:

    My caveat here is that there is not enough prior monthly data in your report to conclusively demonstrate a sudden change in habits.

    February shows him as replying to a paltry 1.4 percent of total tweets:

    Of course, this could be an anomalous month. He did, after all, only register 286 total tweets that month. However, Tweetstats is apparently not providing me with data before February of 2012.

    Therefore, I cannot state with absolute certainty that the bloated, cheetos munching lizard king has indeed modified his tweeting habits.

    Is there any other way to tease out earlier stats from Tweetstats? I would be most interested in subjecting those to closer scrutiny.

    Other than that one caveat, I find your research most compelling.

    Well done!


    • panoftheforest says:

      Do you know of any conclusive way to cross reference it to his site? I bet you we could prove that month over month he abandoned his site more, tweeted more, and then when he met Rauhauser couldn’t resist his shiny new stick; abandoning all things LGF. It doesn’t explain his paltry 1.4 RT level the month prior, but also remember he was barely 1K followers in March (IIRC). After the introduction to Nr, he saw a sharp addition of followers, to where he is now today.

      I call it motivation for a Cheeto force multiplier. (LOL) You also need to thank Zappa, he was the one with the shovel. I just had a hunch the fat one was hiding something.

      • A quick search on Alexa shows that his traffic picked up in February, corresponding to a decrease in his Twitter activity. But, that’s about the only thing I can find with my limited resources.

        Perhaps ChenZhen or one of his “Engineers” can figure out how to do it.


        P.S. – Zappa, thank you for your hard work in digging up the nuggets of data! Most interesting.

    • panoftheforest says:

      there could be other tweet stats engines that store data longer, or it could be something google might help with? I’ll look into it.

      • Cool. Let me know what you find.

        Also, just thought I’d share with you an interesting statistic on Alexa:

        Go to the “Audience” tab and you’ll notice something noteworthy as you digest the information: His main audience appears to be a bunch of childless, gray ponytail males who live and/or work at Universities—The archetypical seasoned Leftists.


      • panoftheforest says:

        I did see that stat in the past. I don’t even think they’re academics, I think they’re out of work boomers who are posting from Community colleges they are getting re-trained at.

      • doppelganger says:

        there is nothing academic about his followers except for the fact that several of them are in high school

    • ZappaWouldBeVommiting says:

      FWIW I think you have to throw out February because TweetStats only has 8 days of data for that month.

      • Right you are, Zappa! Thanks, I didn’t catch that on my first go around. The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe. Seems Tweetstats is too limited to do what we would like to do… Grrr!

  19. haysoos says:

    Susan Tedeschi

    • garycooper says:

      Beautiful! Thanks for that, Haysoos. Love her, and love the original Dylan.

      • garycooper says:

        Here’s something blue for our blues-freak. Lucinda’s not on our side politically, but how many musicians are? She has about ten songs that claw at my frosty wingnut heart.

      • garycooper says:

        This song is for Lewd-Freak, and Miss Ssss:

  20. Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur :
    Here’s his “update”:

    My gosh, he doesn’t read ANYTHING he links to, does he? (the MJ article clearly states that it happened in 2006)

    Clicking through (the Waco article is gone, but the thinkathiest article says this:

    But nothing got people as riled as when he brought up Genesis 1:16, which reads: “God made two great lights — the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.”

    The lesser light, he pointed out, is not a light at all, but only a reflector.

    Looks to me like Nye was instigating. WTF does that have to do with any legitimate topic that he may be qualified (?) to talk about?

    • doppelganger says:

      Bill Nye is just a reflector of talking points.

      Charles absolutely doesn’t read a fucking thing he posts or links to. NADA. ZIP. ZILCH.

      just a cut and paste stooge with an agenda. I mean, a bunch of TEXAS creationist rubes who would dare to boo a great man of science like……..Bill Nye. Of course the story must be legit. who cares if George Bush was midway through his second term when the story actually happened


    • Pig says:

      Bill just likes to be con-tro-ver-sial. Like when he said that Katrina was caused by Global Warming and he wasn’t at all surprised ’cause he pays attention to sci-en-tif-ic dtuff.

    • Yup, even I would have booed him at that point.

      Simply put, nowhere in the Bible does it claim to be a science book. It is a book INSPIRED by God. (2 Timothy 3:16)

      Ergo, Bill Nye has NO legitimate reason for mentioning it, other than to ridicule Christians and Jews.


  21. iSpeakJive says:

    There are stupid people everywhere. I couldn’t find a religious sect that believes the moon emits it’s own light. But for every dummy who might think it does, ‘cus they had strep throat and were out that day of 3rd grade, there’s another dummy who thinks walking to the grocery store will magically bring down the temperature of the earth. So it all balances out.

    • By the light of the silvery moon
      I want to spoon
      To my honey, I’ll croon love’s tune
      Honey moon, keep a-shinin’ in June
      Your silvery beams will bring love’s dreams
      We’ll be cuddlin’ soon
      By the silvery moon

      Gee, I wonder why Bill Nye didn’t go after Doris Day for singing that song…


    • Kirlz says:

      I couldn’t find a religious sect that believes the moon emits it’s own light.

      are you sure that isn’t in that koran thingy? there’s a lot of weird shit in there.

  22. Arachne says:

    My admiration for the BRC knows no bounds.

  23. garycooper says:

    Here’s another one for Haysoos, who will appreciate the blues-references:

  24. Daedalus says:

    doctorbulldog :

    Cool. Let me know what you find.

    Also, just thought I’d share with you an interesting statistic on Alexa:

    Go to the “Audience” tab and you’ll notice something noteworthy as you digest the information: His main audience appears to be a bunch of childless, gray ponytail males who live and/or work at Universities—The archetypical seasoned Leftists.


    SO a bunch of Old aging White guys. Funny, Charles is always attacking Old aging White guys.

  25. hmmm…lets see if we can get this to the top of the #rightwingtalkingpoints. Retweet!

  26. Bunk X says:


  27. beed says:

    Like Jesus, Charles makes old things new again, and 2006 is the new 2009.

  28. beed says:

    It’s one of those days where we need Dark Falcon (is that his indian name?) to say something profound and label it #pushback.

  29. beed says:

    Oh Darkie Dark how I miss thee
    Like a number plate misses a bumblebee
    Like the storm takes the night by surprise
    Like my undying need for fried rice
    Oh Darkie Dark please hear me

    Oh Darkie Dark you’re my shining star
    You’re my sat nav in my eco car
    You’re the powertrain in my prius
    You’re the Buddha to my Jesus
    Oh Darkie Dark [something something] afar.

  30. beed says:

    He got the looks
    He got the gun
    But mostly he got the gun

    He’s the kind of man that takes care of you in the night
    He’ll never step down
    Except the occasional drink and newspaper
    He keeps up with current events
    and pushes back at night

    With his looks
    And his cape
    But mostly his gun

    Injustice is a thorn in his side
    Old age is displeasing his eye
    But a drink and a paper and current events
    He’ll do the old bigoted bat nonetheless

    With his looks as protection
    but mostly his gun


  31. beed says:

    Hot damn my poetry is amazing.

  32. beed says:

    The plane is stuck because they can’t close the door. They can make the blasted thing fly, but they can’t close the door. They make you turn off your phones but announce new departure time by texting your phone. And there’s no coffee.

    #firstworldproblems that makes you want to #pushback

  33. beed says:


  34. garycooper says:

    White People Problems are a bitch, eh?

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