Blog Crtitics should fix their own blog’s issues

The non-entity makes comments criticizing the Breitbart website again.

Charles acts as if littlegreenhootballs is a prime example of great programming. Well, the BRC begs to differ!

Update: Why does Charles Johnson care so much about the Breitbart website? rips apart the Liberal Non-Entity

Our friends over at  (Warning: Graphic picture in this article) smack up Jazzy X for his Claims that their traffic has collapsed. As they duly point out, the redesign is what is causing the appearance of a traffic collapse. Charles Johnson knows this and is lying.

A few days after the re-launch of we saw an interesting article written by one of our most vitriolic critics, Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.  To be fair, we didn’t see it on his site because, like most human beings on planet earth, we just don’t read it.  But we did see a few tweets go by on Twitter from the usual suspects linking back to Johnson’s article proclaiming that the re-design was “one of the biggest Internet failures ever!’


Now that certainly piqued our interest.  What was the problem?  Did Johnson not like our new color-scheme? Does he have an issue with the new comment section being too hard for his trolls to infiltrate?  It turns out, not surprisingly, Johnson and his once readable website were claiming that Andrew’s hand-picked team had ruined his site by re-directing traffic to our main URL and thus killing all of our traffic.

As evidence of our failed strategy he provided his 17 readers with a graph to show how our traffic had tanked.  According to the expert on Internet traffic (HA! more on that in a moment) Johnson proclaimed: “Alexa’s statistics are not the most accurate, but their graph of’s traffic shows what happens when you totally screw up all incoming links to old articles.”

They totally debunk Charles Johnson’s lies. I also like how they call him a Liberal non-entity. Jazzy X is the biggest joke online and he’s the only one who doesn’t see it.

Traffic is huge!

The BRC has documented the decline of LGF. Charles Johnson still thinks his blog is influential. In reality it is a laughing stock and a poor man’s version of infowars. That’s why this comment from Charles yesterday had me laughing.

Does Charles really expect anyone to believe this? Well resident victim-hood clown Lidane does.

Lidane really is stupid. She actually believes Charles Johnson is influential? Then again when your part of a cult you believe the cult leader.

Charles Johnson and his followers clearly are not well mentally.

Islamic vs. Islamic pissing match at LGF!

Since LGF has become a Marxist Pro-Islamic blog Charles has decided to tolerate islamic extremism. The most radical of the islamists at LGF is ProLifeLIberal. He pretends to be some jihadi warrior leading armies. He openly supports the Muslim Brotherhood led uprisings. PLL does have beef with Salafists and goes on violent rants about them. His fellow muslim, Curious Lurker, has had enough of his violent rants. She rakes him over the coals!

Wow, this muslima just went jihadi on him. ProLifeLiberal doesn’t back off and justifies his violent fantasies.

So ProLifeLiberal admits he converted to Islam because he liked their history. I guess a historical record of conquests and genocide is a turn on to this skinny twig looking pasty faced shut in. Curious Lurker doesn’t accept his justifications and unleashes more hell on him!

This is like watching al-Qaeda and Hizb’Allah fighting each other. This is a case where I want both to lose. PLL took what Curious lurker said to heart and asked Charles to suspend his account for 7 days.

My prediction is that ProLifeLiberal will be banned if he continues his violent fantasies. Curious Lurker will give Jazzy X Islamic cover from a fatwa for this banning.