A man named Charles Johnson!

The great linker rushes to judgement again without reading his own post. The washed up aging creep is crowing and claiming some glorious victory over the Right on Twitter.

The Yahoo article claims that algorithms are what’s causing the banning. However, they admit there are people reporting other Twitter users as spam because of political differences.

Hains, the user whose account of her argument with Dana Loesch sparked the mix up, connected Yahoo News with several users who say they routinely report misbehaving Twitter users as abusive. “I absolutely do advise people who are harassed by these hateful idiots to use block and report,” a man named Charles Johnson responded in a tweet. There is no hard evidence, however, that such efforts alone can get a legitimate user removed if he or she is not actually being abusive.

Yahoo News admitted there are people trying to get other Twitter users banned. They mention Charles Johnson specifically as admitting to trying to have Twitter users banned. Kim Chunk-Cheetos is declaring some victory while he is mentioned as a Twitter bully.  Chuck has reading comprehension problems.

Update: Charles continue to encourage people to report his critics as spam.

Keep digging Charles!

Update II: Dana Loesch catches Yahoo reporter Chris Wilson in a lie. They never contacted her for their story. She shows proof of the coordinated campaign to have people blocked from Twitter.

Yahoo reporter Chris Wilson wrote about the progressive suppression of speech occurring at Twitter. We confirmed with Twitter while dealing with Chris Loesch’s individual suspended account that it was indeed due to users abusing the spam/block feature to suspend users with whom they disagree. Wilson, on the other hand, suggests otherwise in his expertise on our situation gleaned from who knows where.


Do these look even remotely the same to you? Do they sound like the effect for the same cause? Because that’s what people like Charles “Sandwich Board Laptop” Johnson says. In fact, it’s what a lot of people on the left who encouraged this abuse are saying. Fascinating. 

Chris Wilson claims to have emailed me for comment at around 1:45 (I’m assuming Eastern time as he’s based in DC) but so far a search of all three of my email accounts shows nothing from any “Chris Wilson.” 

I expect a full correction from Chris Wilson, Yahoo, and ABC.com for republishing the story.

The Twitter wars have escalated and it looks like Dana’s post struck a nerve!

This Tweet alone is a gem. Charles Johnson is telling people to run by him first any claim by Dana Loesch. This proves his totalitarian control freak nature.

Update III: Emperor has a collection of screenshots  that prove Charles Johnson had an orchestrated campaign to get people silenced on Twitter. Kim Chunk-Cheetos is busted!

(Update III Hat Tip: Emperor)

Conservatives being silenced at Twitter

Charles Johnson and his minions are getting their critics blocked on twitter. They are organizing a campaign to label their opponents spam. This tactic is not theirs alone. It turns out there is a cabal of Progressives at twitter trying to silence Conservatives.

Conservative Chris Loesch, music producer and husband of radio host and CNN contributor Dana Loesch, had his Twitter account suspended on Sunday. He was apparently targeted by leftist users who utilized the “Block & Report Spam” function to trigger the social media account’s automatic spam algorithm. He was notified of his suspension via an email from Twitter claiming it was due to multiple unsolicited mentions to other users. “You will need to change your behavior to continue using Twitter,” the email admonished.

“I never threatened anyone and am careful about being concise with what I write especially in public,” Mr. Loesch told The Washington Times. “They were going to make me sign this note that said one more infraction and I would be permanently banned. I wasn’t going to do that so I wrote emails to some of their people.”


Conservatives suspect a coordinated campaign to report as spam users with whom liberal users disagree. Several users sent out tweets bragging about getting Mr. Loesch blocked, including one claiming “my life job to make conservatives lives miserable.”

If Twitter is indeed using an algorithm that allows user accounts to be reactively suspended according to malicious whims, that’s a threat to free speech for everyone — regardless of individual political views.

Charles Johnson, Gus802 and others are at the forefront of this attempt to silence Conservatives. Kim Chunk-Cheetos wants to do on Twitter what he did at LGF, silence his critics and live in a cocoon. The Washington Time’s article sheds light on this cowardly tactic.

Update: Charles does a post on the twitter blocking issues.

Clearly he is getting nervous because he claims there’s no proof of a concerted effort of getting people blocked. That is a lie since Pan of The Forest has written reported and given evidence to Charles Johnson’s calls to have his critics reported as spam. This is just another attempt by Charles and others to silence contrarian opinions.

A thankfully shrinking minority in this country.

The human leech, Gus802, calls Bible believing Christians a shrinking minority.

Gus would never say that about Koran believers. He doesn’t want Curious Lurker to go all Jihadi on him!

@Lizardoid Quietly Decides To Hide the LGF Stats (so we’ll post ’em) Update: Restored

I was going to post something on this before, having noticed that Johnson appears to be,um, streamlining the handy drop-down resources in the LGF sidebar. For the record, this is what this section of the sidebar looked like when we saved a page back in January:

The first to go were “Never Forget” and “LGF Hits”, as I had noticed that those were gone about a month ago (possibly in reaction to our mention of the “Hits” and “Rathergate”, but CJ doesn’t read here). Now, today (yes we can confirm that this happened today) there was another notable disappearance, and the sidebar now looks like this:

Wow! The LGF “Statistics” have vanished! As a reminder, here’s an example of what it displayed when you clicked the drop down:

Of course, we can only speculate as to the reasoning behind the move. We’ve long assumed that the “views” section especially was a complete joke anyway, but it is a little surprising to see it quietly go away.

But don’t fret, as the engineers of The Boiler Room can easily track those comment counts ourselves. We were going to post an update anyway, and when you see this it may become apparent why teh Johnson decided to do away with this thing.

From Engineer No. 5:

+++ Chart: Average comment volume, by week
As has been clear to anyone watching lately, LGF is in somewhat of a freefall.   The week just ended had the lowest comment activity (801/day) since the week before the invasion of Iraq, over 9 years ago.    Is Charles tweeting his blog to death?

+++ Chart: Average daily comment volume, by month.
The whole month of April will likely also be the slowest LGF month in 9 years.  With 3 days left, average daily comment count is holding just above 1000.  It could easily go under 1000 by the 30th.  (After 18 hours, < 350 comments so far today.)
After digging into the archives a bit to identify the proximate cause of each positive or negative turning point, I added some annotations to the monthly chart.  Of note: nearly the entire 2009 meltdown took place in two brief spans totaling only 7 weeks:
  • During the 3 weeks immediately following the first Tea Party protests on April 15th, the average daily comment volume declined from ~5200 down to ~4200, or nearly 20%.
  • During the 4 weeks following the September 12th Tea Party event in Washington D.C., comment volume declined from ~4200 down to ~2900, or more than 30%.
There’s no doubt Charles alienated many as he became increasingly obsessed with Eurofascists, Birthers, Creationists, Climate Deniers, et al.   But from the numbers, one could conclude that LGF’s undoing was primarily due to Charles’ reaction to the Tea Party movement, (and his subsequent descent into madness).


As mysteriously as it disappeared, the “Statistics” have returned!

Calling Bullshit on Charles Johnson (@Lizardoid) Race Bullshit

Very few things annoy me on the planet like a person who is dishonest. It’s brutal on the eyes to see someone try hard to be something they aren’t. I have to admit, watching @Lizardoid try to champion anti-racism towards blacks has made him look like such an idiot it makes one seethe.

For one, @Lizardoid needs to shut the fuck up. A sixty year old white hippy who ripped a black man off for a V dub needs to never speak of race. Or, how about this idea? How about not involving race in your political musings? Ever thought of that? (BTW Lizardoid has no idea of the racial background of this author-or his wife!)

I don’t profess to know @Lizardoid’s upbringing, but from everything he’s mentioned, he’s been handed everything swimmingly in life. I mean, how many poor Latino or black families accept the answer from the expected bread winner of the family which is “I’m going to be a single forever jazz musician, childless and blogging at sixty?” For all the ladies here, just what you wanted to hear from someone you carried and sweated out. Grandchildren? No way, dude! A normal Thanksgiving? Fuck that shit.

Now, let’s add to that the Grand Lizard loves to trash the south. He lives for it. It’s pretty offensive to me, because the politicized attitude of the south is that it’s all toothless white idiots who just don’t understand anything.

I beg to differ. I am one of those “toofless idiots” that @Lizardiod likes to point to. Yup, I’m from the south. I sure am. I am from a place where the Klan did operate. I am from a place where there is NASCAR. I even know that NASCAR’s beginning was racing shine cars. How real is that?

I guess I fit the @Lizardoid profile of a toofless right wing redneck, right? I beg to differ. @Lizardoid lives in a shallow little kingdom in Culver Shitty, and I live barely miles from him enriched with family and culture.

I can span the globe in a mere dinner party and I actually EXHIBIT the cross cultural behavior that @Lizardoid is trying to tear down to expose his shitty blog.

@Lizardoid, why do you want all of us Americans to fight so we will visit your blog? Look, just because you’re an old racist, totally lost to the new generation trying so hard to make it so hard for us young kids to get along? Do you mean it, or is it just that thing that makes it easy to get you traffic?

Look, dude, I have to live this generation. You had yours. I would appreciate you stopping race baiting for hits on your site. We notice. We now live in a multi-cultural world (no thanks to you). People from all walks of life are entitled to, not only a political opinion, but life opinion.

Don’t much give a shit which race came up with it. It’s almost like that anyone who lands here is American, and I appreciate the opinions. Like I have to (unfortunately) have to appreciate your old pony tailed racist posts. What race could honestly side with this old white idiot? He’s so far gone and trying to relive the 70”s it’s retarded.

Watching you try to act young and “urban?” is insulting and racist. Let me give you a message you race baiting coward. I will have a black child. If I saw someone come up to him/or/her and use the term “mook” on him/her because you saw he/she was black looking to you, I would slug you. He or she would be an American person, color blind, but to you, you perpetuate racism.

Tantamount to using the “n” bomb, to me, is doing some “shuck and jive” slang just because you find out someone is black. Is @Lizardoid trying to start WW3? Black people are normal, have political opinions, and aren’t all hip hoppers and dancers. I find it disrespectful that there’s some reason to comment in slang because you think someone is black. How racist is that? About as racist as a lily white, rich, old white man who thinks because of his political ideology he has excused himself from his racism.

Charles Johnson, stay off the side of other races. I hope Rodan would agree.

Blood Luster says that Republicans like being violent to women.

The Blood Luster who admits he has genocidal tendency claims that Republicans support violence against women. ProGunLiberal also compares the Republican Party to the Muslim Brotherhood.

This Blood Luster should be in a  mental ward. He lives in a fantasy world based on lies.

Critical Dragon gets an interview with an anti-semitic website!

Times definitely have changed at LGF.  CtiticalDragon brags about being interviewed by Loonwatch.

So a bunch of nobodies interview a nobody! Loonwatch is a pro-Hizb’Allah and Muslim Brotherhood website. They attack anyone who is against Islamic extremists. Its  not a website someone should be proud to interview with. What next, an interview with Stormfront?

LGF keeps descending into more hate and bigotry!

Update: Sergey points out the anti-semitic nature of Loonwatch.

Carlos Latuff is an anti-Semitic activist, whose cartoons are featured on Loonwatch. Nice friends you have there, Charles!

Update II: Killgore Trout who is now the voice of reason at LGF wants nothing to do with their new alliance with the anti-Semitic Loonwatch.

Charles Johnson is associating with some really disgusting people. He has no right to attacking other blogs for haters, when he allows links to a hate site that rivals Stormfront.

UpdateIII: Charles Johnson has in the past linked to the anti-Semitic blog Loonwatch.

So has the societal leech Gus802 linked to racist Loonwatch.

Charles Johnson is an ally of anti-Semites.