Charles Johnson’s employee tries comedy! Update: Killgore mocks Charles!

It seems our jokes about Gus802 being a leech finally got to him. According to a Tweet, Gus works for Charles.

Gus802 is probably not making much more than the minimum wage. Charles Johnson is a washed up guitarist and a failed musician. He can’t be that profitable to pay Gus802 a good wage or provide healthcare benefits. That might explain why Gus tries his hand at comedy.

Was this supposed to be funny? Gus should stick to his main job which is hanging out on Twitter.

Update: What is truly funny is reading Killgore Trout mock Charles.

This is really bold on Killgore’s part.  Let’s see what Charles does in response to this mockery. Will the aging creep confront Killgore directly or sick the failed porn actress, iceweasel, on him? The Killgore drama continues.


Ghoulish aging creep gloats over XCitizen10 getting banned on Twitter

Charles Johnson denies he’s behind getting Twitter accounts reported as spam and then banned. Then he brags about XCitizen10’s Twitter account getting banned.

How does he know that XCitizen10 was banned? Clearly Charles is behind it and this is just more evidence of the dirty game he is playing on Twitter. Charles is coward and wants to silence his critics. All he is really doing is proving that he’s a totalitarian jerk.

Buck calls out Dark_Falcon’s backstabbing

Dark_Falcon is one of the biggest intellectual cowards online. He claims to be a Conservative yet he grovels to please a washed up Jazz Guitarist and his Sociology major followers. Buck on the other hand speaks the truth and went toe to toe with LGFers over reforming Medicare. Dark_Falcon warns Buck to not get out of line and calls him “dickish.”  Buck rips him a new one.

Dark Falcon throws other Conservatives under the bus to be accepted by Charles and his minions. In reality they have no respect for him and he is a chew toy for them.

As for the “dickish” remark, sorry the only truly dickish LGFer is now here at Diary of Daedalus!

Classy comment from Failed Porn Actress

Icewesal shows how much lack of class she has. In a debate with imp_62, (Ascher), she ends up cursing him out.

Iceweasal knows about having an extra fuck on her. She did that for a living when she was a porn actress!