Announcement: The BRC Tuesday Night Event

The Boiler Room Crew™

The BRC is proud to announce that we’ve got another special presentation planned, and we’re rolling it out this Tuesday (Mar. 13) at 7PM EDT. Unfortunately, due to tactical reasons associated with the art of blog warfare, we’re unable to provide much in the way of further details. All we can say is that we strongly suggest that our readers and loozard lurkers try to tune in; you’re not going to want to miss this bombshell!

Pro Life Liberal supports Albanian ethnic violence in Macedonia

The resident online wannbe Jihadi of LGF is plotting another war. He is now egging on Albanian violence in Macedonia.

Why doesn’t Pro Life go to Macedonian  and partake in the Jihad? From what I have seen of him, his body would shatter!

Note: Special Charles thread at 3:00 PM EST at Blogmocracy.

Update: My posts on ProLifeLiberal are now having an effect. Charles is warning him to knock it off.

If I never did threads exposing this guy, Charles would never had warned him.

(Hat Tip: MrPaulRevere)

Update: New Charles thread up at Blogmocracy.

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The Palin-John Birch-Pat Buchanan conspiracy!

The low budget version of Alex Jones has uncovered another nasty plot! Sarah Palin is allied with The Birch Society and Pat Buchanan!

The low budget Alex Jones has no proof of of this nefarious plot. I am sure on some future thread he will explain Sarah Palin’s role in the Tobacco Company-Ron Paul plot. It’s now only a matter of time before Charles Johnson does threads on the Illuminati and Area 51.

Daedalus Note: At 3:00 PM EST there is a special Charles Johnson thread on Blogmocracy.