Charles Johnson defends OWS rioters while taking a swipe at RS McCain

The NYPD cracked down on Neo-Stalinist Occupy movement’s attempt to take over Zuccotti Park again. The Communists provoked the police and got the response they deserved.  Charles Johnson comes out in their support again and sides with them against the NYPD. He takes a swipe at RS McCain for expressing what many feel.

Charles Johnson has defended Louis Farrakhan and advocated abortion on demand.  Now he is sticking up for Marxist agitators. Clearly Charles Johnson is a radical and a hateful extremist.

Update: RS McCain hits back at Jazzy X’s support for the Marxists against the NYPD.

Charles Johnson finds religion!

The self professed atheist turns out to have once  been  a gospel singer. who woulda thunk it?

Charles Johnson & The Revivers – I’m Going On With Jesus

Note: This is a parody/humor thread.