We Have Comment Stats!

It’s been a while since our last update, and this time I suppose we can report a bit of good news for the LGFers. Don’t get us wrong, the decline continues, but overall we’re beginning to see the descent level off! From Engineer No. 5:

In the next graph -the closeup-, note that they’re rebounded slightly from those alarmingly low numbers we reported back in January, but the 12 month trend is still unmistakably downward:

Since our analysis revealed that Johnson largely targeted dormant accounts in the great lizard holocaust, we don’t believe that it had a significant effect on the decline.  It’s the departures of prolific commenters (like albusteve), along with the plummet of the registration rate that are the primary factors here. Trending….downward…

Charles Johnson Juche!

Juche is a North Korean Philosophy/Cult that stresses the divinity of the Kim family. Little Green Footballs is cult that resembles North Korean Juche.  Here is a video dedicated to the glory of Charles Johnson Juche!

Little Green Footballs Juche!!!!!!!

(Hat Tip: The Emperor)