Stalin is a Conservative!

LGF is so far Left that Stalin is no considered a Conservative. Pseudo intellectual and all around fraud, Sergey Romanov considers Stalin to be on the Right.

Stalin a Conservative? LGF is in Maoist territory now.

(Hat Tip:MrPaulRevere)


Ludwig calls for Genocide of Conservatives

Charles “the aging creep” Johnson loves to attack other blogs when he claims to see calls for genocide and yet he allows bigoted comments against Conservatives to be written about without  any consequences.

Wow, pure bigotry on the part of Ludwig. It gets worse, he calls for the genocide of Conservatives by putting them in desert states without water.

Not only does he call for genocide, Ludwig also mocks the Christian faith of many Conservatives. He is a bigoted anti-Christian hater. Yet Charles likes to pretend his blog is tolerant, when its just as biogoted as any other blog he has critizezed.

If Ludwig’s genocidal calls aren’t bad enough, it gets worse with what darthstar wrote.

Little Green Footballs is hate blog owned by one of the biggest bigots online; Charles Johnson. His commentators are a bunch of genocidal supporting low lives.