Charles Johnson promotes an urban legend!

Charles Johnson worships Obama as a Pharaoh. Anything Obama pushes Jazzy X promotes on his blog. Too be fair, he was a huge Bush fan as well. Charles is attracted to power and it shows in his Stalinist method of running LGF.

Obama made a speech where he called Republicans who point out the folly of green energy members of the flat earthy society at the time of Columbus’ sailing. The problem is Obama made that up. It is an urban legend that belief in a flat earth was the scientific consensus.  As usual, Charles links without thinks and praises his beloved Pharaoh!

Charles Johnson just takes Obama at his word, without doing some research. Jazzy X is just a linker and not a thinker. Chuck isn’t a good propagandist either. He needs to think for himself. Then again, Charles Johnson probably doesn’t have much of a brain.

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  1. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Please pass the algae.

  2. Ahh..this actually reminds me of the greatest post in blog history. We assume this was a spoof, but this was done so well that no one really knew for sure:

    Heliocentrism is an Atheist Doctrine

    (they even made t-shirts, IIRC)

  3. joecitizen says:


  4. JimboXL says:

    Approaching $4 a gallon. Less please!

  5. Speranza says:

    The Earth isn’t flat but Charles Johnson’s un-mata hari is.

    • joecitizen says:

      Wonder if anyone here has explored state or local legal announcements for any un-mata hari marriage licenses. We could send them a card or sumpin’.

  6. LOL “for now”

  7. joecitizen says:

    When it’s slow like this here I start to worry that DoD is just a mirage and that all the cool kids are still reading at lgf.

  8. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    Time for a coordinated twitter bombing campaign.


    #RachelCorrie is trending. I shit you not.

    Time for a stroll down Memory Hole Lane

    • not a bad idea…Check the BRC hits in the sidebar for the ST pancake links, and you might want to find a few good ones on LGF proper too.

    • joecitizen says:

      I’m curious , of course , about the reasons for such a thing. Is it because the name sounds somewhat Irish?

      • Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

        Corrie got run over by an IDF bulldozer and was immediately elevated to martyr status in the international left. Like a beatification. So someone put the ideas of Sainthood and flat as a pancake together. March 16 is the anniversary of her death.

      • joecitizen says:

        Or perhaps it’s time to anagrammatize this deal here.
        rachel corrie=a cliche error
        rachel corrie=rare chic role

        I don’t think I really solved anything here. heh

      • garycooper says:

        I must admit, at the time I felt sorry for the dumb broad for getting herself killed. I know she thought she was on the right side, even though she was completely f’d in the head. I felt even sorrier for her parents, who looked awful in interviews just after the incident.

        I’m a bit colder now, I guess. F’em if they can’t take a St. Pancake joke. An enemy of my friend is my enemy, or thereabouts. I’m with Israel 100%.

  9. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    And Chuck never said “St. Pancake”

    • Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

      hey Chen –

      A few weeks back someone stopped by and posted a link to a site that had a snapshot of the pre-cleansed wayback machine.

      The actual “Charles” comment is there. did you see that?

    • garycooper says:

      Oil-Ticks! I dare you to try and find an instance of me saying it on my blog. You never will, because I would never say such a racist thing. Who wants pancakes?

  10. garycooper says:

    Charles Johnson…is that the heavyset chap who used to drive around town in an old hooptie VW van, pull up to the beach and jump out for a quick photo of whatever, and then speed back home to post the pic on his blog and bask in the compliments that inexplicably followed? And sometimes he would pretend he had ridden his bike to the beach, but really there was no bike, though he sometimes posted pics of other bikes he saw locked-up at the beach?

    Ah, yes…that’s our boy. Wonder whatever happened to him. People thought he was going places, back then.

  11. This person has more followers than CJ

  12. Daedalus says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur :

    Well, I had a funny thread in the queue, but D beat me to the “post” button. I guess it’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

    You can schedule it for the afternoon and let’s run it till Saturday!

  13. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    #RachelCorrie is trending 1 worldwide. Sun will be up in the EU soon for March 16th. Should be trending for another 12 hours.

  14. Kos Laughs at Chuckles says:

    First off, I get the vibe Boehlert is admitting he doesn’t really trust fatso and is only using him as a tool to attack the right and will drop him when no longer needed (And fatty mcretweet is too dumb to realize that). Soooo, add media matters to Ben Smith and Oliver Willis as liberals who really could care less about LGF, which proves karma is an iceweasel.

    Secondly, fatso is crossing over into that extrra creepy zone with his relentless libeling, stalking, trolling, & twitterbaiting of others, his site being a cut/paste/color by numbers of talking points and slime of the day mindset, and not caring how foolish he looks in the process to the point the left virtually ignores him or mocks him to his face, even as he is too stupid to catch on. Guys like that are kinda creepy because nothing will stop him; he seems to enjoy having created his own little cult where the career backup is now a king in his own little world. If he hadn’t been such a dick along the way, I might feel sorry for him.

    • livefreeor die says:

      All he seems to do now is angle for site hits with twitterbaiting. He throws up a number of phrases and/or names currently trending in the media and hopes one will produce a torrent of traffic and new lizard registrations.

  15. joecitizen says:

    I get the feeling this aint gonna be a happy coupla days in Cheetoville.

  16. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    Check out post 19812 “Ballad of a Useful Idiot” (link drags you through to the swamp)

  17. ISTE says:

    For the new people…

    00661370 10619 167 Charles Mon, Apr 12, 2004 9:36:17am

    It’s a lie. There has never been a single post by me that uses the word “pancake” to refer to Rachel Corrie. Not one.


    07702175 34676 147 Charles Tue, Sep 15, 2009 6:24:08pm

    re: #131 LSD

    They are still seething over “St. Pancake”

    And I never used that term myself, by the way.


    08183531 35947 836 Charles Wed, Mar 10, 2010 9:32:06am

    Please note: I have never liked using the name “Saint Pancake” for Rachel Corrie, and I’m going to delete any comments that use it. It’s unnecessarily mean-spirited; you can criticize her sympathy for terrorist groups without diving into the gutter like that.


    08408315 36458 462 Charles Tue, Jun 1, 2010 9:12:44am

    By the way, I’ve mentioned before that I’m going to be deleting any “pancake” jokes about Rachel Corrie. It’s crass, I don’t like it, and I don’t want that image associated with LGF. I’m disappointed that I had to delete several comments this morning.

    I’m serious about this. If it continues, I will block accounts.


    08421929 36481 449 Charles Fri, Jun 4, 2010 10:25:48pm

    re: #56 Bagua

    Cover your eyes.

    Uh, no. That’s not the solution. I’m really on the brink of just banning anyone who makes one of those ugly “St. Pancake” jokes.

    I’m sick and tired of having my name smeared for this, when I have always made it clear I don’t approve of it and don’t participate in it.

    Rachel Corrie was a sad, deluded, naive person who bought a line of bullshit from the ISM and other far leftists, and got herself killed for it. And the effort to make her into a sort of Western “martyr” didn’t pan out. It’s extremely bad form to continue making fun of her death, years and years later.

    Just don’t do it, and I won’t have to ban anyone.


    08707020 37378 161 Charles Thu, Oct 14, 2010 1:28:55pm

    Stalkers are in full roar over at the Guardian now. I’m “jealous” of Geller’s traffic, according to them, and I’m just as bad as her. Which is a funny argument to make, at the same time as you’re praising her as a heroine.

    The false claim that I called Rachel Corrie “St. Pancake” shows up, the false claim that I’ve deleted all my anti-Islam posts shows up … it’s pretty much a stalkerfest now.


    08709498 37387 45 Charles Fri, Oct 15, 2010 5:32:02pm

    The Guardian article is turning into an endless parade of stalker talking points. It’s ridiculous.

    I just had to debunk the “St. Pancake” lie again, for the nth time.


    08709505 37387 51 Charles Fri, Oct 15, 2010 5:39:28pm

    re: #49 marjoriemoon

    They are such liars! They created the name. I also made comments about that at the time.

    That’s right — some of the people who now constantly bring up “St. Pancake” are the same ones who USED the phrase constantly at LGF.

    You see that? marjoriemoon calling people liars and “they” created the name?


    08709518 37387 61 Charles Fri, Oct 15, 2010 5:48:20pm

    re: #53 Gus 802

    I find that very odd and it displays the high level of cognitive dissonance they possess. It wasn’t even very long ago when it was almost hard to watch many of the remaining nutters when the MV Rachel Corrie made its way to Gaza and a few of them still brought it up.

    And by the way … that’s it? That’s all they have? “St. Pancake,” a phrase I never used, and didn’t like?

    It was crass and tasteless and that’s why I didn’t like it. But even if I HAD used it, this is pretty weak stuff with which to argue that I’m an evil monster and must be shunned by all decent people forever. Thank the gods I never blogged while I was a touring musician. “St. Pancake” wouldn’t have even raised eyebrows on a tour bus.

    It’s an essentially dishonest ploy on a very basic level too, because many of the people who are using it know very well it’s a smear, and not true.


    08710412 37388 9 Charles Sat, Oct 16, 2010 9:39:58am

    Stalkers are STILL at it in the Guardian comment thread:


    The hatebot known as ‘spidly’ dug up a very old LGF page posted by ‘No Submission’ (who’s banned, of course) that used the term “St. Pancake,” and he’s claiming that I wrote it, then deleted all the comments for it.

    They have no compunctions at all about lying through their teeth.

    See, Charles was falsely accused, everyone was lying, Charles was being smeared.

    Notice the date on that last comment? October 2010?

    About that time what you now know as “The Boiler Room Crew” was being born..

    To be continued…….

    • ISTE says:

      Well, by using the same technique that recently was used to give TaxFreeKiller as many of his now deleted comments as we could it was found that someone quoted a deleted comment by Charles.

      The basic information was “Find any and all references to Article 6557 and comment #3”

      That information was then released to the newly formed BRC and it was Chen I think who located the un-deleted comment on the WayBack Machine.

      After that the game changed…

      08873035 37944 241 Charles Fri, Jan 21, 2011 12:45:24pm

      Ah, I see Patterico’s moving straight to stalker talking points now. Through obsessive searching of years-old comments, they’ve discovered that I once deleted a comment in which I (gasp!) used the term “Saint Pancake.”

      I had to look up the comment in the DB because I don’t remember it, and the reason is simple – the timestamp shows it was deleted very soon after I posted it (8 years ago!), probably because I didn’t like it (as I’ve always said), regretted using it, and didn’t want to encourage its use. I say “probably” because this was so long ago and so completely insignificant I have no memory of it at all. I didn’t “lie” about it – I didn’t remember it. I’ve posted more than 45,000 comments over the life of LGF, in addition to nearly 38,000 articles. Anyone who thinks I remember each and every one, even the deleted ones, has a much higher opinion of my memory and intelligence than I do.

      I’d say this is pathetic how they’re reaching back for every tiny comment I ever made to find a smear, but if they want to waste their time I say go for it. And it’s ironic that the people who are most enthusiastically promoting the smear are exactly the same people who were banned for using “St. Pancake” constantly — and for much worse.

      This part is so important that it still makes my teeth itch.

      “the timestamp shows it was deleted very soon after I posted it”

      To me that says everything about Charles Foster Johnson.

      He lied. He lied for years as you saw from part one and when busted he lied again.

      08873302 37945 51 Charles Fri, Jan 21, 2011 2:21:58pm

      I was going to post a reply to the latest “St. Pancake” silliness, but decided it’s not worth the effort unless the nuts get crazier than they are now.

      Not worth the effort. He was busted.

      08875212 37951 45 Charles Sat, Jan 22, 2011 3:08:57pm

      Sure enough, patterico hits back with the dreaded Pancake!

      Patterico is an ADA. He knows his stuff and one of the easiest ways to debunk a liar is to prove he has a history of telling lies.

      Above I showed that Charles Johnson had a SEVEN year history of telling the same lie.

      08875232 37951 62 Charles Sat, Jan 22, 2011 3:19:00pm

      re: #50 Obdicut

      Relevance being..?

      None whatsoever! That’s what I love about hacks like patterico – they just barge right in and proudly spout the dumbest stuff.

      He’s just going to repeat that now — that I “lied” about using “St. Pancake.” It’s like arguing with clowns from another reality.

      Patterico nailed your ass Charles. Patterico is not a “hack” or a “clown from another reality”

      Patterico destroyed Charles Johnson’s credibility using hard facts. Awesome.

      But there is more!

      08879534 37961 216 Charles Mon, Jan 24, 2011 5:47:47pm

      Right-wing hacks the world over are piling on. Now my “mate” Timmy Blair is chiming in, inevitably, on the dreaded 8-year old deleted “St. Pancake” comment.

      The Eight Year Old Deleted Comment That Decapitated Little Green Footballs and Proved for All Time That Chuckie Greenballs is an Evil Irrelevant Liar Whose Site I Search Obsessively Every Day.

      (And they don’t even seem to see how stupid and venal it makes them look.)

      Um… about that accusing Tim Blair of searching LGF every day.

      No Charles, WE search your site every day and we use programs specifically written to do it. No humans are involved in uncovering your lies.. (well one ore two are but that is another story..)

      And so we end our sad tale..

      Charles Johnson was falsely accused of mocking Rachel Corrie by calling her “Saint Pancake” and when he was faced with the truth he stated…
      “the timestamp shows it was deleted very soon after I posted it”

      So Charles Johnson was maligned, smeared and falsely accused. he admitted he once did use the words “Saint Pancake” but instantly regretted it and deleted it. Those timestamps he has tells everything.

      So that is the end. or is it?

      • ISTE says:

        You all knew that was not the end!

        Using a service called that allows authors of academic papers to cite an Internet source and have it preserved forever We preserved that famous thread where Charles Johnson did in fact post..

        #3 Charles 5/9/2003 08:35AM PST

        Well, since this one doesn’t mention Saint Pancake, I didn’t think it necessary to include her photo this time. (Besides, Susan might have an embolism if I post it again this week…)

        But Charles Johnson stated that
        “the timestamp shows it was deleted very soon after I posted it”

        However… if you take a look at You will see that it is a capture from feb 2 2006. nearly three years.

        That is not “Very soon after”

        Want more proof?

        Take a look at the news feeds on the right hand side of the captured LGF page and Google them.

        Yep, they are from Feb 2nd 2006.

        Charles Johnson is a proven liar.

  18. swamprat says:

    The man has gone out of his way to make enemies of those wjth whom he disagrees. And then he decries the lack of civility. When the nation ages and begins to see a less polarized, more centrist view of reality, charles will face a conundrum; should he stand his supposed ground, and continue to be rabidly left, or should he have yet another epiphany and leap once again to the head of the parade going right.

    It’s like a teen idol political blog

    lgf circa 2030;

    “Ron Paul had the right Idea and I always said so.But he missed the mark slightly. I always knew that Platinum Currency was the true solution, gold was close, but I have always held that platinum coinage would be the best way. Those liars who claim I once refered to vice president Paul as “crazy uncle” are just making things up.”

  19. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    swamprat :
    The man has gone out of his way to make enemies of those wjth whom he disagrees. And then he decries the lack of civility.


  20. swamprat says:

    It was proven he said st pancake.

    He bragged about the lgf dictionary that cited st pancake as a term originating on lgf.

    He hat tipped his registered commenter named st pancake many times and never asked him to change his nick that I remember.

    It was proven that he attempted to cover up at least one of his references to st pancake 3 years after he made the statement.

    I believe his concern for the indelicacy of the phrase st pancake did not develope until he posted on the guardian.

    He has lied other times. This lie is, and has been, documented and proven (to anyone who cares) to be a verifiable and easily seen, lie.

  21. swamprat says:


    Come here for the St Pancake controversy?

    For all you visitors; scroll down on the right side of this blog. Below the pictures of mythological heros you will see a purple box. The second line in that box (Boiler Room Hits) will take take you to a link proving that Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs(littlegreenfootballs, lgf) said and covered up his use of the phrase “st pancake”(saint pancake, stpancake,saintpancake)

    He deleted his remark 3 years after he said it. There are probably more, but one is provable. It is a small thing, but it is a lie. He is on record as having said that he “never” used that phrase. The only way to be sure would be to do a word seach of ypur own comments. he forgot to search the words of people quoting him and there are sources that have his statement. ( an archive of an archive he later blocked)

  22. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    Chunky is doing his guilt by association thing now based on book recommendations –

    You recommend a book, you endorse all things writer has said/done.

    Here is Chuck recommending a book by Barret Brown –

    7821729 34994 9 Charles Sat, Oct 24, 2009 9:48:50am

    re: #8 John Neverbend

    I’m glad to see he’s figured out that the ID movement is a bunch of charlatans.

    Didn’t just figure it out — he wrote a whole book about it. (Which I recommend.)
    Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism, Intelligent Design and the Easter Bunny

  23. Wakefield says:

    I’m sort of at the point where I don’t really a tinker’s damn if good old Lizard Man (and here I thought that kind of thing was confined to South Carolina!?) said Corrie was a pancake (though, to be sure, he DID).

    The real narrative–should Lizard wish to include some background information these days rather than his odd defense that people are stalking his comments–would be to point out that the stupid woman-girl was not actually defending a “Palestinian” (whoever the hell they are as of the time of this writing) home, but getting in front of an IDF assignment to cover up holes used by the glorious Sons of Allah to smuggle the Prophet’s weaponry to launch yet more attacks on Israeli citizens. Odd. Israel is the only nation on earth asked in official channels, by supposedly good-thinking people, to tolerate daily rocket attacks in the name of peace. Lord knows another Operation Cast Lead could hurt some people with baddy-bad bady stuff.

    BTW: Wonder how long Lizard Man’s hero, Obama, would tolerate Kassam rockets lobbed into DC, and perhaps into Michelle’s organic veggie garden? Methinks the Sons of Allah branch that pulled that little shiggle would be dead within 15 minutes, and all their compatriots shot dead.

    But in “Palestine”, it gets you to the “negotiating table”. To 1967 borders. Or is that 1947 borders? The latter seems more common a goal from Pally tweets. Funny, that.

    Oh well. Carry on. Just some notes from the Fruited Plain on how we lesser beings out here in the sticks see things now and then, and how it appears from our neck o’ the woods that Flat Eartherism (allegedly among us hicky non-science types not yet using the algae in the fish tank to fire up the old Chevy), is the least of Lizard’s…umm…..issues….

    • ISTE says:

      Valid points, but..

      As this place is basically non-political, sexual orientation neutral and multi cultural the point is Charles Johnson lied, lied repeatedly and tried to cover up and delete his words and then when busted he lied again.

      We really don’t give two shits about what Charles Johnson lied about, it was the fact that he repeatedly lied and covered up and denied for EIGHT years that is the important thing.

      He is a serial liar. Charles Johnson cannot be trusted.

  24. Macker says:

    ‘selrahC keyboard and monitor must be quite…dirty…and often!

  25. Pakimon says:

    All this “breakfast talk” is making me hungry.

  26. PeteP says:

    There is no god but Obama and Charles Johnson is his prophet.

  27. OldLineTexan's lazy gravatar says:

    Voltaire’s Crack :
    Please pass the algae.

    It’s delicious on your pancakes.

  28. Fair enough, then. Let’s stipulate that within the noble non-political, sexual orientation neutral and multi cultural mode of thought, Lizard Man is a chronic liar.

  29. Is algae on pancakes sorta like that stuff Elderberry? No wait. That was from Monty Python & and Holy Grail….never mind…