Potential suicide bomber rants about Mormons on LGF

Charles Johnson encourages bigotry on LGF. He supports attacks on Catholics and Evangelical Christians. The latest group Chuck is OK with trashing are Mormons. His pet Islamic convert, the mentally unstable and potential suicide bomber ProGunLiberal attacks the Mormon faith.

This comment is really ironic.

History reveals no positives about Islam. ProGunLiberal’s cult is really a political movement started by a genocidal pedophile and has a 1400 year history of war and genocide. Although as a Catholic I don’t agree with Mormon Theology, I have no problems with them. They are peaceful and contribute to American society. ProGunLiberal should not throw stones from his glass house.

Charles Johnson did not warn his pet Muslim nor deleted the anti-Mormon comments. Clearly Charles approves of this hatred towards Mormonism. Charles and LGF is a bigoted anti-Mormon blog.


ProLifeLiberal had a mental breakdown.

Yesterday Furious Burkha went Jihadi on LGF. No her follow Muslim, ProLifeLIberal admits to having a mental breakdown.

LGF needs to be monitored by the FBI. There are two potential violent Jihadists. The rest of them are mentally unstable, but are harmless to all except themselves.

TPM Scrubs Charles Johnson From Their Site

A little over a year ago, Charles was invited to do a guest post at Josh Marshall’s “Talking Points Memo” site (we covered at DoD here and here). The thread quickly turned into a veritable battlefield, as blog warriors flew in from all directions to engage in the open ‘sphere. After a few days of taking an absolute beating, Johnson was obviously perturbed, as evidenced here:

Alas, Johnson never did that post (probably because he didn’t really have anything to post), and interestingly, he didnt really have to, because TPM never invited him back.

So for a year, everyone pretty much forgot about the whole episode, as other stories have come and gone. But the subject came up unexpectedly again the other day, when we saw this:

Slinky and I jumped into the fray, and we noticed that the article was still there, but TPM had actually scrubbed Johnson’s profile page:


And today? Well wouldn’t you know it? Try clicking on that link now, and you’ll discover that the whole article has disappeared!

What’s better? Consider LGF article #38009:

Well…that subsequent article at TPM penned by Michael Wolraith has been scrubbed too! Article #38009 has some freshly busted links (that, in true LGF fashion, now redirect to the TPM main page).

That’s right….Josh and/or TPM has apparently removed all evidence that Johnson was ever on their site*, and done so fairly recently (the original was still live as of those tweets on Monday, and both articles still sit in Google’s cache). Are they posted somewhere else? Moved to different urls? If they are, I couldn’t find them

This is going to be rough for @lizardoid, to be sure. But no one should fret, as the engineers of the BRC are good with these things, and we’ve managed to host these masterpieces forever here and here. (Rescued from Memory Hole, but unfortunately the comments could not be recovered)

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