Charles Johnson Aids the Race Baiters

Charles is part and parcel in aiding the race baiters.

The Real Racist

The left is LOSING all the political credibility they thought they had with the Trayvon case and so is Charles. At first, it appeared that they had found a new messiah, someone who they could put on a pedestal and abuse as a symbol of the contrived rampant white on black crime and racism that permeates ever facet of our white dominated society. But with in days of the “I am Trayvon” campaign, the lefts narrative started to unravel. They had to use a a term that is rarely used in media or in the Latino community, a “white Hispanic.” This is not an unknown designation, but it is also not commonly used. I was married to a Hispanic for 15 years, my brother was married to a Mexican for 26 years and neither of us had ever heard that term. And as quick Google search will show you, that except for the recent press on Zimmerman, that term is almost absent from the journalistic record.

Since the police were just wrapping up the investigation into the killing, there was not much public information on exactly what happened on that night. We had Zimmerman’s account and a few neighbors who had information after the fact. So the left ran with the spotty first look account and built a case against Zimmerman and threw it at the public. Our national race-baiting national treasures Jackson and Sharpton jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and began beating the racism drums… and the media followed the beat and built a picture of a puppy-faced angel who looked like the male child that the Obama never had. Unfortunately that picture was 3-4 years old (and the media knew that) and showed Trayvon in a light that had nothing to do with his present look or demeanor. But it served it’s purpose. Zimmerman just killed the boy-next-door.

And with in days the race-baiting-team whipped up a conference in Washington DC. How did they do that in under a week’s time? You can’t even find a taxi cab without preplanning in Washington… on a good day. Of course our President chimed in, fully ready willing and able to use this killing to his political “advantage”. He asked us to search our souls, as if we all, inclusively, are tinged with racism, even if we don’t know it ourselves (shades of Critical Race Theory).

But all this has now begun to unravel. The police released some of the information that they were submitting to the grand jury. It appears that much of Zimmerman’s account has been verified by at least one eye witness. And transcripts of the 911 tapes reveal collaborating evidence as to the time line and sequence of the events. And further information about Trayvon (and this information actually being recent) shows that their messiah is a stained messiah, someone who doesn’t look so very good on a pedestal.

None of these facts makes Zimmerman any more or less guilty of a possible crime. He may have overreacted, he may be in the least guilty of manslaughter and Trayvon death is tragic no matter how you look at it. And Zimmerman is going to have to live with this the rest of his life. The laws of Florida that allows this kind of self defense may have to be reconsidered. But try as they may, the left is loosing the manufactured narrative on this incident. It’s not working out for them in the least, and over the last 36 hours, the race-baiters on the left have been very silent.

Maybe they have shut their divisive mouths for a while and we can get along with examining the real issues, such as black on black murders, true intentional racism and real racial violence and the true intentions of race-baiting politics.

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  1. bumped topic from downstairs:

  2. notarino says:

    That about sums it up.

  3. Kirls says:

    zeus this is a very good post. thanks for sharing it.

  4. Bagua says:

    Yikes! Zeus has time for a post while dodging the wild fires. Us mere mortals could never do this.

  5. Nick Pitt says:

    Collaborating evidence = corroborating evidence.

  6. Emperor says:

    Keep it up, Chuck! This new BOMBSHELL video from ABC News is about as solid proof that George Zimmerman is guilty as the alleged “I Have Boxers Just LIke That” picture of Weiner was weak.

  7. doppelganger with a gold grill says:

    Racist Fox commenters AKA Charles Johnson

    Icarus, you aren’t fooling anybody. stop planting racist comments, asshole!

  8. Minnow says:

    It looks like the partial time stamp is from “DEC” (first word).

    Anyone else have comments?

  9. doppelganger with a gold grill says:

    is that a laptop with a screen saver of weiner’s dick?

  10. Minnow says:

    I can’t wait to hear the truth about this video.

  11. Arachne says:

    I see where race baiter facilitator Spike Lee has apologized to the elderly Florida couple that had to flee their home after Lee retweeted their addess as that for George Zimmerman, as they were receiving death threats.

    Of course, Lee did this AFTER the couple retained a Florida law firm,

    • doppelganger with a gold grill says:

      I’d love to see Spike Lee’s address and cell phone number tweeted a million times

      • Arachne says:

        Actually, turn about was fair play – someone DID Tweet Lee’s address in NYC later that day. I don’t know if Lee did the retweet before or after the NBPP put out their “bounty hunt” on Zimmerman; but I can tell you that if it was AFTER – Lee’s price for settlement probably went up – because once the bounty was common knowledge, Lee’s intent in tweeting the address becomes more malicious if had knowledge that there was a conspiracy to bring harm to Zimmerman,

        But he apologized so we’re all supposed to say “oh okay.”

      • swamprat says:

        Well, it probably will be, or his mom’s/sister’s/former roomate’s.

        Spike lost a lot of cred in some circles and the ones he gained it in won’t do kih good.

        I’ll have a hard time, now, not thinking of him as someone who is just a different version of a kkk member.

        Glad he apologized, hope he picked up their motel bills and provides some security.

  12. Facts in a vid, facts of any kind on any thing, they are liberal Democrats, they do not need no f’n facts they have the msm.
    If the msm is not enough they have Saint John F. Kerry who can pen out any little award and citation need with any ink pen at hand.

    Slow to learn you are.

    • Arachne says:

      Which is why Chunk the Cheetos King is now the perfect little lock-step libturd – NEVER let the facts get in the way of the narrative.

  13. garycooper says:

    The Fatass is covering himself with glory, once again. 😆

    That’s because he’s sleeping in the barn with the donkey, and there’s a suspicious-looking hole in the wall between their stalls. The donkey-wrangler tried to patch up the hole, saying, “The don-key, he is too tired, mang. Le’ him sleep, Deep Culo! Jor keeling heem.” Fifteen minutes later, the hole was re-opened.

  14. Emperor says:

    When asked on his opinion on the racist comments posted on Fox News, Mr. Johnson replied: “I had nothing to do with them”.

  15. iSpeakJive says:

    Have you noticed how everybody is a creep,these days?

    Chuck is creeped out by Mandy, Mandy is creeped out by Chuck, Clay is creeped out by us, we are creeped out by Clay, everybody is creeped out by Chuck, etc.

    It’s downright creepy.

    • Emperor says:

      Have you ever looked at your avatar? If polygonal faces could talk, yours would say: “I’m a creep.”

      • iSpeakJive says:

        No, never looked at my avatar……leave me alone, creep!

      • Ick "Я" Us says:

        I’m an octagon, too. Got a problem with that?

      • garycooper says:

        Well, I am a creep. I look at naked pictures of women on the internet sometimes. I make too many comments about donkeys, and their sex-lives. I frequently frequent a stalker-blog.

        If that doesn’t make me a creep, I don’t know what else I have to do to gain the distinction. I guess I could start cross-dressing, like Clay. My family would enjoy that…from afar. “That’s a deal-breaker, Daddy.” And I wouldn’t blame them.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        What’s an avatar, anyway? One of them blue thingys with magic ponytails?

  16. Ick "Я" Us says:

    One other fishy thing about the video: funny coincidence that that odd-looking ABC bar keeps obscuring his head. That bar is is quite peculiar in its shape. I smell monkey business.

  17. OLT's Prophesy of Donkey-Based Doom says:

    iSpeakJive :Have you noticed how everybody is a creep,these days?
    Chuck is creeped out by Mandy, Mandy is creeped out by Chuck, Clay is creeped out by us, we are creeped out by Clay, everybody is creeped out by Chuck, etc.
    It’s downright creepy.

    That’s what happens when we let the whole damned country become a donkey show.


    looks nothing like zimmerman, of course maybe he looked different back on December 6

  19. Ick "Я" Us says:

    If that’s Zimmerman, Ludwig’s a climate scientist.

    • garycooper says:

      Somewhere, Lewd-Wank is seething. And doing algebra. You know, he wanted a good knowledge of algebra to be a prereq for voting-eligibility. I thought that was an odd connection he was making. I was sensing a disconnect, even then.

  20. garycooper says:

    I don’t know if that’s legit or not, but that’s definitely not the way I’d have pictured George, based on the other photos out there. Not nearly fat enough, for one thing. This guy might be 200 lbs, soaking wet. With blood. Wouldn’t that be creepy, if the guy was totally soaked in blood? 😯

  21. Daedalus says:

    A freind of mine has read LGF and DOD for the first time. He is convinced LGF is run at a mental ward. He thinks Charles Johnson is a mental patient.

  22. Bagua says:

    iSpeakJive :
    Have you noticed how everybody is a creep,these days?
    Chuck is creeped out by Mandy, Mandy is creeped out by Chuck, Clay is creeped out by us, we are creeped out by Clay, everybody is creeped out by Chuck, etc.
    It’s downright creepy.

    ^ ^ ^ Cheepy Comment ^ ^ ^

  23. JimboXL says:

    I think this case is breaking left wing race hucksters’ brains. They are desperately clawing for any strand of white that can be found. Have they examined Zimmeran’s family tree yet to find a white man to blame it all on?

    • JimboXL says:

      On a side note, has anyone seen previews for the movie “Iron Sky”? It looks like the nightmare scenario that probably keeps die hard LGFers up at night and motivates them to “Fight the good fight. “A Sarah Palin facsimile as President of the USA and a full scale invasion by Nazis from the moon.

  24. ISTE says:

    What happened to Dork_Falcon?

    19 Dark_Falcon
    Wed, Mar 28, 2012 8:58:44pm

    re: #9 Hoodies for Justice. T

    Obama’s fault? And the slur is about bleeding heart liberals? Your GOP heart is grasping. See Cheney for advice.

    Ain’t been ‘nary a word of sympathy for George Zimmerman, not from Santorum nor Romney. Santorum was quite hostile to Zimmerman’s actions.

    And it goes without saying that calling the claim that Obama’s put out any hate at all on this ‘horseshit’ is an insult to equine feces.

    “Ain’t been ‘nary a word”

    That ain’t ‘nary da Dork we’s knows.

      • garycooper says:

        That’s a very cute story, but I’m getting a tingle in my bullshit-detector. Something doesn’t add up. Maybe it was the part about Mama Bear allowing him to play patty-cake with Baby Bear. Usually, that’s grounds for Mama Bear to play bear-rules rugby with hikers. Maybe he’s a bear-whisperer, I don’t know.

    • df's puddy tat says:

      DF is trying on his sense of humor tonight…

      53 Dark_Falcon Wed, Mar 28, 2012 7:57:05pm


      re: #45 jamesfirecat

      Someone fetch the smelling salts!

      Sorry, Killgore used those up. The slugs woke from hibernation before his frogs, so he had to pour the smelling salts out on the slugs to get rid of them.


      • Bagua says:



      • ISTE says:

        Dork posted another strange one tonight…

        Imagine Dork saying this in his best grown up voice as if he is a school principle talking to a 13 year old girl.

        13 Dark_Falcon
        Wed, Mar 28, 2012 7:19:24pm

        So do me a favor, would ya Chuckles? Stop snappin’ my bra strap, and move the hell on to fixate on some other gal… *kisses*

        Now really, Mandy, you’re dealing with Charles Johnson here, not Rush Limbaugh. Do try not get confused. I know its hard, given how little of your brain you use, but its something you need to do.

        The reality….

        Dork_Falcon paints and plays with plastic robots.

        Mandy is 43.

  25. ISTE says:

    Amongst all this doom and gloom and stuff I want to share with you all the funniest thing I have seen on the Internet this year so far.

    Daedalus is a Honky!


  26. garycooper says:

    This is an unretouched photo of George Zimmerman, calling in another alert to the local police. This was right after he solved the Trayvon Martin burglary case.


    aren’t surveilance videos normally STATIONARY??

    this camera shows motion. this is not the original video, no matter when it was taken

    • Ick "Я" Us says:

      Obviously, this was unauthorized, and made with a cell phone. ABC doesn’t say diddly about how they got it. I smell Media Matters.

    • ISTE says:

      Yep, it is a video taken of a video shown on a screen and they flucked up, they showed part of the time/date/camera/info thing at the bottom.

      Why not show the whole screen.


        well it’s the simple matter of the DECEMBER time stamp.

        you know all white hispanics look alike, they got them some video from one of them brown-white people.
        looks like zimmerman except it doesn’t

        can’t wait to see this play out

  28. Daedalus says:

    Ick “Я” Us :

    Obviously, this was unauthorized, and made with a cell phone. ABC doesn’t say diddly about how they got it. I smell Media Matters.

    Maybe This is the evidence the great legal expert Charles Johnson had!

  29. joest73 says:

    Great post Zeus. Wow…paragraphs…not just a mishmash of left-wing talking points followed by a link.

  30. Daedalus says:

    ISTE :

    I just got the urge to fry me a chicken!

    Seriously, I never thought of people like Italians, and French and Greek and Spanish and Hispanic and South American etc as colours.

    I firstly think of them with regards to food and culture and stuff…

    I went to a Brazilian steakhouse today. I am full. Great food.

  31. ISTE says:

    If anyone is still awake, look at that video again. Start concentrating at the 34 second mark and watch the cop to the top left, the one with most hair. At 38…

    He gets something on his hand from somewhere, looks at his hand then wipes it on his pants.

    Oh boy….


  32. ISTE says:

    Captain! we can’t take anymore!

    Now Online: 8,515
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    Berry picking, however Charles is not tucked up in bed… bugger.

    • ISTE says:

      If it goes over 10,000 online then I canna be responsible captain…

      Now Online: 9,366
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      • ISTE says:

        Aw shit!

        Now Online: 10,624
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      • ISTE says:

        Hey team, a new personal best for me. 12,431 Yep!

        Now Online: 12,431
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        I am going to try for 15,000 Wish me luck.

      • ISTE says:

        So close!

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  33. BobinBreckenridge2009 says:

    doppelganger with a gold grill :
    I’d love to see Spike Lee’s address and cell phone number tweeted a million times

    Here ya go-


    [everyone needs to chillax -cz]

  34. BobinBreckenridge2009 says:

    df’s puddy tat :
    Don’t, please Bob.
    Don’t just do it.

    Don’t do what?

    • df's puddy tat says:

      Don’t tempt me.
      Don’t throw gasoline on a fire already burning.

      We went down this road a while ago on Blogmoc.

  35. ISTE says:


    The BRC broke the 15,000 barrier!

    Now Online: 15,257
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    And what does that mean?

    Well, um, *burp* according to Charles Johnson’s statistics in the last 45 minutes he has had 3,969 page views, 3,802 visits, there are 53 people logged in and….

    There are 15,257 people online! (as in online and reading his site as in fifteen thousand people actively reading the shit he posts…)

    Charles, that “online” counter is not functioning as you want others to believe.

  36. BobinBreckenridge2009 says:

    Give Spike Lee’s address?


    [ummm…let’s not go there, OK? – cz]

  37. OLT's Racist Donkey Show says:

    Emperor :

    Speaking of racists, where’s our “Uncle Tom” flower this morning?

  38. Juan Epstein says:

    That’s not his address.

  39. snowcrash says:

    No possibility the paramedics cleaned him up when they were checking for injury? Have to clean the blood off to see how much damage was done and if he needs a trip to the ER. This new round of speculation can be cleared up by interviewing the paramedics who were on duty. Leaking little bits of the story to the media does nothing to get to the truth.

  40. doppelganger not wearing a hoodie says:

    ruh roh.
    new trayvon photo on his 2011 twitter account. talking about shooting people.

    of course not reported in the MSM

  41. a-naughty-mouse says:

    Regarding the police video, am I the only one who sees a white bandage (small) on Zimmermans nose?