LGFers OK with Dogs being eaten

The losers at Little Green Footballs defend Obama no matter what. It’s come out that Obama ate dog meat when he lived in Indonesia. Rather than be grossed out by it, the Loozards come out and defend eating dogs!

This really is called being brainwashed. Then again Happy Warrior is the type who would have made a good Nazi or Soviet. He’s a true believer and self righteous.

JasonA thinks eating Dog meat is OK and better than putting your Dog on the roof of a car. I’m not a fan of what Romney did, but to say that’s worse than eating a dog is intellectual dishonesty.

Charles Johnson’s online pet then chimes in.

Yeah eating Dog is nothing to the pet mountain lion.

Big Papa thinks the story of Obama eating dog meat will help win him re-election.

This is just insane!

These LGFers are fanatics and can never bring themselves to criticize Obama. They even excuse him for eating dogs. As of this writing Charles hasn’t commented on this. But judging from Charles evil nature, he probably supports Obama even more for eating Dogs. Heck I would not be shocked if Charles Johnson ate dogs.

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  1. OLT's Hungry says:

    Actually, Little Green Butthurts (ps – I don’t use that silly word), the #ObamaDogRecipes was just another episode of HILARITY, not fauxtrage or whatever term the kewlest dork falcons among you have coined lately (“butthurt” being the one I don’t ever use).

    Some hilarious examples from people with functioning minds (and also me):
    Cream of Wheaten Terrier
    German Shepherd Pie
    Golden Browned Retriever
    Sloppy Bos
    Ham Bo Grrr
    Mutt Loaf
    Rat Terrier a-touie
    Chicken Poodle Soup
    Char Pei

    The list goes on. That’s what it was, a fun Twitter punfest, unlike the butthurt (ed. note: The author does not use this word) on LGF. There is no fun in Islam or in going to the donkey show.


  2. OLT's Hungry says:

    Jellyfish can be like chewing a piece of blister packaging. So I do not think less of you. That would be impossible.

  3. OLT's Hungry says:

    What I wouldn’t give for a plate of Mom’s Labradoodle Noodle Kaboodle right now. With crushed potato chips on top. Good enough to make ya wanna howl at the moon.

  4. OLT's Hungry says:

    Q: Why did Romney put his dog on top of the car?
    A: So Obama wouldn’t eat it.

    Q: Why does Obama oppose putting dogs on top of cars?
    A; It dries out the meat.

    First Romney retort at a debate with Obama: “Dude, whatever. You ate a DOG!”

  5. Voltaire's Crack says:

    What is the best way to directly reach someone on the BRC? I have an idea I’d like to share.

  6. garycooper says:

    “Non-troversay:” a ham-fisted misspelling of one of Chunky McFlabdoodle’s favorite words, usually applied to a topical news story that is about to blow up like Mount St. Helens.

    Ex: “These so-called pics of Weiner’s normal-sized penis are nothing for people to be concerned about, and will likely turn out to be a Breitbart-plant. A total nontroversy.”

    “These hacked emails the wingnut science-deniers are crowing about are an absurd nontroversy, that do nothing to make the scientists involved look like conspiratorial gangsters scheming to defraud the public.”

    “The fact that Obama ate dog as a young Muslim is as nontroversial as you can get. LOTS of Muslims eat dog. Putting a dog on the roof of your car, with a windscreen around his cage, is the act of a maniacal animal abuser who would happily re-do the Irish Potato Famine.”

    “The Kenyan Dog Famine is one of the darkest periods in colonial history, as racist AmeriKKKans refused to send our surplus dogs from the Humane Society to the beleaguered African state, preferring to euthanize and bury the dogs here. Not a nontroversy, the Dog Embargo of the ’70’s.”

  7. garycooper says:

    Great Danish
    Collie-flour hush puppies
    Baked Alaskan Husky
    Bitchin’ Fries

    …that’s all I can do, right now. YUM!

  8. We are all doppelganger says:

    Hey Reine,
    if you aren’t too busy ratting out people to Charles, how about cookbook volume 3

    top recipes for dog

  9. beed says:

    Who gives a shit. Actually, Obama’s dog eating makes me respect him more. If he scarfs down a cat, a parrot and a hamster he’ll get my overseas vote.

  10. beed says:

    What goes with dog – red or white?

    • archonix says:

      Grenash has a bit of a bite to it. The rather deep flavours would go well with a rich meat like dog.

      But what if you drink too much? Would you cure the hangover with a hair of the dog you bit?

  11. beed says:

    I’ve had DDR horse. I remember wishing it was dog.

  12. beed says:

    Is dog halal, btw? I’m too lazy to google it.

  13. beed says:

    Dog most likely to taste like rat: Chiuaua.

    • OLT's Not THAT Hungry says:

      Rat tastes a lot like rat. The grain-fed variety is much nicer than the wild sort. As a cat I once knew sang:

      Love to eat them mousies …
      Mousies what I love to eat!
      Bite they little heads off,
      Nibble on they tiny feet!

  14. beed says:

    A dog-inspired little poem:

    Paris Hilton
    Screw her brains out
    or eat her dog
    Same look on her face

  15. rsjsteel says:

    These people would cheer Obama no matter what he did. I think they’d cheer him if he re-instituted slavery, and sold them all to pay for wealth redistribution.

  16. dwells38 says:

    Mitt putting his dog on the roof in the early 80’s is a nontroversy. The animal was a pet and I would bet he liked being in the wind with his tongue hanging out and smelling things. Dogs are just modified wolves who are descended from individuals that have a high flight tolerance which paid off in food scraps and shelter. The domestication feedback loop has resulted in their appearing to be rational and almost human-like. They aren’t. If you’ve ever tied a dog to a picnic table and seen the resultant cluster-f that happens, you can clearly see that they can’t think like a person and almost can’t think at all.

    However, I do love my dogs despite their not being truly intelligent and it’s clear their limic brains have a range of capabilities including suffering, anxiousness, desire and maybe even love and affection. My big dog gets upset when I yell at my little dog, for instance.

    I would think eating a dog like you would eat a stupid bird, cow or fish would be more egregious and unfeeling than cluelessly putting a loved, pet dog on a windy car roof.

  17. dwells38 says:

    Meant to say limbic, not limic

  18. XO0OX says:

    Charles’ favorite dish: Hunan fried dog

  19. XO0OX says:

    Charles is certainly dogging this issue with his big, innocent puppy eyes.

  20. XO0OX says:

    It will be raining cats and dogs before Charles admit eating dog sends the wrong message to the pups

  21. XO0OX says:

    You know what was on that menu Breitbart showed Ann Coulter? Yeah.

  22. “Oblivious Troll” is well named. What an idiot.
    Hey, Brainiac,
    It wasn’t like they stumbled upon an already dead dog and decided to eat it. It was a dog that had been killed for food.
    By the way,
    anyone seen any recent press photos of Bo? Hope he’s okay.

    • dwells38 says:

      I could see it now. Late night, the WH chef has gone home and O starts salivating for a grilled Bo and arugula salad.

  23. Mandingo warrior says:

    • Arachne says:

      Is he still telling people to block and report? Or has the idea that users are advising Twitter re his abuse of the process sunk into the walnut brain?

  24. Mandingo warrior says:

    This thread puts a whole new spin on Hunan Chicken.

  25. dwells38 says:

    Not to mention the juxtaposition of dog and spit.

  26. XO0OX says:

    Larry Sinclair was almost correct when he said Obama eats dong.

  27. Arachne says:

    And if Kronocide thinks that this could “tip” the election in Obama’s favor – dude, you are SO operating with a faulty sense of reality. Of course, that means you fit right in at the Swamp.

  28. haysoos says:

    almost too much….hysterical!…
    a real LOL for a change

    • Arachne says:

      We have been having a boatload of fun on Twitter all night with dog recipes.
      I wanted to contribute Irish Setter Stew but I figured it had probably been covered by someone else.

  29. iSpeakJive says:

    *** dogwhistle***

  30. Speranza says:

    Dog is not halal.

  31. ISpeakJive says:

    • Arachne says:

      Must now go back to Starbucks. Then must contact IT department re monitor and keyboard and attempt explanation….

  32. archonix says:

    Now this is a thing that I don’t get. eating dog is what some cultures do. Strangely enough, in Japan, they consider eating rabbit disgusting because rabbits are only ever a pet to them, but they’ll hapilly chow down on just about anything you pull out of the sea. Raw.

    I can’t really work up any sort of negative feeling about this. So he ate dog? Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a lying, cheating, arrogant, two-faced, cultish nonentity with delusions of grandeur. In fact it’s probably the first remotely human thing I’ve heard about him.

  33. dwells38 says:

    Bo napatite!

  34. Ick "Я" Us says:

    Something is rottweiler in Indonesia.

  35. garycooper says:

    Nobody loves dogs more than me, but I really don’t care if young Barry scarfed a Scottie or two in his formative years. Different cultures have different ideas about what constitutes food. Plus, I couldn’t help noticing the other day that the lamb roasting on a spit in my brother-in-law’s yard looked exactly like a roasting, large-breed doggy.

    None of this changes the fact that Obama is a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure, just an unmitigated disaster as president. All the Puppy Chow in the world can’t change that. Have you ever had a Puppy Smoothie? Excellent, especially with a little Tabasco, and some V8. On the weekend, you could throw a little vodka in there. Mmmm!

    • Arachne says:

      And you’re absolutely correct. But it’s so much fun to point out the raging hypocrisy of the MSM, aka Democrat steno pool, in their shock and disgust that the Romney dog was on the roof of the car – and yet we’re not allowed to poke fun at Baby Barry lunching on McDoberman.

  36. garycooper says:

    iSpeakJive :My dog smells butthurt over the recipes. Get it?

    Two things my dog loves: sniffing other dog’s butts, and sniffing humans crotches when they enter our house. Men, he often gives them a “punch” in the ‘nads with his snout, I think just to send them a message about who’s alpha. He’s a big dog, and very protective of his family. Also, he worships me as a god, which is kind of nice. He’s probably praying for me to come home and walk him right now…I can hear something…

  37. OLT 'Splains it to ya says:

    Just so the stalkers know:

    I could NOT care less if Obama ate a dog, as long as it wasn’t mine.

    But the Twitter hashtag romp was fun.

    So there, you soulless, humorless, lifeless Progs. Get a life, or a big plate of Fido. Pathetic dong-less wankers.

    • Arachne says:

      No worries – I’m sure they were just taking a break for flinging vile invective at Ann Romney. Now it’s back to work.

  38. a-naughty-mouse says:

    In the past three days, the lizards have been defending incest, kiddie porn and now eating dogs. Wow.

    • OLT's Modest Proposal says:

      Odd note: You can do all three at the same time at the donkey show.

      Some guy told me.

      Yeah, that was it. Some guy.

  39. OLT's Modest Proposal says:

    Gawd, it just occurred to me:

    Michelle worries about “food deserts” in the big cities.

    Most big cities have pounds overflowing with unwanted pet dogs.

    I smell a solution cooking.

    • Ick "Я" Us says:

      That was actually a big problem when the Vietnamese started coming in the mid-’70s. They’d hang out outside the pounds, and offer to take dogs that people were turning in.

      I won’t mention what they did to the dogs before killing them.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        101 ways to wok your dog.

        Actually, the Chinese throw live cats into boiling water to skin them. Saw a video on 60 minutes years ago. And I get pretty upset seeing pictures of puppy’s in cages waiting to be dinner in China. Gross.

  40. beed says:

    I will attempt exploration of your body.

  41. Ick "Я" Us says:

  42. gizbot7 says:

    This topic for some reason has me feeling a little nervous. 😛

  43. snowcrash says:

    Kind of a silly story but if it will help put the Romney roof top carrier story to bed, I’m all for it Obama BLT’s ( bichon, lettuce and tomato) anyone?

  44. Might as well join in …

  45. haysoos says:

    CJ leads with his chin again…proving his relevant clout by getting sucked into the dog joke from some email he got….those boobs take themselves way too serious…pathetic in a Charlie Chaplin sorta way

    • dwells38 says:

      Mention of Chaplin reminds me, my daughter and I watched The General on Hulu the other night. Is there ever going to be another physical wonder, coupled with amazing comedic timing like Buster Keaton? My dad said in an interview later in life Keaton said he’d gone to the doctor for some malady requiring an ex-ray. The doctor asked Keaton, to his astonishment when he’d broken his neck. Keaton had no idea he’d ever broken his neck. I love watching him in a dead run in that headlong falling forward way. He was a brilliant comic, a stunt man, a stunt coordinator and an athlete all rolled into one.

    • iSpeakJive says:

      Which chin? He has more than one.

  46. haysoos says:

    maybe CJ will put a few links to the horse meat licensing debate and the….he’ll have a real dog and pony show!
    bada bing!
    (I don’t have a day job)

  47. haysoos says:

    not much doing around the net about the black nurse that stalked, murdered and stole that white girls baby….ho hum…I thought LGF would be all over it

  48. Bagua says:

    Morning haysoos, new thread alert.

  49. a-naughty-mouse says:

    Before you eat that dog realize what Dog spelled backwards is….. think about that!