Coming up next. A “nice post” at The Diary of Daedalus.

The Gus802-KIllgore Trout war erupted again today. Killgore mentioned Ace of Spade’s article about anger in politics. This drew a furious reaction from the Argentine Marxist Gus.

Gus continues to take shots at Killgore.

Killgore points out that Sergey Romanov first mentioned the article.

Gus continues his attacks and even references us.

Yes, this sure did make a nice post for us. Thank you Gus!

Killgore mocks the Loozards for their hostile reaction to what he thought was a positive post by Ace.

Gus attacks Killgore again and tells him to go to Ace of Spades.

Killgore Trout is marked by the Marxists at LGF for a banning. So far he has survived because he still has some Leftist credibility. But that’s rapidly wearing thin. Gus802 wants his head and is on a mission. It’s only a matter of time before Charles gives Killgore the boot.