Legal Expert makes a bold prediction

One of the greatest legal minds in the history of humanity makes a bold prediction.

It’s a warp for Stand your ground laws. The wise legal expert Charles Johnson has spoken.

Anyone know what law school Charles Johnson went to?

Another Trayvon Martin thread

The Race Detective is really trying to win the Left’s approval. Charles is trying to insert himself into the Trayvon controversy to prove his relevancy. He has done multiple posts about it the last week. Charles has already declared George Zimmerman guilty and there’s no room for debate. He does another post where he accuses once again the Right of being racist. He also mentions that George Zimmerman is a Democrats, claiming that because of that fact Conservatives will stop defending him or withholding judgement.

Is Charles Johnson admitting that Democrats can be racists?  The Race Deetctive makes no point in this post. It’s just a mesh of rantings and accusations.

You’re not going to “pass judgment?”

Killgore Trout continues to draw the ire of the Race Detective. Killgore says he will withhold judgement until all the facts come out. Charles Johnson has made himself George Zimerman’s judge and jury. He lambasted Killgore for not agreeing with his judgement.

The Police should call off their investigation. The Race Detective has made his ruling and no one should question it!