Hoosier Hoops happy getting texts

Resident blog idiot Hoosier Hoops has been bragging about his new girlfriend. He lets his fellow cultists know how happy he is in life!

Wow Hoosier, you really are an important person getting all those texts! Seriously, he acts as if its a bog deal getting texts.  You really are a loser Hoosier Hoops.

Charles Johnson wants face recognition software for bannings!

Jazzy X lives in a cocoon. He blocks people on twitter, whom he doesn’t approve of. Now he wants the ability to block people based on having Andrew Breitbart’s picture on their twitter account!

Charles Johnson displays his intellectual cowardice again! Face recognition software? Charles Johnson is mentally insane.

Charles Johnson busted lying about an article again!

Charles Johnson is the only person I know who will link to a story claiming one thing and nowhere in the story does it contain what he claims it does. His title to this article about a bill in the Arizona legislature that would not force religious institutions to cover birth control is an outright lie.

Nowhere in the article does it say women have to prove they are not having sex! This is an outright lie on the part of Jazzy X. Now, I’m not a fan of the GOP focusing on contraceptives during a time of economic and fiscal duress, but Charles is lying. Why does Jazzy X link without thinking? He knows full well that all someone has to do is read the article and they would see he’s lying.  Charles must think his readers are stupid. He might be right about those at LGF but the rest of us can see right through his lies.

Charles Johnson is a pathetic excuse for a man!

Dark Falcon begs for the Santorum name mocking to stop

Dark Falcon is one of the most pathetic posters at littlegreenfootballs. He hangs out on a Far Left blog and claims to be a Conservative. To fit in he trashes other Conservatives. He is Jazzy X’s pet mountain lion. He pathetically asks another poster to stop making fun of Santorum’s name.

Engineer cat responds to the mountain lion. He attacks Conservatives and says there will be no quarter.

Dark Falcon is no more Conservative than Charles Johnson is black. He’s a pathetic cultist who lives off of every word of a washed up guitarists and failed blogger. Dark Falcon is a true spineless loser in every sense.

Charles Johnson fantasizes about nuking Alabama!

It’s no secret that Charles Johnson hates Southerners. He has smeared them as racists and bigots. Chuck lets his hate get the better of him and has a sick fantasy. Jazzy X fantasized about Obama nuking Alabama.

This is just disgusting and not funny at all. Charles will claim its a joke, but he has shown bigotry towards the South and its people too many times. Jazzy X is a hate blogger and needs to be called on it.