You, sir, just spammed someone’s TL with unsolicited mention!

The mighty ChenZhen once again caught Charles in hypocrisy. The Obese Aging Creep justify people being banned on Twitter for coming in uninvited on someone’s time. Well Charles did just that today and being sharp as he usually is, Chen nailed the moon colored blob.

Good job Chen! To all the Twitter warriors save this post to use against Charles next time he justifies banning for getting in on someone’s timeline uninvited. The hypocritical bloated failure committed what he considers to be a banning offense. He should be reminded every time he justifies banning someone for doing what he did.

Great job Chen!

(Hat Tip: ChenZhen)

Its back to Pam Geller hate

Charles is back to Pam obsession again. In the last 72 Hours he has done 4 posts on his one time crush Pam Geller. In his latest attack on Geller, Charles brags that one of his hit pieces got attention for several websites.

Charles thinks he’s accomplished a great deal in having one of his Pam Geller hit pieces linked to. He rides on his high horse with the anti-Muslim charge. Yet his blog is openly anti-Christian and has members who call for genocide. Charles is a pathetic washed up creepy looking aging hippie. Charles doesn’t realize he is just amusement for people.

Bonus: Charles hatred from women is due to him not having one. He did a Tweet that he fails to see the irony.

Charles hasn’t seen one in ages.