Charles Johnson calls Mitt Romney a dog abuser

I am not a fan of Mitt Romney of his version of the Republican Party, but Charles Johnson goes over the top. In discussing the election results Chuck calls Mitt Romney a dog abuser.

This was a libelous statement. Although I didn’t like Romney having his dog on the roof of the car that was not abuse. Charles Johnson should go to an animal shelter and see what real abused dogs look like. Charles is no one to speak of abuse. He abused and still abuses commentators on his blog. He is Charles Johnson the blog abuser.

83 Comments on “Charles Johnson calls Mitt Romney a dog abuser”

  1. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Coming from an serial abuser of common sense, I’m not surprised.

  2. That anecdote about Romney is pretty bizarre. I would call it abuse, personally. I doubt he intended it, but it ain’t cool.

    On a positive note, I heard that cats love him.

    • Voltaire's Crack says:

      I usually associate some sort of knowing of and/or malicous intent towards a possible outcome with the word ‘abuse’ when associated with animals, battered spouses, etc.

      This seems very, even incredibly stupid, but without the intent/foreknowledge of cruelty, Heck, the guy even built a windshield on the doghouse. Maybe it’s just the connotations of the word ‘abuse’, which makes me think more of incidents like those concerning Michael Vick, as opposed to the sheer idiocy on display with respect to this incident.

      That said, I’ll leave others to their own definitions. No sense in going Obdicut on something like this.

      • Lily says:

        Yeah I don’t think want Romney did was dog abuse. At least he took his dog with him and even made a windshield for the dog house. Simply no place in the car. He didn’t put the dog up in a Kennel which animals there are kept in cages and not took care of very well. Just seems like he did a kinda hick thing here.
        Apparently cj doesn’t actually know what ‘abuse’ is.
        By the way does cj even own any animals? Taken care of any animals?

      • dwells38 says:

        I’ve heard him say the dog actually liked it. I know my dogs would rather have their face in the wind and their tounges flapping and would have no fear being up there if I let them.

        I’m picturing the seventies (when Romney’s kids were little). I bet they had a huge station wagon like we did with baggage rails. It probably didn’t occur to any of them that if the cage became unsecured the beloved family dog could be killed or injured.

        We were clueless about a lot of things in the seventies. The issue is a stupid thing, though for which to eliminate a candidate. I don’t think most people would

        We were clueless about

      • Lily says:

        dwells … that is just it. It was back in the day when *outrage* over everything you do wasn’t in vogue. I truly believe he meant no harm to the dog. He just wanted to take the dog with him. Thid faux outrage is disgusting.

  3. OLT's Lazy Gravatar says:

    You know what would be more bizarre than an ancient story about Mitt Romney?

    An ancient story about Barack Obama. Because there aren’t any.

  4. Juan Epstein says:

    Islamic warrior cornered in Toulouse.

    • gizbot7 says:

      When I was listening to FOX news the other day they were trying to connect the guy to Anders Breivik because of some camera supposedly around his neck at the time of the shooting. I knew when I heard it that it was horseshit. What surprised me was that FOX propagated that nonsense. As if we all didn’t know who was most likely the culprit – including FOX. WTF?

  5. Juan Epstein says:

    Obama the drug abuser.

  6. haysoos says:

    OLT’s Lazy Gravatar :
    Don’t forget the non-trip to not-Pockystahn.

    snooping around in some guys past simply because he’s half white?…well that’s pretty racist

  7. Pakimon says:

    Chuck calls Mitt Romney a dog abuser.

    Pakimon calls Chunky Johnson a blog abuser.

  8. Zeus Crankypants says:

    I imagine that Charles is covering the Hebrew school shooting suspect story in Toulouse France with the same vim and vigor that he covered the shooting of the black child in Florida?

  9. livefreeor die says:

    Looking at Chuckle’s Twitter comments for the past 12 hours I seriously worry about him. He’s perseverating big-time on the Fox News comments. He’s going to say it’s because Fox is racist but he still obsesses over the comments there despite all the examples we’ve given him that these types of comments happen other places and he has no proof that it is right wing people posting them.

    He’s being very unscientific with this. I’d be happy to explain the scientific method to him since he seems so woefully ignorant about it.

    • P. Ness Lowell says:

      You’re assuming that he wants to do science right. His concept of science comes from comic books.

    • dwells38 says:

      He’s gotten a little rusty on the science with Luddy no longer around to give him facts and links and shit that actually takes a little work.

  10. OLT's Lazy Gravatar says:

    haysoos :

    OLT’s Lazy Gravatar :
    Don’t forget the non-trip to not-Pockystahn.

    snooping around in some guys past simply because he’s half white?…well that’s pretty racist

    Dude, who would know better than me to never trust Whitey???

  11. P. Ness Lowell says:

    Voltaire’s Crack :
    Coming from an serial abuser of common sense, I’m not surprised.

    Coming from a self abuser, I’m not surprised.

  12. P. Ness Lowell says:

    And for the record Chuck, the last time we had a Johnson for president,

  13. livefreeor die says:

    I know you’ve got your marching orders and you’re supposed to deflect the attention from the whole Tom Hanks thing (there is a very good article about it over at Breitbart) but please! For someone who bashes conservatives as being anti-science, you don’t know ick from shinola when it comes to doing something scientifically.

  14. rightymouse says:

    Didn’t Jimmy Carter shoot and kill his sister-in-law’s cat?

    • garycooper says:

      He was also attacked by a killer-rabbit while jogging. 😯

      Might have been PTSD that killed the cat, is all I’m sayin’.

    • Iron Fist says:

      {rightymouse} 😛

      Carter killed a cat? Yet another reason to despise him. Like I needed an excuse…

      • rightymouse says:

        {IronFist} 🙂

        Yep. That bastard killed his SIL’s cat & left a note.

      • Iron Fist says:

        That’s really pretty sick. Killing pets is psychopathic behavior. I knew he was bat-shit insane, but I didn’t realize he was psycho.

      • rightymouse says:

        I remember being struck by the cold, detached way that he spoke to his family member after killing HER cat. Must be a really fun bunch at parties. 🙄

      • Iron Fist says:

        Psychologically speaking that is called “Flattened affect” and shows a pathological lack of empathy. Like I said, he’s clinically nuts. If someone killed one of my cats like that I’d have to be restrained.

      • dwells38 says:

        Oh my god that is funny. Not that the cat got killed but the unspoken message of

        “I blew the ass off of your fricking cat that’s ALWAYS under our bird feeder. Sorry I like birds better than f**king cats. I’ll get you another stupid cat but if it’s ass ends up under the bird feeder all the time like the other I’ll probably just kill it too. Nicey stuff about God and prayers and s**t”.

  15. Juan Epstein says:

    Obama Campaign Likely Censoring YouTube Comments

    President Obama’s campaign appears to be censoring viewer comments on the YouTube presentation of “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the 17-minute campaign documentary about the Obama presidency, with positive comments outnumbering negative by more than five to one.

    Obama has staked a claim to conducting an “openness” presidency, with the White House frequently touting measures it says increase transparency. But not on his campaign’s YouTube channel.

    As of 9 am ET this morning, 84 of the last 100 comments could be construed as supportive, while 16 were negative.

    Many of the negative comments are benign. More than a third didn’t even directly criticize the president, arguing instead that General Motors should not have been bailed out by the government.

    The positive comments were sometimes ecstatic in their support for Obama and the largely hagiographic video, which went up on YouTube March 15. Among the tributes are “My President is an amazing human being,” “Truly one of the greatest President’s ever,” “So majestic,” and “Thank God we have presidents like this.”

    That the comments are being edited is clear because as of 9 am, the last one had been posted 12 hours before. Apparently, whoever is selecting comments took some time off to sleep.

  16. garycooper says:

    Clinton and his dumb wife let their dog Buddy roam free in the neighborhood until he was hit and killed by a car. That’s abuse!

    • dwells38 says:

      Agreed. We have neighbors who let their dogs out to go crap in everyone else’s yard but theirs. My dogs can roam the perimeter of my yard front and back but the electric collar prevents their wandering off up to the busy traffic.

    • rightymouse says:

      One of our local radio stations said ysterday that the shooter was suspected of being a neo-Nazi. I about drove off the road & remember mumbling something about “I BET THE PERP TURNS OUT TO BE A MUSLIM!!”.

    • Kirls says:

      i read that story. can’t possibly be right. french civilians aren’t allowed to have guns. not possible that he has weapons.

      on a serious note, the police negotiated with the freak for hours and THEN evacuated the building?? odd, that. but then, they ARE french.

      and Interior Minister Claude Gueant said “He’s after the Army”. ah, so that’s why he killed three Jewish children and a Rabbi. Gueant also said, “take him alive…It is imperative for us”. What the hell would it take for a French MAN to want to kill the bastard? how many children have to be murdered to make a French male a MAN?

      That Northern Alliance leader Masood was right to say “Are there no men among you?” or whatever the hell he said to the West before he was murdered.

  17. garycooper says:

    Is that dinosaur video Chunky tweeted about as mind-melting as the dark-matter graphic he was belching about the other day?

    Ooh, dinosaurs! They were big and scary.

  18. snowcrash says:

    Lizardoid Johnson needs to change his blogs name to Fox Nation Watch. Look at his tweets from yesterday. The dude has creating content without creativity down to an art. Embarassing, really.

  19. Lily says:

    Pakimon :
    If Obama gets reelected, I’ll change my name to Pockymon.

    If obama gets re-elected then I know the mayan’s were right about 12/21/2012. The end of the world as we know will be changed.
    /told my husband that while he was watching something on the history channel concerning the mayan calendar.

  20. Mark says:

    What came first? Obama becoming pals with Bill Ayers or Obama attending a Rev. Wright sermon, or the Romney dog episode?

    The media and that lying dirt bag Charles Johnson would have you believe that Romney put the dog on the roof of his car last week while Obama hasn’t seen Ayers or Wright in decades.

    The dog story goes all the way back to 1983…

    • Lily says:

      Mark Bill Ayers and Wright? Nothing to see here at all move along now.
      Romney bringing his dog on vacation and putting the dog on the roof of the car!!!!!!
      OMG Pony’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      But wait didn’t Bill Ayers want 25 million Americans to die or be killed?
      Didn’t Wright hate on white people and the middle-class to be destroyed?

  21. Juan Epstein says:

    What is the over-under on hispanics not being white again at the swamp?

    1 month? 2?

  22. haysoos says:

    there are black Hispanics, white Hispanics and every color in between….when Cortez stepped ashore, nine months later the First Mexican was born and Latin culture forever established in this’s got nothing to do with color….zip, zero

    • Daedalus says:

      Exactly. The Spanish culture comes from the Roman culture. Most Americans don’t know that Italians are Latins also. Filipinos are culturally Latin. Its all based off Roman culture. As you know about the Romans, they were not based on race. The same as the Spaniards. Unlike the English colonists who denied their offsprings with Natives, the Spanish considered their kids, Spanish. Its a culture thing for us, not race.

  23. danrudy says:

    I came across the quote below in the comment section of The Atlantic ( It was responding to Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece about Andrew Sullivan. The last paragraph of the comment was remarkable to me in how much it accurately described a certain Porkulent Pustule named Charles.

    JohnJMac 5 hours ago

    It’s funny how Andrew has ended up having spats with both you and TNC once he left The Atlantic.

    Maybe both of you can understand better how deranged those of us on the right think he is ever since he tried to indwell Sarah Palin’s uterus.

    When you have no core and no intellectual foundation, you will eventually be trapped by your own inconsistencies. And you will also end up with enemies on both sides of the ideological spectrum.

    • OLT's Lazy Gravatar says:

      “Maybe both of you can understand better how deranged those of us on the right think he is ever since he tried to indwell Sarah Palin’s uterus.”

      Pure commentary gold.

  24. Kirls says:

    some people do not belong in any classroom.

    i can’t even understand the words used in most of the rant from the lunatic. anyone want to translate?

    • danrudy says:


      That is out big local University here in Boca Raton. I guess I am going to have to rethink my kids living at home for college and will have to send them to one with more expensive out of state schools

    • Kirls says:

      and here she is after she was ejected from the classroom

      you don’t have to be logged in to see that page.

    • Lily says:

      Oh. My. God.
      Really? This is insane.

    • OLT's Lazy Gravatar says:

      Obviously upset over the lack of Federally-mandated birth control provided free to students under theiir insurance policies.

      Or just on crack.

    • dwells38 says:

      I saw the video. Looked like a case of random insanity. Hope they get her on the right meds. Or off the wrong ones.

  25. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    Would Chuckie think this is racist and abusive of animals?

    Charles Tue, Feb 4, 2003 11:05:39am

    Geez. “Anti-Muslim hatred?” Give me a break. You’re reading waaay too much into this.

    The photograph is funny. It would be just as funny, and I would have been just as likely to post it, if the sheep’s boyfriend was a red-headed Irishman. Wearing hip boots.

    Wonder if the BRC has a screen grab of that item he posted…

  26. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    BTW –

    More coming – a Dana Loesch and Pam Geller abuse “sections” along with a racism-o-matic outraged tweet generator.

    A fun way to kill time while on conference calls.

  27. mrpaulrevere says:

    Killgore ban watch anyone?

    Charles Johnson Wed, Mar 21, 2012 11:38:48am


    Uh, does every thread have to turn into an argument about OWS?

    • haysoos says:

      hilarious, considering CJ has no more than three post subjects for over three years now….the most boring redundant blog ever…a bizarre dynamic at work there

    • dwells38 says:

      It does if you’ve got a bunch of people on your blog cheering it and talking about how great it is. And there’s still someone around to point out it sucks, is stupid and a whole lot of damage has occurred to people and property since it reared it’s ugly, smelly carcass.

  28. Mark says:

    Charles hasn’t had a single dedicated post on the Muslim extremest murder of three children and a Rabbi ( two of the children’s father) in France but he dregs up a 1983 story on Romney.

    You can bet if the guy had turned out to be a neo-Nazi, LGF would have been all over it.

    Pathetic Charles, really pathetic.

    • dwells38 says:

      Palestinian sympathizers murdering Jewish children in broad daylight, that’s just so ho hum. It’s like dog bites man. But the evil Romney clan systematically abusing their dog with wind, makes you stop and think.

      • haysoos says:

        black bangers butchering themselves and others in LA, Chicago, Philly etc…a monumental epidemic….hello?…HELLO?

  29. buzzsawmonkey says:

    I can understand the Mad King calling Romney a dog abuser; he loves animals. Think of the times he’s fed that tiny little sausage to his pet weasel.

  30. Alberta Oil Peon says:

    Does anybody here know how to get rid of that ugly (and useless) black WordPress toolbar that wastes so much of my screen space?

  31. pat says:

    Did the dog think it was abuse? Hell no. He thought he was Hans Solo.

  32. Alberta Oil Peon says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur :
    I think it was always there when you’re logged in. I don’t think you can turn it off.

    Well, so much for using my gravatar here. WordPress sucks like a Hoover in heat. So I logged out, and will stay logged out.