Another misleading title by Charles Johnson

The non-thinking linker does it again. Charles Johnson outright lies about’s article about an Orlando area shooting. The point of their article was that this was not a racial incident. They interviewed the shooters father who pointed out his son is part Hispanic. Nowhere in the article does it claim Hispanics can’t be white. Well the Race Detective claims the article say that.

Does Charles Johnson have reading comprehension or is he just a liar? I will let the readers decide.

Update: Commenting Changes (the Slightly Less Confusing Version)

It’s been a few days, and it appears that is committed to this new login requirement for commenting with Gravatar and accounts (filling the commenting form with phony and non-registered email addys still works the same, and gives you the auto-generated avatar).

I’ve been watching this FAIL in slow motion, and the main thread on the support page is now over 200 comments worth of confusion and outrage. It seemed clear that the people in change over there were gone for the weekend, but now I’ve seen a slight improvement (but still a FAIL). Now, if you try to comment with a gravatar/wordpress-registered email addy in the comment form, the error message looks like this:

(I think this is at least the 3rd incarnation of this error message)

So, even if you’re not given a login form underneath that message, or given a link to a login page (either of which would have seemed to make more sense), you CAN hit that “back button”, and you shouldn’t be forced to re-enter the content of your comment. So…

Hit the “back button”, and then click the “W” icon in the comment form:

This will open a login window. Fill out the username/password, and you should be able to return to your comment and click the “post comment” button without having to re-enter anything.

I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot about the “W” icon in our previous instruction thread (as admin, I had always used the link in the sidebar, since it took me to the DoD dashboard), and this should be a little easier for our visitors.

For the time being, I’m placing the reminder message above the form, so hopefully you guys/gals will make sure to log in first and save yourself the extra steps.

Charles Johnson projects his bullied past

Charles Johnson admitted that he was picked on in school in Hawaii. Whites were targeted by the native Hawaiians in what was called Haole day. Charles clearly was bullied in school and this reflects on his Stalinist style of being a blog host. That’s why he projects his experience to other bloggers.

Charles Johnson clearly describes himself with this comment. That’s why he plays the victim and thinks he’s being stalked. The childhood scars have never healed for Chucky. Grow up Charles, you will be 59 soon. Be a man in your life for once.

Charles lies on Twitter again

A real nasty anti-Obama sign has been appearing. It clearly is racist and there’s no justification for it. The Race Detective jumps all over this and tweets that it has been appearing on Conservative websites.

Charles is lying about why it has appeared at Conservative sites. As you see from the link above Conservative sites are condemning it and some feel this is a false flag by the Left. Charles just goes ahead and lies.  That is the reason DoD is here. To expose this smear merchant.