Charles Johnson wants face recognition software for bannings!

Jazzy X lives in a cocoon. He blocks people on twitter, whom he doesn’t approve of. Now he wants the ability to block people based on having Andrew Breitbart’s picture on their twitter account!

Charles Johnson displays his intellectual cowardice again! Face recognition software? Charles Johnson is mentally insane.

96 Comments on “Charles Johnson wants face recognition software for bannings!”

  1. Pakimon says:

    Hey Chunky!

    Why don’t you get off your fat ass and make some face-recognition software yourself?

    Aren’t you the computer programming sooper genius that came up with the much heralded Mouse-Ka-Mania?

  2. garycooper says:

    In Chunky’s defense, Breitbart is still kicking his ass every day, 24 hrs a day. From the great beyond. It has to freak him out, with his Borderline Personality Disorder. 😯

  3. garycooper says:

    Chunky, your new bike is ready. Yes, we installed the special “King-Size Settee Seat.”

  4. garycooper says:

    This is on Chunky’s Twitter-feed right now:


  5. Roger says:

    Well one thing we don’t have to concern ourselves with is Charles Nodickens likeness being splashed all over the place

  6. Bunk X says:

    Charles Johnson is mentally insane.

    I think he’s corporeally insane, too.

    • Lily says:

      I think he is morally insane too.
      Oh and cj since you aren’t a woman stay out of women’s issues. m’kay?
      Because you don’t know what the sh*t you are talking about.
      By the way, you mistreat women and then actually *act* like you are concerned with their issues.

  7. haysoos says:

    I never used the sarc tag either

    • m says:

      I dunno. I think he would LOVE software to save his lazy ass from having to actually click “block”. Lots and lots and lots of Breitbart avatars on twitter now. That has to drive him crazy knowing how many people Andrew inspired.

  8. haysoos says:

    garycooper :
    This is on Chunky’s Twitter-feed right now:

    what is that?

    • Lily says:

      It’s a

      Dude. Petals that is so wrong on so many levels.

    • Claytonia Sibirica says:

      its from a fighting game;

      I’m deeply regretting that tweet to anime network right now though, that’s way more embarassing than Cham Cham.

      • Lily says:

        Petals don’t let it get you down. We’ll forget about it in a week or two. Besides I like you as petals.
        Beed on the other hand. Dude I can’t promise you anything there! 😉
        He by all means “noticed”.

  9. Lily says:

    I had to re-log in to even post. But it worked.

    • rightymouse says:

      I had to do more than that & it was a PAIN!!
      Hi, darls! 🙂
      Can’t stay. Teenlet is hollering for my attention. It better not be a trigonometry question. My answer to all questions like that is “yes”. 🙄

  10. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    If anyone is looking for facial recognition software that will recognize Chuckie make sure it has a “two faced lying bastard” mode.

  11. joecitizen says:

    Arachne :
    It would be fun if someone hacked into LGF and changed all their avatars to a picture of Andy…..

    That would be perfect! BTW, thanks for the info on Godfather 3. Read your post well after the thread was dead.

    • Arachne says:

      You’re welcome. I understand that there are rumblings of a “The Death of Michael Corleone” installment. Here’s another piece of trivia for you. Oranges are harbingers of death.

  12. haysoos says:

    once in a while, Led Zep got it right…

    • joecitizen says:

      When I get a 70’s earwig goin’ thank gawd this is what I hear.

    • garycooper says:

      I knew I had won the Battle Of Evermore Led Zep Music the other day, when I saw my daughter’s Facebook discussion with another college friend, raving about “how great Led Zep III is, even better than IV in some ways.” Oh, how the little darlings resisted the call, especially in their high school years. You can’t resist the Zeppelin forever, no matter how hard you try, if you have an ounce of appreciation for great rock music.

      They have embraced the Beatles, which was easy. The Stones was trickier, but once they saw some old videos of the boys before they turned scary-ugly, they were able to get past that, and now they like a lot of their stuff. I had high hopes for The Who, but so far, it’s a no go, aside from a couple of their novelty songs like “Happy Jack” and “Boris The Spider.” I don’t give up easily, though.

  13. beed says:

    From now on I will begin every reply with “I don’t normally reply to you, [name], but…” because I saw Chen do that and found it very stylish.

    • joecitizen says:

      Maybe you don’t have the gravitas to pull that off. heh

    • Lily says:

      Oh so that is how it is going to be now beed. Hhmmph.

      • beed says:

        I don’t normally reply to you, Lilly, but yes, this is the way it is going to be.

      • Lily says:

        beed :
        I don’t normally reply to you, Lilly, but yes, this is the way it is going to be.

        Beed you always reply to me. Well almost always. Now this.
        Well you can bet your cowboy boots now that dress you saw in my closet …….I was going to give it to you.Give. It. To. You.
        Now, I normally don’t reply to such things, but now I will have to THINK about it. Hhmmmmph.

  14. FormerLurker says:

    Hi, I’ve been lurking here for awhile. I used to read LGF every day from around 2002-2006, and was registered in 2004, then I just got tired of the place and left. (I wasn’t one of the big posters, and I never had friends offline, so I’m sure no one will remember me.) I left before the stupid “karma” and upding/downding system was implemented, so I never even got to build up any “karma” (big loss, I know 🙂 )

    I stopped reading in early 2006, although I was aware of the big Gates of Vienna/Fjordman dust-up and Chuck’s subsequent “return” to the left. I literally haven’t looked at the place in six years, except that a couple of years ago, I did try to log in under my old nick just for kicks, and it didn’t work. Now I see my old nick on your expanded ban list, so I guess I was banned at some point in those six years, probably just because I registered in the dreaded 2004 batch, and then hadn’t commented for years.

    This site is a riot and I enjoy it a lot, but I have a few questions because I’ve been out of the loop so long:

    1.) When and why did Chuck become Chunk? When I was there, he was always boasting about his fifty-mile bicycle rides through the Southern California hills. He said he was very fit. Now he’s the king of moobz? I don’t get it. What happened?

    2.) What’s the origin of the frequent references to Cheetos and Mountain Dew? I don’t remember Chuck-turned-Chunk being a junk food junkie back in the old days. Also, does he really pee into Mountain Dew bottles, or is this just an urban legend based on some stupid thing he once posted?

    3.) Did Chuck-turned-Chunk really try to date Pamela Geller? How and when did she reject him? Picturing them together is just too bizarre for words.

    Thanks in advance for filling me in!


    • Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

      I am a relative noob here so all is subject to correction:

      1) He stopped cycling and was described by the NYT Mag article 2 years ago as “bearish.” Some have stated here there was some bike accident wherein Chuckie stopped riding. Not sure of the veracity of that bu t no reason to not believe it.

      2) Cheetos and Mountain Dew is something that applies to all internet shut-ins / gamers. Do an image search on the words together – lots of funny stuff out there. Chuck has admitted he is a gamer and his posting schedule and the NYT profile imply he is a Vitamin D deficient cyber shut-in.

      3) Rumor is Geller jumped his bones, but particulars are something i never tracked down.

    • Lily says:

      Welcome Former Lurker …someone will be along shortly to answer your questions.
      But I think the answer is going to be…. “He fell off his bike and hit his head, now he is nothing but a shut-in, and gets his food from Amazon.”

      It is not a ‘complete’ answer …but others will fill in the blanks. The ones who really know. 🙂

  15. dwells38 says:

    Seems a little short-sighted. I mean what if one of his lefty pals wanted to mock Breitbart by using his image. He’d block him reflexively. Of course if someone on the right did that with Obama’s image he’d want to block all nics w/Obama’s image, as well. His problem is he wants the perfect blog where it’s ran by CJ and all the commenters are CJ. Like in that movie ‘Being John Malkovich’ in the scene where Malkovich himself goes through the portal and he and every other person in the world is he himself.

    • Claytonia Sibirica says:

      ya’ll are being joke-challenged again

      if it’s on purpose, its not a good look :p

      • Lily says:

        Seerioussly petals we are getting the jokes. On purpose? On purpose? Do any of us here do anything on purpose? Hmmmmmmm?
        That is a very serious question . I’ll need some time, possibly a lot of time, even a ton of time to be able to answer that question with the serious response it requires.
        Let’s say Tuesday around or between 2;00 pm and 10:00 pm central time I think I can give that question the answer it fully deserves. 🙂

      • dwells38 says:

        Well I DON’T normally reply to myself.

    • dwells38 says:

      I don’t normally reply to you but we can’t all be as snarkaliscious and stylish as beed. We can only try.

  16. joecitizen says:

    beed :.
    I don’t normally reply to you, Joe, but I will make an exeption because this warrants a reply.
    I have the gravitas of a drunken French guy.

    Hey! waddaya know, I was wrong. You are positively dripping gravitas.

  17. joecitizen says:

    haysoos :
    I have to hear ‘Ramble On’ every day or so…I have to feed the beast….

    Here my brother. Crank this.

  18. swamprat says:

    sock sugestions;


    • Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

      Hey – glad you’re back.

      • swamprat says:

        Seeing Clay’s alter twitter ego made me understand that outting is only one shade of a universe i would just as soon not know…plus, I am preparing the abode for the arrival of the lovely and vivacious Mrs. Swamprat, who wants to tile the main room of my paid-for 1940’s, 900sq ft mansion. Everything must go! (outside, or in the shed)

  19. joecitizen says:

    dwells38 :
    Damn straight. He’s bending light and my couch just spaghettified into my monitor!!

    It’s just a flashback. Steady now.

  20. Lily says:

    beed :
    I don’t normally reply to either of you, but yes, please bask in the shade of my velvet clad thighs.

    Dear lord! TMI !!!

  21. haysoos says:

    beed :
    I don’t normally reply to either of you, but yes, please bask in the shade of my velvet clad thighs.

    sounds like Brian Jones

  22. haysoos says:

    maybe Bowie

  23. haysoos says:

    Lily :

    haysoos :

    beed :
    I don’t normally reply to either of you, but yes, please bask in the shade of my velvet clad thighs.

    sounds like Brian Jones

    Naw. Bridget Jones.

    well we all like silk caressing our nipples….agreed?

    • beed says:

      I don’t normally respond to you, Steve, but what you bring up is interesting. Many people like silk caressing their nipples but they are rarely men.

    • Lily says:

      I thought we were talking about beeds velvet thighs?
      Everyone likes silk. 😉

  24. haysoos says:

    beed :
    I don’t normally respond to you, Steve, but what you bring up is interesting. Many people like silk caressing their nipples but they are rarely men.

    it was just an aside…not something I think about alot, but it crossed my mind right then…
    we need a poll to be fair

    • beed says:

      Yeah, my mind likes to wander too. Like just now, I was pondering which is the least Halal: A bacon wrapped whore or a drunken pig?

      Google knows a lot but not all.

  25. haysoos says:


  26. haysoos says:

    Lily :
    Like I said who doesn’t like silk!
    /but if we keep up with the silk thing beed is going to have a field day!

    do you ever think about feathers?

    • Lily says:

      I don’t normally respond to questions about feathers, but no I don’t think about feathers much at all.

    • beed says:

      Again, this is interesting! Most people, when they hear the word “feather”, will think “bird” or “ticklish” or “wings” or “old pen”.

      Windy thinks “friend”.

      • Lily says:

        Oh beed, I thought you don’t normally reply to me ……..
        But you have a point about windy and friend.

        Here’s some tips on how to feather your hair extensions

  27. joecitizen says:

    Maybe Charlie’s melt down stems from a behind the scenes power and/or money struggle. Wasn’t there a brother involved originally? And when the thing took off maybe knucklehead tried to wrest full control of the blog from his brother. Then, when mommy passed, perhaps there were inheritance issues. Maybe the brother sued chunkles for his rightful half. Maybe chuck lost and has done all this out of spite because he had to share the spoils? Maybe.

  28. joecitizen says:

    I mean, a man needs a hobby but…