Tears of the BeClowned

If we’ve given Charles some bad days, this one has to be his worst. Our resident fat clown has been given a slap from the grave, as the Breitbarts delivered a bone chilling tale of “stalking” that should have the Round Mound of BeClowned shitting his Depends with fear. However, the brave and vigilant conservosphere (Arachne, can’t thank you enough for the post) picked up shields and stand in formation.

Tonight’s mocking theme should be in the vein of the man who started it all, Andrew. Guest on the blogmoc radio show and tutor to some of the ballsiest and badass reporters out there. Most famous to us for collaboration on #Weinergate, Andrew never met a liberal twerp he couldn’t poke in the chest. Charles can put his panties on in the morning and dance on his grave, but the Breitbarts and DoD put our shit kickin’ boots on and carry out his tradition.

Arachne, hotter than the bottom of a kettle, looked at the mountain tossed at her and got hit with a pebble. We are all in debt for that effort (btw Walked Away-thank you for the compliment but it is all the BRC that hits chuck in the nuts daily). She chronicled the diary of a mad man and conversation flowed. During that conversation @Liberty_Chick brought something up.

Today is the anniversary of “weinergate”, the event that before today stood as probably the most epic beclownment of CJ. EVAR. It was so fucking epic that it spawned the relationship between the DoD and Breitbart. It also made today happen, and Andrew, with balls of steel, reached up through his grave and punched Chuck in the nuts while he was doing happy feet on his grave.

So, let’s honor the big fella and have a good night of mockery at the expense of CJ. And to be sure of the event, I’m linking the tweet heard around the world. Chuck’s dick pic:

Happy Weinergate anniversary, and let’s hope Andrew gets to look into the Round Mound of BeClowned’s compound in Culver Shitty and Chuckle at the developments of today. R.I.P. Andrew, and fuck you Chuck.

Mock away!

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  1. Arachne says:

    We proved one thing today —


  2. mchblazer says:

    Somebody please grab the Tweet where Chunk said us wingnuts were descending upon him like a flock of “pecking parrots”. Parrots neither flock nor peck but we’re the idiots..

    Oh God did I LOL at that one.

    • ISTE says:

      • mchblazer says:

        ISTE, that’s why I love you guys. He has me blocked to the nines so I only see most of this stuff being talked about on Twitter.

        You guys are good.

      • mchblazer says:

        Not to mention if it was like being “pecked unconscious” how the fuck was he Tweeting? That’s an LOL I missed.

      • ISTE says:

        mchblazer :
        ISTE, that’s why I love you guys. He has me blocked to the nines so I only see most of this stuff being talked about on Twitter.
        You guys are good.

        Well…. We will let you into a secret.

        If you log out of twitter you can see everything the fat bastard tweets by going here. https://twitter.com/#!/Lizardoid

        What I do, and this is not really a big secret and there is nothing Charles can do about it is….

        I use IE8 ONLY for looking at Little Green Footballs. I have it set up so LGF is an untrusted site and no images or scripts and shit run so it loads quick and I don’t get popups and ads and other crap.

        I use Firefox for all my main stuff, everything really and logged in twitter stuff.

        I also use Chrome, but on that I am not logged into Twitter so I can see all the stuff from people who are blocking me.

      • ISTE says:

        Also as P.S. to that. I am on XP SP3 and I am running all three browsers at the same time and they don’t fight or anything. I can cut and paste URLs between them and use whichever one suits my purpose. The cookies and any other logged in/out/whatever shit are not shared amongst them either.

        P.P.S. that is how three of me talk to the othe me on Blogmocracy some nights 😉

    • osprey1 says:

      Parrots do flock. The smaller ones, like Brazilian conures.

      • ISTE says:

        Yeah, but as Charles is the same shape and size and colour of a great white whale I don’t think the parrots he is getting pecked by are the small Brazilian ones.

        Think Montana Turkey Parrots.

      • Pig says:

        Maybe he misspelled “pirates.” But then it would probably be “peckered unconscious.”

      • Bunk X says:

        Yeah, but this is So. CA. Parrots flock in pairs. Mostly they’re escaped pets, and they don’t have peckers on their faces like chickens do.

      • Bunk X says:

        I mean, Chuck could have said something about a flock of ducks pecking at him he would have been almost half right because ducks flock.

  3. swamprat says:

    charles as a serbian genocide denier buddy


  4. Arachne says:

    Pesky little things, those BRC screenshots.
    The Human Stain calls them irrelevant

    I call them Exhibits A, B, C and D.

  5. garycooper says:

    Well done, folks. Some eyes were opened today. Some other eyes were blackened, and swollen shut. The Fat Fuck is reelin’ with the feelin’, right about now. 🙂

  6. garycooper says:

    I wish *somebody* would memorialize this epic day of comeuppance with a Downfall parody. 🙂

  7. Emperor says:

    garycooper :
    I wish *somebody* would memorialize this epic day of comeuppance with a Downfall parody.

    Tomorrow. 😉

  8. poteen2 says:

    Hey. Out of curiosity, what happened to Oh crap I have a crush on Sarah Palin?

    • Bunk X says:

      It was a photo of a homeless guy in Australia trying to make a buck. It was later photoshopped by someone who turned the image into Obama shining Sarah Palin’s shoes, and was circulated via email in the US. It came to prominence when an employee of the CDOT forwarded it, and Charles Johnson declared it to be an example of right-wing racism. Patterico pointed out that the CDOT employee was a registered Democrat.


  9. garycooper says:

    Does that mean this photo has been tampered with, as well?


    It’s like you can’t believe your own eyes anymore. 😡

  10. mchblazer says:

    3 out the 4 people terrorized by Kimberlin/BreitbartUnmask, Rauhauser & Bryneart are folks he himself argues with/stalks almost on a daily basis. He whined like a little baby folks we’re putting him into this unholy alliance with these detestable creeps but yet he could have done the right thing and denounced what was being done by them by others and didn’t. This isn’t petty arguing on the Internet,Chunk this is as real as the nose on your face……it’s not a pretend shooting war anymore, a stupid Internet game-

    this is real people getting other real people fired from their real jobs.Real people forcing other real people to move out of their real houses. And in two of the cases so far, real people trying to get other real people killed and you couldn’t even put down the axe you have to grind momentarily to call this behavior by your newfound friends out to show if only for a moment in time there is indeed warm blood coursing through your veins.

    Now you don’t even really have to like someone to find what is being done them and their families personally irl…their wives and children deplorable. if this was being perpetrated against folks on the left I don’t particularly care for I would equally find this detestable and have no problem saying so & showing support.

    Not Charles Johnson though, he chose to pick up the chicken, grab it around the throat and resume tucking it even harder. Please go swallow a bottle of pills and wash them down with some Drano, Chunk, you are a horrible human being.

    • Pakimon says:

      Like I mentioned before, The Chunkster wants to be perceived as an “internet bad boy” but without taking any of the risk or getting any of the blowback/payback that comes with it.

      Doesn’t work like that Chunky.

      Not only is he going to get some of the “blowback” for trying to associate himself with those shitheels, it’s probable that those very same shitheels are going to start targeting him for cutting and running on them instead of standing with them.

      Once again, Kim Chunk-Cheeto has managed to paint himself into a corner.

  11. Pig says:

    Anyone else the Grand Lizard has no problem talking to someone who calls itself commiegirl? What next, naziboy?

    • Pig says:

      I make this point because, though we all know that Chucky is very anti-Nazi, I don’t believe he really, deep down, understands why he is anti-Nazi. He just knows that it’s some sort of buzz word and all the Kool Kids are anti-Nazi…..especially the ones who act an awful lot like the actual, real Nazis.

      • mchblazer says:

        There’s really no difference, both commies Nazis are socialists and are fascists . I guess Chunk prefers commies more because they invite everyone into the fold to live under the boot and don’t discriminate.

  12. rightymouse says:

    mchblazer :There’s really no difference, both commies Nazis are socialists and are fascists . I guess Chunk prefers commies more because they invite everyone into the fold to live under the boot and don’t discriminate.

    Everyone shares in equal misery. Except those in power, of course. ‘Cause they’re speshul. They eat kobe beef and arugula and have songs, stories & poems written about their greatness.

  13. mchblazer says:

    Wonder if Chunk will show his fat disgraceful mug on Twitter today? He only stopped in for a minute or two to whine yesterday and then ducked out again.

    • Pig says:

      I’m sure his incredible social life will keep him far too busy on this Memorial Day weekend !!


  14. mrpaulrevere says:

    Kudo’s to progressive blogger John Cole who at least didn’t pretend to ignore the story and still has a good sense of right and wrong: Some Seriously Messed Up Behavior: “Regardless, whoever is responsible for this swatting of people are very sick and evil people, and they need to see the inside of a jail cell for quite some time.” http://www.balloon-juice.com/2012/05/25/some-seriously-messed-up-behavior/

    • mchblazer says:

      Yep, kudos to John Cole for calling out the scare tactics of Kimberlin & Co. It’s worth noting that this whole thing started off when they went after a liberal book writer & a liberal blogger.

      However, this is not a right or left issue, it’s not partisan. People from both the right and left should come together during times like these and stand up for the right of free speech, both liberal and conservative speech whether you agree with it or not.

      Still now word from @Lizardoid though. Stay classy Chunk.

      • mrpaulrevere says:

        Chunk pretended to ignore the story. It was all over memeorandum. He sure as hell knew about it. He doesn’t have the brain power to thread the needle like Cole did.

      • mchblazer says:

        One other thing. back during Chunk’s transformation period everyone used to like to joke on the right-wing blogs he was “Balloon Juicing” in reference to the fact that Balloon Juice actually started off as a right-wing blog and then went swiftly left after the 2004 election.

        Like him they were mostly 911 conservatives shocked into being on the right although it didn’t keep as long as it did for Fatty.

        The comparison as of today isn’t fair though, at least from what I’ve seen on that post there is a modicum of class and empathy which doesn’t exist at all over at LGF among the proprietor and commenters.

        That alone should tell you how far LGF has fallen. They are somewhere between Pandagon and D.U.

  15. mrpaulrevere says:

    Very perceptive and well said mchblazer.

  16. imtoast says:

    Bunk X :
    Yeah, but this is So. CA. Parrots flock in pairs. Mostly they’re escaped pets, and they don’t have peckers on their faces like chickens do.

    I have a Yellow Nape Amazon. Parrots absolutely don’t peck, they bite, and hard. Mine not so much as I’ve had her since before she had feathers. Her name is Popeye.

    • mchblazer says:

      Lets see a flock of something that will peck you unconscious, Chunk was wrong three times in that Tweet alone.

      How about a flock of old women at yardsale after church?

  17. poteen2 says:

    Another full day of Chicken Charlie failure in the archive. What’s up for today?

  18. Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

    Bunk X :
    Yeah, but this is So. CA. Parrots flock in pairs. Mostly they’re escaped pets, and they don’t have peckers on their faces like chickens do.

    Talking about the Culver City Pollo?

  19. ISTE says:

    Heads up, the assclown just crawled out of bed

  20. rightymouse says:

    Ban Stink-ki Moobs :And BU. The circumstantial evidence that BU is Kimberlin is overwhelming. A lot more overwhelming that the evidence that Pam Geller supports Vlaams Belang, anyway.


  21. Doppelgänger @Lozerdoid says:

    In fairness to Charles he couldn’t possibly pick his own chode out of a police line-up since he hasnt seen it in over a decade

  22. Doppelgänger @Lozerdoid says:


    Please tell us Breiviks LGF nic as well asBrett Kimberlins current nic

  23. ZappaWouldBeVommiting says:

  24. garycooper says:

    While we will continue to mock the scumbag/traitor Fatass, it is Memorial Day weekend. Let’s remember there is still loyalty and goodness in the world, even in the toughest of times. A couple of pics to support the notion:



  25. Mandingo Warrior says:

    Chuck’s ready for another thumpin’. Chuckin just said good morning.

  26. Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

    The interesting thing about the way Chunk’s running away from the Kimberlin gang is the role Killgore plays. I strongly suspect that if Killgore hadn’t have sounded the alarm bell, Chunk would still be openly tweeting with them, and defending them on his blog against the “smears of the wingnuts”.

    If Killgore wasn’t there to keep him out of trouble, he’d stick his dick in the kiln, and then wonder what that funny smell was.

  27. Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:


  28. rightymouse says:

    Hey! Charlie! Man up about your buddies! What are you afraid of anyway??

  29. Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

    Spam filter just had breakfast.

  30. FormerLurker says:

    Chunk thinks that no one could tell the difference between a Weiner crotch shot in gray boxers and a Chunk crotch shot in gray boxers?

    Uh, that would be easy. You wouldn’t be able to see the Chunk crotch shot or even the gray boxers at all–they would both be obscured by the giant mountain of soft, fleshy flab hanging over Chunk’s waistband.