LGF Banned List Update: Lizard Genocide


I know it goes without saying around here, but in case we get some visitors who are unfamiliar, we should note that, for quite some time, Charles Johnson has had a growing reputation of cold indifference and (oftentimes) bizarre reactions towards the commenters who frequent his Little Green Footballs website. In fact, a couple of years ago, even the NYT took notice, as author Jonathan Dee states (emphasis mine):

THE QUESTIONING OF Johnson’s tactics started to come not just from without L.G.F. but also from within. Readers both casual and loyal spoke up in the comment threads to ask, sometimes diplomatically and sometimes not, whether all this casual flinging of epithets like “fascist” wasn’t maybe an overreaction. Johnson’s response, in thousands of cases, was to block their accounts and ban some of them from viewing the blog. “Get off my Web site” was a common farewell. (Johnson insists that this is not true — that no one has ever been banned from L.G.F. merely for disagreeing with him — but the anecdotal evidence to the contrary is voluminous, and the fact that the offending comments were instantly and permanently deleted makes it impossible to check others’ records against his.)

The total number and identities of banned members aren’t statistics that are compiled for viewing on Charles’ site, but in recent years the subject has generated a substantial amount of curiosity.  There were certainly enough lizards outcast to sustain several spin-off websites, but it was pretty difficult to get a hard estimate on just how many. Back in 2009, ex-LGFer Kirly used her blog to start a list of exiled members called “The Book of the Banned“. The list grew as netizens stopped by to report the tales of their banishment, and their handles were added accordingly. Over time, she compiled well over a thousand usernames, but eventually, Kirly grew tired of continuously updating the page, and at about the same time that our DoD website got up and running, the updates had ceased.

Kirls’ “Book of the Banned”

The end of Kirly’s updates didn’t mark the end of the bannings (of course), so a year ago, we decided to take the torch and compile a list of our own. We were impressed with Kirly’s work, but we figured that there could be a more efficient and independently verifiable method of compiling a list. Engineer No. 2 took it upon himself to use the information we’d gathered about the LGF archives and known usernames, grabbed a sockpuppet account, and started checking account statuses. In the end, he compiled a list of 4,252 names that he confirmed as blocked, and put them into a spreadsheet along with their stats gleaned from their profile pages (we’ve kept it under the “Get off my Website” page in the banner; last updated 3/15/11). It’s been a year, and since we’ve been receiving hints that it was deserving an update, and since we still have that open question to Johnson sitting out there unanswered, we thought it might be a good time to dive back in and see what we can find…


In order to do this, one basically needs a healthy LGF account (to view statuses on user profile pages), and a comprehensive list of known usernames. The former has been relatively easy to get these days, and the latter can be gleaned from user comments (and mentions) in the archives. The info for each account is there for the grabbing. The real trick is figuring out a way to gather it efficiently and put it all together while remaining under Johnson’s radar.

Example of a “blocked” LGF user profile.


Now, when we previously sifted through it, the archives gave Engineer no. 2 a little over 20K individual usernames to check. This time around, we turned to Engineer no. 5. He was able to find a few more, and then sent our sockpuppet account (henceforth affectionately referred to as “Patches”) into the Lizard Kingdom to confirm the status on a total of 22,422 known LGF usernames (we should remind everyone that the total registered accounts on the site was ~35,600 as of a month or so ago, which means there are ~13,000 unknown usernames out there. These accounts either haven’t ever commented, or we’ve missed their mention by another lizard).

Make sense?


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What Charles once thought about Islam

Charles Johnson, besides being an apologist for the Nation of Islam, is also a huge supporter of regular Islam. Jazzy X has defended the Muslim Brotherhood led Arab spring. He forbids any criticism of that religion on his blog these days, while allowing Catholic bashing. There once was a time when Charles Johnson viewed Islam with concern.

The Charles Johnson of 2012 would label the 2006 version as a racist Nazi. Today’s Charles would actually view an Islamic takeover of America as a good thing.

(Hat Tip: Shadowman)

Why Oliver Willis Hates Charles Johnson

Oliver Willis gave Charles Johnson a massive beat down on twitter. Unlike others on the Left, Willis sees Charles as an opportunist. He will not let Charles live down his past. This is a smart move on his part. Charles attacked him and called him stupid.

Charles Johnson can’t run from his past. I hope more on the Left reject Charles Johnson. He’s a cancer on public discourse.

(Hat Tip: Internet Septic Tank Engineer)

Killgore gets warned by Obdicut

Jazzy X loves the show Walking Dead. At LGF, the Nation of Loozards are required to like what Minister Johnson likes. Killgore Trout, once part of the inner circle of Jazzy X, has fallen out of favor. He blatantly seeks to get Charles Johnson’s attention. Killgore doesn’t like the Walking Dead and says it twice.

Obdicut gives Killgore a warning on the behalf of Jazzy X.

Obdicut is the Beria of LGF, one of Charles Johnson’s enforcers. He warns Killgore not to bring about the Wrath of Jazzy X. I have no pity for Killgore Trout – he’s a racist bigot. Killgore feels what he put others through.