BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 10000-10999

Our series continues with this batch: 

This collection contains one of the weirdest exchanges in all the archives; LGF thread #10567 (Daily_Kos-_Strike_Back_at_LGF!) is the home of the infamous comment #17. When you read the thread, it becomes apparent that Johnson went completely unhinged on another commenter (Innismir), for reasons that can only be explained as extreme insecurity. Although the comment itself is [deleted], we can tell from the reaction that Johnson simply went off on the poor guy, to the point that the other commenters speculated that his account had become possessed. This led to an equally strange move, whereas Johnson posted a thread that was intended to be temporary, with the intention of alleviating all concerns (this we dug out of the memory hole, LGF #10568):

Here’s the list for reference:

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A truthful comment about Charles

Charles Johnson reads every comment made about him online. He points out comments he found on Hot Air.

JPeterman spoke the truth about Charles Johnson.

Note: Chucky got mentioned quite a bit on the Hot Air thread he was referring to!

Charles Johnson lies about the decline of

It’s documented that LGF has fallen over a cliff in terms of  website rankings, comments and registrations.  For Charles Johnson to mock another website for declining ratings is the ultimate act of intellectual dishonesty. One of Chuck’s minions, darthstar, cheers the decline of’s online traffic.

Charles Johnson responds by gloating about’s decline.

There is just one problem with Charles Johnson’s gloating. The decline he is referring to is Bigjounalism, which was shut down! Bigjournalism redirects to the new Breitbart website. So the drop off shown by darthstar, is that of the old website and not reflective of the new site. This is outright lying and Charles Johnson knows this. Or does he?

I have come to a conclusion about Charles Johnson. This clearly is a man with a mental illness.  He has had a nervous breakdown and really need professional help. His loozard minions contributing to his mental issues. Charles Johnson is delusional and insane.

Here’s some self praise on his part.

Charles Johnson should be in a mental asylum, not online.