Signs of the LGF Decline: “…the content has become a bit thin.”

I’m sure most of our DoD regulars and Loozard lurkers will remember this classic exchange:

I’m bringing this up again because the Engineers here in the Boiler Room have been working on a project for an upcoming thread, and while we were pokin’ around in the tanks we stumbled upon some pretty interesting stuff. We can finally say that it turns out that ol’ Cato was pretty spot-on in his assessment…

It was pretty simple: I had Engineer No. 5 tabulate the number of front page LGF threads of recent vintage, break the totals down by month, and then put them into a graph.  Like I said, we were going to save this as part of a larger upcoming project, but I decided to post it up separately since it tells a story all by itself:

Yep, you’re reading that right: The amount of front page content steadily decreased to about half of what it was just a few years ago. Consider then the aforementioned (and nearly mirror-image) decline in comment participation and new account registrations, and what you’re seeing is a picture of a dying blog.

But what’s killing it? Well, we might have a theory on that. Stay tuned…


Update: I updated the graph to reflect when that $10/mo. subscription went into effect (about 10 days prior to Cato’s comment above), for extra perspective.

Aging Creep’s gotcha moment fails!

Yesterday a poll came out showing Obama’s support among Blacks in North Carolina slipping. The Poll has Obama getting only 76% of the Black vote to Romney’s 20%. No Conservative claimed this was nationwide, but only specific to North Carolina. No Blog claimed it was happening nationwide. They all said Obama’s loss of  Black support was in North Carolina.

Chris Cilliza of the Washington Post had a dishonest article claiming Obama is not losing Black support. The problem is he was talking about this in a nationwide context which no one claimed. As usual the great linker jumps on this and thinks he has a gotcha moment. The problems is that Charles linked to a flawed article that uses nationwide stats, when Conservatives where talking about it being only specific to North Carolina.

Charles thinks because Democratic hack Chris Cilliza writes an article it must be true. As usual he has egg on his face for linking without thinking. The aging creep tries to be a hero and ends up looking like a zero.

You guys really were a rock for me

LGF is full of mentally weak people who need approval from a creepy aging bloated hippie. Hoosier Hoops has to be one of the most pathetic losers on LGF. He’s an adult who changed political parties to please Charles, a man he will never meet. He is so dependent on LGF, he claims it was a rock for his life.

Hoosier should have paid more attention to his wife than blogging. She probably left him because he gave her no time and I don’t blame her. This is a rant from a  pathetic human with no inner strength. Hoosier, grow up and be a man!