BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 11000-11999

The next batch:

We might as well remind folks of a few previously-featured nuggets in this collection, like the infamous “craven coward” line that CJ threw at Kos for memory-holing and apparently blocking the wayback machine on DailyKos in #11884 (Zuniga_Hides_the_Evidence). We know now that Johnson apparently doesn’t hold himself to the same standard, having done all that and more on a much larger scale. Relatedly, we see one of those “thread vanishing events” is there, as #11697 went into the memory hole after Charles realized he had linked to a year-old story about Libya’s nuke program.

What I thought I’d feature from this batch today is another one about Kos, as they seem to have let bygones be and have recently become twitter buddies. Johnson would go on to publish countless dozens of anti-Kos threads over the years at LGF (our links grab spotted 456 front page links to in the archives; more than, but here’s one of the early ones, inducting Markos into what would become the Hall of Creeps with #11855:

Here’s the list, for reference:
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Gus 802 Gloats over Rush Limbaugh

resident loser and leech, Gus802 gloats over more advertisers leaving the Rush Limbaugh show.

Gus802 lives off his sister and others. He wants Rush to fail since he is a failure in his own life. Rush is a legend in real life. Gus 802 is a legend in his imaginary online world.

The Loathsome Sir

We’ve had a few trolls from time to time, as does any blog, but in June 2011 we had two of the best. From LGF. With clever snark, it was one of the funniest troll threads on Diary of Daedalus, and it deserves a revisit.

We’ll not name names, but there was a back and forth tag team that produced some of the best spontaneous free-form prose we’ve seen. The duo who posted here made the erroneous assumption that the populace of Diary of Daedalus is an homogenous group, when in fact we have commenters with widely divergent political views, religious beliefs and nationalities.  We’re a hodgepodge melting bucket of all stripes, here only to mock Charles Johnson, and that transcends, um, stuff.

So the two trolls assumed that we’re all gun-totin’ conservative cowboys, and they rolled with it. The story that resulted was interspersed with asides, shown here in brackets [—]. We culled out the best of the thread and included some of the lead-up intro. We haven’t edited for grammar, caps or spelling, and we left the line breaks in, too. Grab a quart of Pabst, git yer spurs on, and saddle up, because THIS was a hoot.

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