@Xcitizen10 On The Horn with Kris Holt about @Lizardoid & His #Twittergulag

It’s always an interesting day on @Lizardoid TL. One can see convicted felons, internet terrorists, and even the occasional curious reporter! Kris Holt humbly tweeted Johnson today after reading through the #Twittergulag hashtag (funny how when you search that hashtag he just pops right up!).

Well, the mighty one pounced on the chance to do some PR for the fat clown! He and SemperbanU (of Twitter tantrum fame at defunct and slow loading littlegreenfootballs.com) were chomping at the bit to do the Round Mound of BeClowned a solid and represent for him!

to which Kris eagerly followed and responded:

Oh, and yes he and the mighty one did exchange some EYE POPPING emails. I’m sure Kris will check under his bed at night now that he knows the names of some of the bottom dwellers that inhabit Chuckies swamp, and just who (cough-Anders Breivik-cough) has cited Chuckie as influences over the years (moreso that he deleted and obstructed his posts-further damaging the victims in the crime).

So, DOD, grab your popcorn, add some extra butter and yell at the movie screen for Chunk to buckle up! Da Dancin’ Clown’s got another show to perform! I was a little ambivalent about where Holt might take this, but I thought “either way-it can’t hurt to present him the facts and see what conclusion he draws.” So that’s where we’re at. I’ve asked his permission to publish the contents of the email here (isn’t that nice of us? We show respect to others here), and if he gives the ok I will gladly post it for all of our netizens to see.

Until then enjoy the little Photoshopped ‘toon and HAPPY HUMP DAY!


BTW one of the big stories of today is that Eugene Volokh will be legal counsel for Aaron Walker in his frivolous lawsuit in Maryland….PRO BONO, FOR FREE, FOR NOTHING. Give the big fella some tweets and some love for defending the First Amendment, why doncha!


56 Comments on “@Xcitizen10 On The Horn with Kris Holt about @Lizardoid & His #Twittergulag”

  1. mchblazer says:

    Is that the The Staypuft Melodramatic Man ?

    • panoftheforest says:


    • Arachne says:

      That’s Charles in his Super-Suit as he ventures forth from the gated community at night to rid Culver City of the pro-life, creationist, neo-nazi, neo-conservatism, TEA -party menace.

      • mchblazer says:

        Or his armor as he bravely ventures back from the Circle K with his Cheetos and Mt. Dew after midnight, trusty banstick at his side.

  2. Arachne says:

    Oh my heck, I made a boo-boo downstairs. When I looked at Holt’s timeline, I saw the “DM me” tweet and thought it was Charles, not Xcitizen. That lack of clown makeup has created some confusion.

  3. mrpaulrevere says:

    I can see it now: Mr. Holt, are you aware these people are Serbian genocide deniers? Followed by a ‘say what’?

    • mchblazer says:

      ” Mr. Holt, why don’t you come by my compound in Beverly Hi….err, I mean my condo in Culver City and we’ll do the interview in person. My butler Mr. Stinky Beaumont will greet you at the door and treat you to a spectacular lunch of fruit and water. “

  4. mchblazer says:

    The sad part is, Chunk will feign outrage that he’s being smeared by X and Kris Holt. In reality he will be smiling inside just knowing that someone could potentially be doing an article on him and keeping his name alive .

    When you’re fighting tooth and nail each and everyday against irrelevancy like he is, even negative press is good press.

    • mrpaulrevere says:

      Very perceptive and well said, it almost makes me miss the ding system. Almost…

    • Pakimon says:

      I can’t recall the last time Chunky got good press.

      Maybe he should try harder to get that ever elusive Cheetos or Mountain Dew commercial gig.

    • Abu bin Squid says:

      You are right on it! At this point the former cyclist, former guitarist, former critical mooselimb watcher (Sploydopes) might still be relevant.
      We know better. 🙂

  5. Doppelganger says:

    Charles is going to go full captain queeg over this!

    grab a bucket of strawberries , sit back and enjoy the show

  6. ElSuerte says:

    I always thought of Charles more of a Stay Puft Man, then a Michelin Tire Man.

  7. Princess Natasha says:

    Poor Chunkles. Just when I think he can’t possibly fail at life any more than he does, he surprises me. The dude is a giant vortex of TOTAL SUCK.

    • garycooper says:

      He is truly amazing at what he does, isn’t he? Quite stunning, and very consistent. It’s rare.

  8. ISTE says:

    I really hate you guys. Giving me ideas.

    You and Google and what there is out there.


    Yep, I’m bored!

  9. Arbalest says:

    Speaking of The Green Skull, this comment at Ace seems like an interesting one:


    348 Heeeee!

    Charles Johnson is pissed about Ace getting the Breitbart award.

    Posted by: Niedermeyer’s Dead Horse at June 06, 2012 11:34 PM (piMMO)

  10. swamprat says:

    Congrats! RT @AGW_Prof: @PeterGleick is back as President of Pacific Institute. Welcome back! bit.ly/MI33Jt 3 hours ago

    info on glieck here

    What is Fakegate?

    On February 14, 2012, an environmental activist named Peter Gleick sent to liberal activists and sympathetic journalists several documents he stole from The Heartland Institute, along with a fake memo he claimed was also from Heartland. On February 20, Gleick confessed to stealing the documents but claimed to have received the fake memo “in the mail” from an anonymous source.

    • swamprat says:

      One of charles’ tweets

    • garycooper says:

      Says all you need to know about teh Pacific Institute, doesn’t it? 🙄

      In other news, Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton is serving as the conscience and senior advisor on the Democratic Presidential Bandwagon. (watch out, he’s got a knife!)

    • Pig says:

      Show some respect you anti-scientist !! Science requires lies, fraud and forgery. Otherwise it wouldn’t be any fun. Me and Charlie read a lot of books about this while we weren’t spending 20 hours a day on Twitter.

      • Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

        Has the new Lood commented?

      • King Midas says:

        Science requires my magic touch, in order to turn fanciful notions of predictability into solid gold. I would show you my computer models, but the damn Mac’s turned to gold, too. The models were awesome, though. Dead-on!

      • Pig says:

        Danged if I know….I wish he’d come back. He was as much fun as a whole passel of fraud.

  11. Bunk X says:

    • King Midas says:

      People think the Midas Touch is such a cool power to possess. It’s not. My ass will attest to that. OW!

  12. ElSuerte says:

    OMG!!!!! Aigile is the best thing to hit LGF in long time content wise, and he doesn’t even make comments there!

    64 Buck 6/06/2012 8:13:07 pm PDT 0
    re: #61 Dark_Falcon

    Oh ya?
    Well Dark Falcon = Playing chess with a pigeon. He knocks over the pieces, shits all over the board and struts around like he is winning.

    Jeez… really? Name calling? That is your contribution? Really?


    I’m gonna tatoo ‘Buck’ on my right asscheek.

    • ElSuerte says:

      66 Buck 6/06/2012 8:16:50 pm PDT 0

      re: #61 Dark_Falcon

      Seriously DF? That is what you think is witty? Linking to a funny picture and saying that it is me?

      What has happened to you man? You used to be a God.


      A god! A GOD!. I’m gonna pee myself laughing soon.

    • Bunk X says:

      Lol. Naming names.

      The lizards who downding this should be ashamed of themselves.
      (BishopX, bratwurst, jamesfirecat, I AM BREITBART! (Locker), Romantic Heretic, Artist (SteelPH), Michael McBacon (UNIXon))

  13. Emperor says:

    ElSuerte :
    A god! A GOD!. I’m gonna pee myself laughing soon.

    Don’t laugh! That’s actually what they called him, in Warhammer circles. They say he once went 400 battles without losing… His hand painted troop figures were the best of them all. General Falcon made his name for a reason!

    • Pakimon says:

      Didn’t Dork proclaim that all us stalkers were stupid because he was king of “Battlebonk” or whatever and not Warhammer 40k awhile back?

  14. garycooper says:

    Was that why they called him the “mountain lion?” Was he skilled in mountain-warfare, like the mujahaddin?

    • formercorpsman says:

      If memory serves me, it was a response to something I posted. I don’t remember exactly, but he referred to himself as being the mountain lion, and I being something else. Beats me, I think I might have compared him to Pete the Puma or something.

      It is pretty funny how things names just sort of stick though.

  15. Princess Natasha says:

    DF? A God? Really? Nah! N00b. FAIL. #CuntSmellDeath…. I’d kill that kid at MW3. Among other games. I already have been, but he is too n00bish to figure it out. Cry, bitch. LOL.

    • Bunk X says:

      Glad to see you left FB, PN. It didn’t fit you right.

    • Pakimon says:


      Wow. Long time, no see!

      It’s good to see that you’ve maintained your sensitivity and talent for demure and subtle understatement. 😉 😆

    • OLT's Skewl Daze says:

      Heya kid. How’s the summer warfare coming? Keeping that brain sharp for fall?