Signs of the LGF Decline: Unique Commenters

In the past, the talented Engineers here in the Boiler Room have used the LGF archive files to compile statistics for the site’s nose-diving commenting and registration rates, and just recently the steadily decreasing amount of front page content. Today, we’re going to track another compelling sign of the LGF decline: The reduction in unique commenters.

Now, by “unique commenters” we’re referring to the number of individual user accounts that are leaving at least one comment over a certain time period. This is probably the most efficient way to determine the overall size of the site’s active community. When we have Engineer No. 5 track these statistics through the last few years, we’ll have to say that what we see isn’t exactly surprising, but nevertheless a bit shocking:

The graph basically begins around the time of the election of Barack Obama, and from there the rate descends rapidly until around the time that Johnson officially declared his “parting ways” (Nov. 30, ’09). This was the period of what most ex-LGFers refer to as the “Great  Purge”, as evidenced by the high rate of public bannings and (presumably) departures of many of the long-time Lizards.

Again, this isn’t that surprising, as our previous work supports this, but what’s really worth noting is the portion of the graph that begins after Johnson’s Great Switcheroo to the left was complete. We presume that Charles was hoping that the exodus of the “righty” lizards would be followed by an influx of “lefty” newcomers, and eventually bring the size of the community back (or at least closer) to where it once was. But what we see here is quite the opposite; the active community steadily continues to shrink.

We had Engineer No. 5 take a closer look and give us a breakdown, using a month when LGF was closer to it’s “peak” (Feb. ’09), compared to last month (May, ’12):

Now that puts the shrinkage into some serious perspective. As you can see on the Feb ’09 side, you have to scroll down to #9 to find a top contributor that hasn’t been banned, and at a glance, only Gus has stepped up his contributions from those days. And although the average posts per active commenter has increased a bit, the size of the active community is a mere ~12% of what it was just a few years ago, and the total comment count shrunk to ~19%.

Lacerta Adipem Stultus Viridi Johnsonii – The Blogfish

The Blogfish*

[lacerta adipem stultus viridi johnsonii]

The Blogfish (commonly referred to as the Vapor-Minded Brasnapper, Twitterfink and Fuckfish) is a stalker of the deep. Although it believes itseslf to be one, it’s not really a predator because it stalks and fails throughout its miserable life. It’s often found feeding on stray adhominisms, Gusmung, baseless rumoroids, nefarious innuendo, unsubstantiated nuance, and many other sources known as madeupshit. It cuts and pastes, and then excretes it throughout the blogosphere. One of its natural predators is the Mockfish [inridere multo daedalusium] although there are many others.

Once hatched, the Blogfish is so small that it usually escapes notice, yet it grows quickly, reproduces asexually and exponentially, and then pursues and eats its offspring. For this reason the Blogfish is considered a beclowned sphecies. It is the only fish known to sweat.

* Not to be confused with a closely related species.

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From Legal Insurrection:

“The license plate prefix probably only is appreciated by those in the blogosphere.”

Their stories are falling apart

Charles Johnson chimes in the stories of Conservative bloggers being Swatted. He says their stories are falling apart.

Charles has declared the Swatting stories as not true. How he makes this conclusion I have no clue.

The school janitor weighs in as well.

This guy needs to stick to his day job of mopping floors and changing water buckets.